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Hi !
Welcome to the trailer intro for the official Dutch Charts, 
produced by Mellow and sponsored by Facet's Pussy / Desire !
Be a part of the first issue and fill in the votesheet on this 
disk ! Go on and vote for your favourite Dutch sceners... 
The first issue will be released within a month or two, so hurry 
up and send your votes, adverts and news to one of the addresses 
mentioned later on...
Choose your favourite Dutch coders, graphicians, musicians, swappers,
modem traders, boards, groups AND demos...
Soon, you can see who's hot and who's not in good old little Holland...

This intro was produced to advertise for 'HOKUS POKUS', the official 
Dutch charts, so... FILL IN THAT SHEET !
Filled it ? Then send it to :
 Celtic / Mellow         Noodle / FP / Desire
Sandiforstraat  3              Tijm 20       
 2035 RH Haarlem           1273 EC Huizen    
     Holland                   Holland       
Or upload them on :
The Undiscovered, Mellow WHQ
Neon City, Facet's Pussy / Desire DHQ

Swept by shattering rifts in time and space which open gates
to other dimensions The Netherlands is home to many cultures
and races. From the technology-hungry Elves of Eindoven to the
insectile Krylits who dwell deep beneath Rotterdam, from the mysterios
Tilburgers to the sinister Heralds of Amsterdam, it is unlike any other
scene environment. Sceners can become a part of history as events
sweep towards a global confrontation at the parties held all over the
world. This is the shadow world... This is HOLLAND. And it's about
time somebody clears up the mess. So MELLOW presents HOKUS POKUS
the Dutch Chart, to show the world that we are capable of more then
cancelling parties! And we need you to show us the way. We want to know
who you think is worth mentioning, so fill the form included on the disk
and send it over to us. And voter number 50 will get a surprise!

The production team likes to greet:
All in MELLOW and DESIRE and :
Abnormal, Absolute!, Abyss, Alcatraz, Analog, Applause, Arise
Assasins, C-Lous, Cadaver, Complex, Corpse, Cosmic Pirates, Crypton
Defiance, Depth, Digital, Disorder, DreamDealers, Effect, Eremation
Essence, Fanatic, Freezers, Giants, Gortesticle, Heretia, Ice Pickers
Illegal, Infect, Iris, Jewels, Kronical, Lasol, Legacy, Lego, Limbo
Mad Elks, Mellow, Mirage, Movement, Movent & Melon, Neoplasia, Obsession
Outlaws, Overlords, Passion, Platin, Polka Brothers, Ram Jam, Razor 1911
Rebels, Retire, Saints, Sanity, Saturne, Scoopex, Scope, Sepultura, Simplex
Spaceballs, Speedy, Squash, Static Bytes, Stellar, Stone Arts, Storm
Talent, Technology, TEK, TGA, TMG, Trance, TRSI, Unlimited, Vermin
Vixen, and last but not least we greet our friends in Zenon.

We understand the powers of DESIRE, when it is
repressed and when it is allowed to spring forth.
The secret needs of all creatures find fulfillment
in us. In granting permision we take control.
Ramon B5 / Facet's Pussy
Desire Dutch HQ
Findelstraat 5
5042 VC  Tilburg

Quick credits for this show : 
Code      : Infant    / FP / Desire
Graphics  : React     / FP / Desire
            Thd       / FP / Desire
            Chaos!    / Desire     
            Tobin     / Ice Pickers
Music     : Zoef      / FP / Desire
Ok, for the last time :