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Planet E #1 - Startup Window


planet e
issue one

*Welcome to Planet E

*Welcome to Planet E
*How To Be A Reporter

*Welcome to Planet E
*The Reporters list

*Welcome to Planet E
%Event Reports
*Energy'93 Techno Festival
*28th August

*One Year BonZai records
*1st October

*The Rave Explosion III
*22nd October

*Thunder Dome
*30th October

*An illegal party
*13th November

*Belgica Wave II
*19th November

*Hardware 4


*BonZai Users Rave
*3rd December
%The Scene
*Icelandic scene

*Italy and its trend

*London techno scene
*Deep Space


*Ministry Of Sound

%Music Reviews
*Sven Van Hess
*Planet Jupiter 6
*on Global Cuts

*Ohm - Tribal Tone
*(Sabre of Paradise remixes)
*on Hubba Hubba

*Hybrid EP
*on Harthouse

*The Jokers
*on John Doe records

*Trance Europe Express cd
*instructions for use

{Hello  everybody!}   Welcome to the 1st
issue  of the {{Planet-E}} mag!  With this
mag, we would like to provide you some
articles of the whole planet (I should
say  the  rave-planet).   This  mag is
100%  international,  100%  dance  and
100%  non-commercial.  (I hope so!) We
want  to  make it the most underground
possible...   We  try  also to make it
the   most   international   possible,
because  we  think  it's great to have
some   other   points  of  view  about
rave-culture.    {Rave-culture}  is  not
only  techno  and  hardcore,  even  if
those  two  styles  of  rave-music are
dominent in some countries; we want to
follow  the  new  way:   the  unity of
dance-musicS.   Even  if in this issue
almost  all  the  articles speak about
techno  or  trance,  we  want to speak
about  ALL  the  dance-musicS.  I mean
jungle/house/garage/progressive house/
rap/acid jazz}...   This mag is yours,
every  article  which is related about
non-commercial   dance-music  will  be
published.   The  views  expressed  in
this   mag   are   the  views  of  the
respective    reporters   and   aren't
necessarily  shared by the mag and its
staff  (especially  articles  speaking
about drugs).
 So, write what you feel...
How  to write articles?  Read the 'How
to  be  a  reporter'  section  please.
Please  send us your comments, critics
and the features you would like to see
in futures issues!
 The  next  issues will be out {AS SOON
 So,  it's you who choose when it will
be  out  again!   I'm waiting for your
New Years Eve articles!!  :-)
 Now, I would just say two words about
the mag environnement.  If you want to
contribute   to   it  giving  us  some
pictures,  some  mods  to put in, feel
free  to send them to us.  But please,
send  us  only  {UNRELEASED} stuff.  For
sure, you'll be credited for that!!!
 We are waiting for your articles...
 I    hope    this   mag   will   make
you,non-ravers, feel inclined to go to
a rave and see how great it is!!
 Finally,  I  want to say a BIG Thanks
to all the people who have contributed
to  this mag:  {Idea, Jam&Spoon and all
the  reporters!}  And of course, thanks
to all the readers and futur reporters
too!  :-)
 Ok, that's enough!
 Now,  read  the mag and enjoy it!  (I
hope!  :-)

                    Planet-E organiser}

ps:   Of  course,  spread  this  mag!!
ehehehee ;-)
 Please     write     your    articles
considering  that  the  readers aren't
all fluent english speakers (me too!),
so    write   COMPREHENSIBLE   english
please!  And think you are speaking to
foreigners,  so, they don't know a lot
about your scene...

Now,   here  are  the  ways  to  be  a

Send your article(s)
by internet email:{{{}}}

* If you live in europe...

Send your article(s) to Psyched by
{{{post address: Psyched
              CP 251
              1233 Bernex
by modem
       {{{Gonisoft BBS +41-22-7576573
       Upload your article(s) to SysOp
       FidoNet: 2:301/320}}}

* If you live in United States...

Send your article(s) to Sidewinder by
by internet mail:

* If you live in Australia...

Send your article(s) to Idea by
post address:
	187 Railway Ave
        Kelmscott 6111
	Western Australia
 Here's  the list of all the reporters
who contribute to this issue...

{* KiLLraVen/MYSTiC *
- Hoorn, The Netherlands


{{* Acid/SKANDAL *
- Milano, Italy

post mail: Luca Bellintani
           via Belfanti 65/bis
           46035 Ostiglia (MN)
tel:       0386/31939 (+int.acc.code)
{* Jam & Spoon *
- Iceland

post addresses:
Eggert (Jam)        Kristjan (Spoon)
Asbudartrod 11      Baejarholt 9
220 Hafnarfjodur    220 Hafnarfjodur
Iceland             Iceland
Tel: +354-1-653409  Tel: +354-1-654132

Can also be reached at:
Plastic Factory BBS +354-1-650183
{{* Trap#14 *
- London, England

no info available for you ;-)
{* Replicant 23 -
- London, England

no info available}

{{* dj Anabiosis *
- St Louis, USA

no info available}}

{* The UnderTaker/Tragedy *
- Gent, Belgium

post mail: The UnderTaker/Tragedy
           Damaststraat 58
           9030 Mariakerke

Can also be reached at:
Suicidal Tendency BBS ++32(050)427306
* Kim *
{{- Melbourne, Australia

Post mail: Kim Hennig
           20/177 Power St
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tel: +61-3-8181657
{* Psyched/Megawatts *
- Geneva, Switzerland

Post mail: Psyched
           CP 151
           1233 Bernex
I  Would  like  to  thank everyone for
their   contributions   to  the  final
release of this disk magazine.

While most of the final work was done
by me in coding this alot more work
was also needed.  So I will now credit
all those worthy souls.

{Psyched  - for  actually surprising me
           by  actually  getting  some
           damn   good  articles   and
           recruiting    some    great
           reporters.  Not  to mention
           a great mod.}

{{Danc     - for the brilliant interface
           and  nice font. Keep it up!}}

{Allah    - thanx to you for formatting
           & editing the Articles, and
           with such speed!}

Also  a  Big  thankyou  to  all  those
BetaTesters  during  the production of
{{{PlanetE}}}.   While  too many to remember
or  mention(!),  you have ensured that
the  first release will work on 99% of
Amigas!.   Any  Bugreports or Problems
should  be  mailed to {{{Psyched}}} and they
will  be responded to depending on the
amount of responses.

                 {coder/main organiser}
Hello Everybody!
 On  {24th August'93} a big house/techno
festival   called  {{Energy'93}} was  held
in Zuerich (north-east Switzerland).It
was   the   biggest  rave  event  ever
organised  in Switzerland.The festival
comprises  the  party  itself  and the
Streetparade,  which is similar to the
Loveparade held in Berlin.
 Let me start by the Streetparade.
 On this day, the weather was not very
good.    A   lot  of  clouds  and  the
temperature  was  a  little  bit cool.
But, fortunately, contrary to previous
days, no rain!
 The Streetparade began at 3.30pm, and
the  meeting point was a square in the
center  of  Zuerich,  near the Station
and the mercantile streets (big banks,
smart shops,etc.).
 I  arrived  at 3pm at the Station and
they  were  a  lot of party people all
over the streets!  It was great to see
all   those  people  during  the  day!
Finally,  I  was  in the {Swiss-techno-
paradise} !!  :-)
 3.45pm,  the  first  float arrived; a
much   more   people   came  from  the
neighbouring streets!
 Only   a  few  people  followed  this
float,  the  rest waited for others to
following   ones.    About  15  floats
followed,  at  five-minute  intervals.
Each  float  had  different music, so,
each  person  could find his own style
(hardcore,  trance,  breakbeat, house,
garage , techno, mellow) I, naturally,
follow the breakbeat one!  :-)
 There   were   a   lot   of   curious
spectators.   It  was funny to see how
surprised  they were!  ahahah!!  Yeah,
more  than  20,000 people were dancing
on the steet, that's quite amazing!!
 Almost all the party dj's were on the
turnetables to mix quite good music...
The  procession  continued  and joined
the   terminal  point  at  about  7pm.
Hehe,  people  were  now  ready to eat
some  food  which  would give them the
extra energy for the party...
 The  party  officially  initiated  at
7.30pm  and the first dj began his mix
at 8pm.
 The  place  for  the  party  was  the
Hallenstadion.     It's    Switzerland
biggest indoor-venue!
{ The  party  place  was  composed of 3
dance floors :
 MAINHALL : Techno, Trance, g-hardcore
 TRANCE-TUNNEL : Trance, Ambient
 GARAGE-GALLERY : Garage, Underground
CINEMA: science-fiction & cyberspace
 The   mainhall   is  in  fact  a  big
cycle-racing   track!!    The  cinema,
cloak-room,  and  other various stalls
were  in a big outside hall totally up
to  standard  for  throwing  parties!!
Waouw, I was in a real dream!!
Now  it's the time to speak about dj's
and music!

{{              MAINHALL:
MC ORSON X (Brighton)
DJ NOISE (Bern)     TEKJAM (Zuerich)
GANGSTA (Zuerich)   MAX DURANTE (Rome)
LENNY DEE (NY)      DJ TOM (Frankfurt)
DJ HELL (Muenich)   DJ EDGE (London)
JEFF MILLS (Detroit)DJ JEFF (Geneva)
COLIN DALE (London) DR MOTTE (Berlin)
DAVE ANGEL (London) DJ MAO (Zuerich)
{              Live Acts:
SOURCE (Antwerp)
303 NATION (Frankfurt)
{{            TRANCE-TUNNEL:
DJ GFX (Zuerich)
SVEN VATH (Frankfurt)
{{           GARAGE-GALLERY:
8  Swiss  dj's  including  DJAIMIN (he
made a hit called 'Give you')
 Isn't  the  list  quite a-m-a-z-i-n-g
?!?   If  you  know  the dj's you must
admit  that  it's almost impossible to
do better!  :-)
 At  9pm, when I arrived, the mainhall
was  already  full at about 70% of its
capacity.    The   light   was  almost
inexistant   (there   were   only  big
fluorescent  frames with objects on it
directed   towards  the  crowd).   The
scene  was quite big and the dj was on
a   kind   of  pyramid  (to  give  the
impression  he's a god!  :) with a big
screen  (20*8 m) behind him!  The dj's
and  the lives, because they were very
numerous   in  the  mainhall,  changed
every 30 minutes!!
 Let's  continue  with a chronological
*** DJ Noise - DJ  Jeff - Gangsta ****
yep, Swiss dj's...  I can't tell you a
lot  about  their set because I wasn't
on the place early enough :)
*************** DJ Tom ***************
Not  too bad, but I expected more from
him  (never listened to him before) as
he comes from Frankfurt...  But it was
*A.Utomatic S.Ound  U.Nlimited (live)*
Hmmm...   what  I  could  say?...   It
sucks!!   Yeah, the music is hardcore,
but bad and boring hardcore (it's only
chaos).   They  had  their own MC, and
she was quite bad!  (no feeling).
*********** Electric Indico **********
Right now, it was 10pm when she start.
Yeah, she was the only women dj in the
night...  Not very good.
************ Max Durante *************
Perhaps  you know he's the producer of
Automatic   Sound   Unlimited  on  ACV
records.  He played also bad hardcore,
but technicaly, the mix was ok.  Don't
move your ass to hear him...
********* Illuminate (live) **********
Right   now,   the  music  had  really
change, the party begans really.
The  light show was coming to grow up.
Illuminate do jungle tunes without the
breakbeat!!!Just  a techno beat.  Very
cooool.   Hehe,  the  last  tune was a
'full'jungle  one, yeah, the breakbeat
comes (I was waiting for it!  :-)
************* Colin Dale *************
Everybody  knows  him!!   One  of  the
techno   leaders   in  the  UK...   As
usuall,  he  played great techno.  The
lasers begans to move at this point.
************ Kenny Larkin ************
Nothing special...  It was techno from
detroit....  nice.
*************** DJ Hell **************
All  the  german  people  were waiting
him...   hehe,  lot  of shouts when he
began.    He  made  an  intro,  so  30
minutes   were  short  for  him..   He
played some cool trance.
********** Structure (live) **********
Getting  more acid with them!  A great
************* Jeff Mills *************
Now,  it  was  time  for  the god!  In
facts,  I  didn't know exactly when he
begans  (1.30am)  because  he mixed so
well  his  first  record with the last
tune  of  Structure !!  The light show
(laserstorms)  was GREAT at this time!
He  put the ravers in a real trip with
his hardtrance.  And his mix was quite
superbe!   He  changed  everytime  the
records.   He didn't let one more than
2  minutes, and in less of 6 secondes,
he  can  set  the  pitch and put the 2
rhythms  together!!   In  facts he was
the  only  dj who tried really to do a
spectacular  mix.   His scratches were
really  amazing(he just did one fault,
but who cares?!!!  :-) To resume,I can
just say one thing:  he's probably the
best underground dj worldwide!
************* DR Motte ***************
This  famous dj (he's created the Love
Parade)  didn't  play the best side of
german  techno/trance...   Yeah, not a
great moment in the party, but not too
bad :-) (I mean he's not a great dj)
*********** Frankie Bones ************
He   played   techno,   nothing   more
(hmmm...   sincerly,  I can't remember
his set very well :)
* Aphex Twin/Polygon Windows  (live) *
The fifth first minutes were slow (and
boring),  and  then  the  music  cames
hardcore,  but also noisy.  I expected
more  from them!  One (with A.S.U.) of
the badest live of the party :(
************* Lenny Dee **************
Quite  hardcore  (the  hardest  of the
night,  with Max Durante).  Less noisy
than  Durante  but  still  boring.  At
this   time  I  was  upstairs  on  the
ledges,  admirating the most beautiful
seeing  one  could hope!  There were a
lot  of  laserstorms.   There  were  6
columns  2*2m  and 8m height placed on
the dancfloor's circumference.  Inside
there were strobos!!!  One of the best
visual effect I ever saw!!
*********** Source (live) ************
Yeah, I love Source!  Really very good
techno  (I  think  they are one of the
best   techno   composers).   All  the
ravers were raving (it's the best word
I  could  find!  hehe).It was really a
great trip,believe me!
************* Dave Angel *************
A  very clear mix.  And he played very
good  deeptrance...  yeah, he's one of
the  leaders of this style of music in
Europe  (I  could say on the planet!),
why  do you think UK ravers tell about
him 'Is he a man or a god?'!!!
*************** T-Bass ***************
This  one  is a international swiss dj
(he  played  in  knowledge/London,  in
some  German  and Parisian raves).  He
played  the  more  commercial stuff at
the   party   (I  mean  commercial  in
comparaison with the other sets!).
******** Arpeggiators (live) *********
Another group from Frankfurt!  Yeah, I
hope  you  know  them!!  If not, go to
buy  their  lp's!!  Simply excellent!!
(no other comments are necessary!  :-)
********* 303 Nation (live) **********
And  another  one  from  Frankfurt!  A
less  good  as  Arpeggiators  but very
good too!
************** DJ Edge ***************
Cool  techno...   At  this point, they
are  less people on the dancefloor, it
seems  that  a  lot  are  gone  in the
ledges to wait the afterhours :-)
*************** DJ Mao ***************
Swiss   local   dj.   I  can't  really
********** Laurent Garnier ***********
The  last  set  of the party...  I was
waiting  him,  because I like his cool
mixes,  good deeptrance.  But I prefer
a     little     more    Dave    Angel
(perhaps,because they were more people
on  the  dancefloor  when  Dave  Angel
played :)
MC  Orson  X  was really great!  (That
made  me remember all those MC's on my
british hardcore tapes!!!  :)
 I can't tell you more about the other
halls.    I   was   1  minute  in  the
TranceTunnel, but it was far too warm!
A  lot of people were in there(waiting
for Sven the Guru!  ehehehe).
 And I didn't go in the Garage-Galery,
because  I know already the dj's in it
and  I don't like them at all!!  (hey,
I  not  made  300km  to  hear  fucking
garage and underground!!!)
 I  didn't go to an afterhour, yeah, I
was  really  shattered.   There were 2
afterhours organised with the festival
from   6am   to   2pm.    One  garage-
underground,  and  a techno/trance one
with  Sven  Vath,  Laurent Garnier, DJ
Hell,   Jeff  Mills,  Colin  Dale,  DR
Motte, Gangsta and Noise!!!
 And  after  these  you  could  go  to
another    techno    afterhours   (not
organised  by  the same ones) from 4pm
to 2am!!  Yeahm, you could party until
Monday morning hehe.
 Really the best party I never been to
(but  you  expected  that,  huh?!  :-)
Raving by day on the streets is also a
different  thing, it's quite exciting,
really.   For  me,  it  was surely the
best party ever held in Europe (except
UK  of  course  :).   The  people were
really cool (German ravers are cool!),
the crowd was dancing continuously.
 About   24,000  people  were  at  the
party!  a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
 My last words :
                 - Geneva, Switzerland}}}
For  the  ones who are from Belgium, I
don't  think  I've  to  introduce this
label,  for  the others, Bonzai is the
biggest   and  absolutly  the  famoust
record  label here in Belgium, so it's
rather   normal   that   there   where
many(too many) people presented at the
"1  year  Bonzai party" Like I've said
before, the party was at "The Extreme"
and   for   the  ones  who  know  that
dancing,  it's  to  small  for  such a
party.   (maximum  capacity  for  2500
people).   We've had to wait more then
half  an  hour  to  get in, but it was
worth  it!!   When  we were finally in
we've  had  our  12 inch.  Yes, that's
right.   The  first  1000  people  who
arrived  at  the  party  got a 12 inch
with  some  new Bonzai recordz, called
'The Anniversary Rave' ofcoz.
 The Dj's that night were...
- Lenny Dee (Industrial Strenght - New
- Paul Elstak (Rotterdam Recordz)
- The  Fly  (Bonzai  Recordz (the  BIG
  boss of Bonzai recordz)
- Franky Jones (Cyberdelia - D.M.C.)
- The BountyHunter (Bonzai)
- Deg  (Bonzai,  B.W.P.   Experiments,
  Rave Explosion)
- Frank (Zolex, Globe)
- Franky (Cherry Moon)
- B.B.Bell (Say No More recordz)
And warming up by Dj. Steel.
I  can't  tell  much about this party,
coz  they  didn't  say who was playing
the  recordz,  I  mean  there  was  no
presentation, too bad.
 There  was  also  a  live  act,  from
"Dream  Your  Dream"  (from  the  very
famous  Bonzai  record, better know as
jjjjiiiiiihhhhhaaaaaaaa)(The same guys
gonna do a live act on MayDay 5 !!)
 The live act was pretty good, nothing
special to say about this one.
 I  suggest if they organize a "2 Year
Bonzai Recordz" party, that they do it
in  a  much  larger  place, coz it was
really too small!
 But  after  all,  it  was  one of the
better rave parties in Belgium.
 Nice  party  but  they  were  to many
people  for  such  a  small place like
"The Extreme".
                {{{The UnderTaker/Tragedy
                       - Gent, Belgium}}}
{"Maybe you've read it somewhere, maybe
you've heard it from your friends, but
we  can tell you, it's true!  The Rave
Explosion   is   back  with  an  event
everybody  was waiting for.  This time
we  will be presenting an unbelievable
international line-up of live acts and
DJ's,  a cristal-clear sound system, a
fully  animated  laser and video show,
the  most  technically advanced visual
effects and the ultimate in decoration
(a  Voodoo  Illusion)  created by Fred
Coutsiers (El-Deco).
 For  those  who  want  to cool off or
have   a   little   chat   in  a  cosy
atmosphere,  we  will create a special
chill-out  room  with  music played by
the   best  ambient-wizardz  from  the
legadary R&S label.
 We   want   that   you,  ravers  from
everywhere,  also  take  part  in  the
creation   of  a  magical  atmosphere.
Therefore,  we  will  provide  you fun
games,painting  and  clothing  stalls,
gyroscopes,  jumping  castles and much
 But  don't  forget  to  bring  on the
essential thing:  {YOUR SMILE}.
 With   a   spirit   of  togheterness,
harmony,     infinite     peace    and
tranquility,  we  will  transport  you
together  trough  cosmic  galaxies  to
your  ultimate  destiny!  You're about
to  discover  a  world  of  happiness,
atmosphere  and  great music.  Youri &
Gregory - 1993

 This  part  above  is  taken from the
flyer  from  "The  Rave Explosion Part
III".   Pretty  impresive  eh??  So, I
decided to go there...

{            ** The Dj's **
 => Techno - Trance - Hardcore}

{{           ** Jeff Mills **
         (Axis, Detroit/USA)
One  of the best Dj's I've ever seen!!
He is really amazing...  I think there
are  no recordz he plays longer than 1
minute,  and  he  mixes  all  the 'one
minute' parts perfect.
He  was  also  one of the best Dj's on
MayDay IV.
(If  you've  been to Mayday 4, I think
you already know enough)
One  of  the  top Dj's in the world of
house if you ask me!}}

{          ** Blake Baxter **
 (UnderGround Resistance/Detroit-USA)
Also  a Dj's from Detroit, since there
were  some  technical problems when he
was  playing,  some things went wrong,
but   after   a   couple   of  minutes
everyting  was  back ok, (for a couple
of minutes heheh)}

{{        ** Laurent Garnier **
         (Fnac Music / Paris)
He  was  the  last Dj that played that
evening    and   was   absolutly   the
favourity  Dj.When he played his first
song  (Melody  -  Beat your heart out)
the  crowd  went  totally crazy, and I
mean CRAZY !!
He  played too more 'commercial stuff'
if  you compare it with the songs that
the  other  Dj's  played.   I  mean no
'Usura'   'Dance   2   Trance'  or  '2
Unlimited'but  songs  like,  "Wake Up"
and  "Beat  your heart out".  Togheter
with  Jeff  Mills he was the favourite
Dj of the evening.}}

{          * Yves De Ruyter *
(Bonzai Recordz,Cherry Moon/Antwerpen)
Not  as  good  as he used to be if you
ask me.
Since  he had also a lots of technical
problems many things went wrong.

 These  where  the  Dj's  I've  heard,
there where more Dj's like
- Dano (Dreamteam - Amsterdam)
- Deg (BWP, Rave Explosion - Brussels)
and the Source Live (R&S Recordz
    - Sweden)
 But  I  haven't heard them since I've
arrived  rather  late,  and I've spent
some time in the 'Chill-Out Room'}

{{       ** The Chill Out Room **
 Nothing    special   to   say   about
this..Maybe  just  one  thing,  it was
very cold there!!  The music was good,
the lights where not so good since all
the best stuff was in the 'Main Stage'

Maybe some details now.
-  The  service  was  good,  but  VERY
-  They've had many technical problems
   during   the   evening,  especially
   problems with the music.
-  And  the  sad thing about 'The Rave
   Explosion   III'   was,  that  they
   closed the place at 05.00 Am, don't
   ask  me  why ?!  Normally 'The Rave
   Explosion  III'  was  from  9.00 Pm
   until  08.00 Am, and then there was
   an after party in 'The Cherry Moon'
   but  at  04.50  they said that they
   must  close  at  05.00 Am, and that
   there  was an after party somewhere
   else, (somewhere in Brussels, sorry
   forgot the name)
- There were about 7000 or 8000 people
  (not  bad  for a little country like
  Belgium,  I think it was the biggest
  rave ever held in Belgium)
- The presentation was also very good.

 Ok, enough about that.  In my opinion
'The  Rave  Explosion  III'  was  very
good,  one  of  the  best parties I've
been  to  (togheter  with "MayDay IV",
"The  Big Cyberdelia Rave" and "1 Year
Bonzai Party")
 I   should  say  'Come  To  The  Rave
Explosion Part IV' !!

 A  very  good  party  with  very nice
music.   One  of  the  Belgium biggest
raves !!
 My score for this one is "9/10"
         {{{The UnderTaker/Synergy Design
                       - Gent, Belgium}}}
hi everybody!
 When  I saw the flyer of the party, I
was  immediately  decided to go there,
for   one   reason:    Carl   Cox  and
Loftgroover  (Colin  Dale  was  on the
flyer also,but he came not) will be at
the  party!!   I  could  suppose there
will    be   some   british   hardcore
(breakbeat,if  you prefer), and when I
hear    that,    I'm    coming   mad!!
(unfornately,   british  is  extremely
rare  here in Switzerland and in other
countries  also(hehe except UK,but you
know that :) The party was held in the
old  military  barracks, in the center
of  the  city  (that's  very  cool  in
Zuerich:   almost  all  parties are in
the  center-city).   The  organisators
are  XTATIC,  dissidents of ENERGETIC,
who organized Energy93 (as you suppose
it,  they are the best organizators in
 It was supposed to be a 24hours party
(Saturday  8pm  to  Sunday  8pm) but I
don't  know when it stoped :) (but WHO
wants  to  be  in  the  same  hall  24
 For  several  dj's  in this party, it
was    their    1st   performance   in
 The flyer wrotes:'The former military
facility  will be transformed into one
huge  dancefloor.It  will  show  you a
cybernetic  vision of our world in the
year   2350'.    Generally,experiences
said me to not believe the flyers, but
this time, it was ok :-)
 When  I  arrived, it was about 9.30pm
(after   3.30   hours  travel!).   The
barracks   were   very   big   (a  big
rectangle  with  a  big  court  in the
center)  but  only  the right part was
used,  hmmm...   it  was  a hall about
25*100m.   Not  so  big, but enough to
put  4000  ravers in it!  This time, I
believed  the  flyer,  because  it was
really a vision of the future, perhaps
only my own vision of future :-).
 Hmmm,  how  could I describe that?  I
should  say  that:   when I entered, I
couldn't  see  the faces of the people
2m around me!  A lot of smoke!!  A lot
of UV too, and some nice strobos!!
 The ambiance was very glaucous!!
 When  I  arrived, the hall was 50% of
its  capacity.   They said also in the
flyer  'multiscreen  videoshow', yeah,
in   facts,   there   weren't   giants
screens,but  multiscreens:   a  screen
was composed by four 70cm screens, and
there  were  4 of those 'big' screens.
But  it  was  ok.   I couldn't see the
faces  of the dj's because some lights
(and lasers) were behind him, and with
the  smoke,  there  were  simply  dark
faces :-)
 OK,  now  I  give  you the guest list
(you was waiting for that!  ehehe :)

and the lives:
              (GERMANY I suppose)
CH  =  Switzerland  if  you don't know
that  :-)  and  the * means performing
first time in Switzerland.  Colin Dale
was supposed to come but he didn't :-(

ok, now, let's go with a chronological

{************** MOGUAI ****************
I think it was him (not sure at 100%).
Some 'normal' trance, like the one you
could   hear   at  a  good  party  :-)
Nothing, very special...
*************** T-BASS ***************
Yeah,    I    know   him.    He's   an
international  Swiss  dj.   Usually he
plays  some  well known german trance,
but  this  time  he really impress me!
He  played  more  than  usually on the
underground  way.  He played even some
breakbeats!!   This  was great,people!
Really, a better set than Moguai.
************** NAUGHTI ***************
He comes from a little (?) club called
'Ohne-Worte' in Ulm, Germany.  I heard
it  one  time  only.   It  was  at the
Streetparade.   Yeah,  I  remember him
well:   he  was the only dj who played
some   breakbeats!And   of  course,  I
followed   his   mix  almost  all  the
afternoon :-)
One  more  time,  he impressed me!  He
played   some  loud  hardtechno,  very
great mix, and he played also about 15
minutes   of   pure  jungle  (his  set
remained  one  hour).  It's not useful
to say you we were only about 20 to 30
ravers  moving like mads on his jungle
tunes!    Yeah,   in  Zuerich,  as  in
France, Germany and everywhere (excpet
UK,  one  more  time!:-)  people don't
like breakbeats very much (some try to
dance  on but it seems they can't find
the   beat!).    But   I  adore  them!
ehehehhe  One of the best sets I heard
for a long time!
*** GENLOG + CONFUSION A  (lives) ****
hmmm,  I  thought  it would be better.
In facts I heard Genlog 10 minutes and
I've  go  out to search some Red Bulls
(some  multivitamin  drinks  which are
illegal  in  Switzerland) to take more
energy :-)
Energy  was  important, because I knew
that the hardest will come:  Carl Cox,
Loftgroover  and Liza N'Eliaz!  When I
came in, the 2 lives were finished.
************* CARL COX ***************
I  have a tape from him and I must say
it's  not  very good.  So I only hoped
he'll  play  some  breakbeats, because
the techno on the tape was bad.  Shame
on  me!  He played a lot of techno and
some great one, waooooow!  I was on my
knees!!!   Hard  and  sometimes  acid:
that was his beautiful set!
Certainly,  he played also some jungle
(pure UK breakbeats, to resume) ehehe,
with  that, I were in paradise!!!  You
can't  imagine that, I waited 6 months
to  hear  some  jungle in a big party!
The  mix was also great (I don't think
he used the 3 decks this time :(
Conclusion:   send  me some tapes from
him!!  :-) ahahaha
************ LOFTGROOVER *************
He  played some hardtechno too, harder
than  Carl  Cox  set,  but  also  more
boring.   Not  great  as Carl cox, but
************ LIZA N'ELIAZ ************
People, this is one of the wicked dj I
ever   heard!   In  facts,  she's  the
wicked Female dj I never saw!  :-) She
played  some  wicked,  not  with  loud
basses, but speed hardcore.  It's rare
to  hear  no-boring hardcore, but this
time it was!
And the Zuerich crowd was getting mad!
waoooow!   great!  Last but not least,
the  mix  was  perfect!   What a crazy
************** PROPHET ***************
This  one  comes  from  Holland (Mokum
records).   hmm...   after a great set
like  Liza's  one, it was very hard to
do  better.   This  one was far worst.
Yeah,  he  played some more commercial
stuff  (but  still hardcore stuff).  I
don't  mean  commercial,but  it wasn't
100% underground too, as Liza set.
I  heard him 15 minutes and then, with
some  friends,  we  went  to  find the
afterhours.    Loftgroover   (and   we
thought  Carl  Cox  too, as Colin Dale
wasn't  there)  was  one  of  the dj's
(they  were  the  only  2  dj's of the
party  who  were  afterhours-dj's  and
have   finished   their  sets  at  the
party).The  afterhours  had to be in a
club  called  Exit  (usually  a garage
club), but when we arrived, there were
nobody  outside.   Strange...  We rang
and   a  guy  camed  to  tell  us  the
afterhours  were canceled, because not
enough people were there.
In facts, all the ravers were still at
the  party!eehehhe  It  was  a  shame,
because  we prefer to hear Loftgroover
and  Carl  Cox  than  Prophet  and the
other  Swiss dj's!  :-( We tried to go
to     other     afterhours     places
(not'official'  ones from this party).
After 30 minutes past to turn and turn
with  the  car  (it's hard to drive in
this  city!), we decided to turn again
in the barracks.
************** Tek-Jam ***************
Now,  Tek-Jam  was  playing.   It  was
about 5.30am.  Not a great set, simply
some   too   usuall  deeptrance.   The
people  was  getting  slowly  out  and
after  an hour, when there were 50% of
the  people  left,  we  decided  to go
A    great    party,but   I   excepted
that.Could it be different?  When some
UK's  top  dj's are there, it couldn't
be a bad one!
 I  was  very  impressed  by Carl Cox,
Naughti  (hope  he'll be bigger on the
international scene!) and Liza N'Eliaz
(a  friend  heard her 2 weeks later in
France, and he said me she played lame
and   boring   hardcore!   hmm...quite
 My rate: an easy 9/10
                 - Geneva, Switzerland}}}
 Sorry dudez, but I have no flyer info
about  this party, I kinda rolled into
it.   It  didn't  plan  to  go to this
party,  due to circumstances beyond my
control 8-* I ended up there...

{ It  appeared  that the party was held
on  a industrial field in the North of
Amsterdam.   We  got a lift from a guy
who   was   standing   behind  Central
Station in Amsterdam (we were supposed
to  get on a party/pendle bus that was
driving  all  night  between the party
place  and Central Station but we just
missed  it  and got an offer from this
guy).   He  told us that the party was
scheduled to last until 07:00 hours in
the  morning...
{ Soon we arrived and outside was a big
square   formed   by  dots  of  lights
spinning   in  the  air,  turning  and
turning.   Now that was cool!  This is
what  we  were  looking for, the place
was  thumping  and  you could hear the
massive    sound   coming   from   the
 Once  inside  we  were frisked and we
had  to  pay  US$ 17.50 to get in plus
US$  2  to  get  our coats safe :( But
once  we  were passed the security the
sight was awesome!
 The  party place was a large hall (75
meters  long and 30 meters wide if not
more) with some concrete pilars in the
middle.   The  whole  place was filled
with   smoke   and   the   sound   was
LOOOOUUUDDDD!  It was exactly what you
could  expect from an illegal party...
tremendously cool!  There was not much
light,  but  the  light that was there
was enough, a few spots (coloured) two
strobo's and one sun-flower.
 From  the  minute we got in until the
minute  we  got  out  they only played
hard hard hard hardcore, there was not
_one_  slow  song!  I gues the average
BPM  was  200  or  more!   They played
stuff  like "Fuckin' Hostile" by Lenny
Dee  and  "Bigger  and  Bolder"...   I
can't  tell  you  all  the D.J.'s that
were  there because I have no flyer of
the  party, I don't even know the name
of  the party.  But DJ's playing were:
Menthal  Theo  &  Charly  Lownoise and
100% Isis (female D.J.!).
 It isn't hard to imagine that soon my
buddy  and  myself  were  jumping  and
raving  around  the  building,  really
getting into the thumping sound of the
drums  and  wicked  sounds  you  could
hear!  Although the place was crowded,
there  still  was  enough  space to do
some  good  raving,  it  was  not like
Hellraiser  that  you  danced  against
each  other.   You had about one meter
around  you to dance.  They played the
hardest  and  toughest  numbers  after
each  other  and  it was hard to stop,
but eventually I had to quit because I
really  could do nooo more.  I went to
the  side to lean against the wall and
check out the babes!  ;-)
 And   where   there  babes!   Several
girlies were doin' some serious raving
and  didn't hide too much of theirself
and  they  didn't  mind  you  watching
either.   There were one or two really
good-looking girls, the ones that make
you  go  'duuuuuuhhhhh...  can I eh...
can  I ehh...  can I ehh...  offer you
a  ehh..  drink?' Hehehehe...  too bad
though that most of them brought their
boyfriend  with  them  :(  Ah  well, I
didn't  come  too  find a luxious girl
for  some  action, but to blow my mind
 Now  you foreigners out there must be
wondering  what  was  happening behind
the     scene,     esspecially     the
drugs,'cause  this  is  after  all The
Netherlands!    (How   do   you  mean,
'prejudiced'?)   Ahhh...    it  wasn't
much,  nothing  more  than  your usual
party  in  Holland;  people  take some
Speed  or  XTC  and have a great time!
But  you  had  to  watch  out  for the
security,  if  they catched you havin'
some stuff, you would lose your stuff!
I  girl  next  to  me  got three pills
taken  away,  that is almost worth US$
40!   I  myself had not taken anything
'cause my supplier was ill (no, really
:-/)  and I don't buy stuff on parties
'cause  then  you  don't know what you
 Later on the evening there was a live
performance by Menthal Theo and Charly
Lownoise.   Men,  that  sounded cruel!
The played live but it sounded exactly
like  the  singles as I remember them,
they  play  extremely  well  and do it
with  a  lot  of fun.  They played "El
Gallinero"  by  Ramirez and some other
famous  stuff  of  them.   People were
really  flipping on their performance,
myself  included!   I  started dancing
again  and  didn't  stop  for  quite a
while...   but  eventually there is an
end!   Together  with  my friend I got
some  drinks and there we met two guyz
from  Alkmaar,  not  far  from where I
live.   They  told  us  that  the plug
would be pulled at 6 o'clock...  lame!
So  we  decided to get our coats while
things   were   still   quiet  at  the
wardrobe  and  get  back  home!   Easy
said, easy done.
 The organisation was excellent 'cause
outside  a  touring car was waiting to
get  us  back  to Central Station (and
that was no luxury, the weather sucked
 Now that I look back to it I must say
that  this  was an excellent party and
had  a  little extra because it was an
illegal  one.  This concludes my party
report and I hope you liked it.

         {{RaVe WiLL NeVer DiE!

              - Hoorn, The Netherlands}}}
{The Guest List
"The  Belgica  Wave  II"  only invited
Belgian Dj's, here's the list
- Dj The Fly  (Extreme-Bonzai Recordz-
  (Ex)Cherry Moon)
- Dj Frank (Globe-Exterme- (Ex)Jerry's
  WareHouse- Antler Recordz)
- Dj Marko (La Rocca - La Chapelle)
- Dj Double B (Extreme)
- Dj Stephane (Music Man - World Party
  II - Two Pieces)
- Dj Rezi (Music Man - IT)
- Dj Roel Bonzai Recordz -(Ex)Jerry's)
- Dj   Marko   Baily  (La  Scalla  -
- Dj  Jopan  (WIF  recordz  -   Bonzai
- Dj Dave (Luik)
- Dj Peter (Tienen)
- Dj Christophe (Globe - La Luna)

The Live Acts
- DREAM YOUR DREAM (BonZai Recordz)
 These  two  guys  have  already  give
their show at the EXTREME on the first
of  October at the "BonZai Anniversary
Rave".  (They are also one of the live
performers in the next MayDay!)
 They   have   already   created   the
following   hitrecordz:    Dream  Your
Dream, Dreamland, Belgica Wave Part I,
Traxcalibur, Belgica Wave II.

- Krid Snero (Say No More Recordz)
 This   guy  is  the  creator  of  the
remixed giant hit "White Line".
 For the first time in Belgium live on
stage   the   master  of  the  pumping
hardcore  KRID  SNERO.  So as you know
this  will  be  his debute on stage in
Belgium   this   is  a  unicum  and  a
privilege  for  the  EXTREME  and  the
 Ok, now my opinion about The Belgican
Wave II.
 When  we  arrived  at the party-place
"The  Extreme",we  were very surprised
only  3  cars  where  on  the  parking
place!   So,  we  waited  a  couple of
minutes in the car.  After a couple of
minutes more and more cars arrived, so
it  was  time to get in.  The entrance
was  300bfr,  when  we were finally in
the  dancing,  we  stand  for  another
surprise, there were only 20 people in
The  Extreme,  so  we  waited again (I
think  about  an  hour)  and  then  it
began.   Oh boy, there where more than
1500 people showed up in that hour.)
 All togheter I think there were about
2000 people at the party place.
{ Now  for  the music, I can't tell you
which  Dj has played good or bad since
there was no presentation, I only know
"Stefaan"  (Music  Man) and I can tell
you  he  played  VERY  good, very good
songs   and   and  excelllent  mixing-
-  The  live  performances:  were also
   good, Dream You Dream was very good
   and  also  Krid  Snero too (altough
   "Dream   Your   Dream"   where  the
-  The lights:  nothing special to say
   about  this, just the normal lights
   you  can  see  every  week  in  the
-  The   Crowd:   VERY  good,  almost
   everybody  was  on  the  dancefloor
   dancing   and  flipping  all  night
Conclusion; A very good party, we just
arrived  a  little  bit  too early :-)
                The UnderTaker/Tragedy
                       - Gent, Belgium}}}
 After  many  hours  of setting up the
doors  of Hardware finally opened.  As
expected  there was a huge turnout and
many  were hardcore ravers who hit the
dancefloor  all  night.  The twin head
laser entranced its audience until the
unforgiving  rays  of  dawn hit (yes I
forgot My sunnies).
 Good   looking   Jumping  Jack  (from
Sydney)  pumped the trancing tunes out
to  us and made sure that insanity had
arrived  before  Richie  Rich  hit the
turntables.   It was a brilliant night
and the crowd loved it but I felt that
some took it too hard.I definetely see
another  hardware in the distance.....
Maby next Janurary.
                - Melbourne, Australia}}}
 As we journey into the underground we
are sprung upon by Alien.
 When  strolling in we come across the
extremely  comfy  chill area!!!!  With
its   stinking   seats   and   massive
matresses which suited this atmosphere
to  a  T.   Tall  glass walls seperate
this   from   the   intensity  of  the
colourfull sweaty bodies that moved to
the  full-on  hardcore sound of techno
on  the  steamy yet packed dancefloor.
The  DJ's  easilly maintained the hype
until the sun came up and way beyond.
 Then  there  was the infamous rooftop
chillout   with  the  gravity  defying
ladder   which  proved  to  be  a  bit
tricky.   The  venue,  actually  being
some  residence,  was  ideal  for  the
insane  which  was definetelty a night
of    happy    memories    and   total
madness!!!!!   I am definetely looking
forward  to  the next Alien.  Will you
                - Melbourne, Australia}}}
{The Guest List
- Cj  Bolland  (The Rave Signal - R&S
- Miss  Djax  (Djax  Up  Beats  - The
- Robert Leiner (The Source - Sweden)
- The Fly (Extreme - BonZai Records)
- Deg (BWP Experiments - BonZai)
  (This  is the only Belgian Dj who'll
  play on MayDay 5)
- Franky  Jones  (CyberDelia - BonZai
- BountyHunter (BonZai Recordz - Rave
  Zone Montini)
- BB  Bell  (Extreme  -  Say  No More
The Live Acts
 Only   1   live   act  this  evening,
"Phrenetic System"

 Well,  after  the  succesfull "BonZai
Anniversary"   Rave,   "The   Extreme"
decided  to  do  another BonZai party,
well  here  it  is,  "The BonZai Users
 Well,  as  you  can  see on the guest
list,  very good dj's, so this must be
another terrific BonZai party.
The Dj's
- B.B.Bell;  hmmm  nothing special to
  say about this one, played good.
- Miss Djax; Hmmm not really my style
  of house-music she played.
- Bountyhunter; Not as good as he used
  to be.
- The  Fly; Wwhhoow very very good !!
  Excellent  (it  was  about time they
  not played some "good" recordz :-))
- Cj. Bolland; Great!
- Robert  Leiner,  Franky  Jones, Deg
  (Haven't heard them....)
The Live Performances
- Phrenetic System
Nice!   one of the best live acts I've
 Well,  like  every BonZai rave in The
Extreme  there  were  again  too  many
people  for  such a place (The Extreme
can only handle 2500 Ravers).  I think
there   were  more  than  2500  Ravers
hehehe.  At a couple of moments I even
have  had some problems with breathing
 I  find  it  strange, The Rave Called
"BonZai  Users  Rave"  but  I've heard
only  2 or 3 BonZai Recordz ????  Like
every  BonZai  rave  I'm gonna say the
 The Extreme is just too SMALL!
 My Vote for this Rave: 7.5/10
                The UnderTaker/Tragedy
                       - Gent, Belgium}}}
 At  the moment there is only 1 decent
club  here  in Reykjavik, it is called
the  Rosenberg Cellar (due to the fact
it  is under the ground) is used to be
a  part of a quite big club called the
moonclub  which  was  the hottest club
for some time about 2-3 years ago.  In
Rosenberg  they play Trance/Techno and
people in there are in the 18-25 years
 Another  quite  cool  club  is called
Ingolfs Cafe.  That is the ONLY garage
club  in  the whole iceland and the dj
there  is  the  only  garage dj in the
contry.   In  that  club  most  of the
people   snob   are,  it  is  not  the
underground  style  as Rosenberg.  The
third  and  the least is a club called
Casablanca.    There  the  dj  (called
Bigfoot  and  I wont mention him again
:=)  ) plays much too commercial music
for  our  taste  but there are quite a
lot  of  people  who  go to Casablanca
every  weekend.  But the TOP of this 3
club   list   must  be  THE  ROSENBERG
CELLAR,  if  U are travelin in iceland
contact  us and we'll take U there, it
is  only a 200-300 people place but it
is an experience to be there on a good
 Recently  there  have  been almost no
'illegal'  raves  here  but  last year
(summer  of  1992)  we had plenty, but
since   the   police   are  so  fuckin
aggressive   on  us  about  the  raves
people  dont  have  the  guts  to hold
'after  parties',  as  they are called
now,  because  of the trouble they can
get into.
 There are some VERY good dj's here in
Reykjavik.   I'll  list  'em out in no
particilar order.

Gretar G    : Techno/Trance
Arni  E     : Techno/Trance
Margeir     : Garage
Maggi 'lego': Techno/Trance
Dj Psycho   : Techno/Breakbeat
Agzilla     : Breakbeat/RaggaHardcore
Dj Mercedes : Trance/Ambient/Acid Jazz
Thossi      : Acid Jazz/Funk
Hendrik     : Techno/Gabber
Leon        : Varies

 The Dj's mentioned above are the more
known  ones here.  I'll skip the young
upcoming  dj's that we'll hear from in
the future.
 As  in most contries (I think) extacy
is popular but unlike most contries it
is VERY hard to get and VERY expensive
('bout 30-40 lbs.)
 Easier  to  get is offcozz Amphetamin
and in the fall it seems like everyone
is eatin mushrooms, which for most ppl
are  free.  People also smoke Hash and
Marijuana  which  is  fairly cheap.  I
dont  think  there  are alot of people
here  that use cocaine due to the fact
it  is sold at and ridicilous price, I
think :) ('bout 100 lbs pr.  gram).
 And  another very much used 'drug' is
'Rush'  or  'Pops'  which people sniff
and it makes your head dizzy for about
1-2  minutes,  great  to  use with the
mushrooms and 'E'.
 There   aren't  alot  of  people  who
create  music here but there are some.
Bubleflies   are   the  latest  to  do
somethin  worth noticing but they play
Acid  Jazz  which  isnt  that  popular
here(Dj  Mercedes  is  one of the main
men there).  Dj Mercedes also released
the   first   12"   Vinyl   that   the
icelanders  released,  along  with his
friend, it was a breakbeat white label
and the band was called Ajax.  Agzilla
and  Leon  have  released  a  tune  on
Reienforced  label (breakbeat offcozz)
and  then  there was an EP released in
April/May  with  3 bands,Gangland(that
is  us),  Spaceman Spliff, and Passive
aggressive.   2  years  ago the bigest
record   company   here   in   iceland
released   a  compilation  with  dance
music from the so called 'underground'
people  here  in  iceland but it wasnt
very  good.   Rumours say that a group
that  Maggi 'lego' and his friends are
in  is  gonna  release a cd soon(it is
the  BEST  ambient  music I've heard).
And Gretar G and friends :=) are gonna
release a 12" vinyl soon.
 We  have  had  some  people come here
from the UK to play for us.
 Late  in  1992  Adamski and Mr.Monday
camed  over  but their equipment didnt
come  from  New  York  so  that  was a
disapointment,  they  only played some
5-6  tunes  from  a  DAT (how lame can
they be???).
 Baby  Ford  was  better when he camed
here in Jan/feb '93.  He came with all
his  equipment  :=) and it was a great
night!  :=)
 Ray Keith came in april and dj'ed the
saturday  night,  with loads of people
havin  fun  :=) and Dj Shakra has been
here  some  3  times or sumthin and is
gonna  come  again.   Freaky Realistic
played  a failure concert here on 20th
of  October  but  few people showed up
and  it  was  a failure.  The things I
have  mentioned are only the ones that
have  been  recently  but  in the past
there  have been other visitors (but I
wasnt old enuff to be there :( ).
 There  are  two  'underground' record
shops   here,   Thunder   Records  and
Hljomalind.  There U can buy and order
almost  anythin U want..  :) but since
I dont have any money to buy records I
dont  spend  alot  of time checkin 'em
out.  :) hehe..
 There   have   been   'bout  4  radio
stations  that have had people playing
the  finest  music available :) but on
all the 4 stations there have been the
same  guys  playing, that is my friend
here  Spoon  and his friend.  Now they
are  playing on a station called the X
(fm  97.7)  and there they get most of
the  previously mentioned Dj's to play
a  30-40  minutes set and then 'the dj
of  the  night'  get's  to  play  from
                   Jam & Spoon/M.D.M.A
                 (aka Sound Evolution)
                             - Iceland}}}
 Christmas  is near and the discos are
preparing to welcome Santa Claus.  The
last  25th december into the Pascia in
Riccione  there  was  a cool crib with
strange  actors  like Madonna's double
in  place  of Our Lady and the 3 Kings
carried gold, Chanel (the perfume) and
beer.   Ah..   Jesus  was black!  This
year ouf of the Pascia there will be a
big  X-mas  tree with a lot of condoms
and  slogans like "No War".  In Rimini
is born a new club called ECU European
Dance, a mix of all european fashions,
it  can  to  give  hospitality to 3000
people  and  The  MTV  is its sponsor.
Tina  Turner'll  unveil this new local
where  you'll  be  able  to  look some
fashion  shows (do U know the Ministry
of   Sound  in  London  ?)  and  "live
       * YOU'LL BE THE ITALY *
 ICS    (Disco    Dinner    Club)    -
Castrocaro(FO)  It's  builded  into an
old  medioeval castle and you can find
a  lot  of  music kinds; on Monday '80
and   '90   disco  music;  on  Friday,
Saturday  and Sunday medioeval shivers
with underground, funky and acid jazz.

Il Maneggio - Romagnano Sesia (NO)
 3  rooms  to  dance  trend music like
garage and underground.

Hippodrome - Magliano Alpi (CN)
 3  differents rooms with 3 differents
kinds  of  music,  the  smallest  with
trend music (underground and rap), the
medium  with sperimental music and the
biggest with fuck music (revival).
 In  Italy  the  first  thing you must
have  care is your look; every kind of
music  has combined a kind of fashion.
So  if  you  decide to go to dance you
must  find  a  right dress.  These are
the TREND music and fashion.
 The  new italian style is a meddly of
techno  sounds  and  beat  house.  The
house  is  not  died; it's shelved.  A
new  sound  is born, bad and melodious
in the same time (like Robin S.)
 My    personal   enjoyment   is   the
HYPNO-HOUSE,   strange   and  paranoid
resonances,  maybe a bit singular, but
it's very involvement.

1) Prince      - Riccione
2) Pascia      - Riccione
3) Gasolyne    - Roma
4) Cocorico    - Riccione
5) Exodus      - Porto Maggiore
6) Matis       - Bologna
7) Sesto Senso - Desenzano
8) Hollywood   - Milano
9) Echoes      - Misano Adriatico
10) Peter Pan  - Riccione
                       - Milano, Italy}}}
 Well,  while  dance  music in general
gains  still  more popularity, certain
aspects  of  it get forced more under-
ground.   The  springing up of so many
new  artists  can only be good for the
scene  as  it  keeps it moving on - if
some aspects of the rock community did
this,   perhaps   it  wouldn't  be  so
boring!    Most   of   the   big  rave
organisations  in the UK have now gone
bust,  are  very  quiet, or the people
behind   them  have  moved  operations
overseas, notably the USA.  Exceptions
include Raindance, who held an illegal
rave  during  last summer,and Fantazia
are  holding  a  rave somewhere in the
north of England.
{ Over the summer,three 30,000 capacity
events   were   scheduled;  Big  Love,
Dreamscape   and   Fantazia,  but  the
latter two failed to obtain liscences,
Big   Love   having  a  meagre  12,000
attendance.   This was the final straw
for Universe, who are supposed to have
gone  into  liquidation - but are also
organizing  friday  nights at London's
Club UK in January.  All this does not
mean  hardcore  is  dead, tho' - it is
now dark, underground, hard and fast -
check out AWOL at the Paradise CLub on
Saturdays,   or   Club   Labyrinth  in
Dalston,  who  are  currently  hosting
some  '89 revival events in an attempt
to recapture that old buzz.
{ Jungle  pretty  much  rules as far as
pirate  radio  is  concerned  -  Kool,
Format,  Rush, Impact, Index etc.  are
breakbeat  only  territory, Pulse F.M.
still having the most musical variety,
but  still  little  techno.   This  is
partly  due  to Kiss F.M.  hosting two
weekly  techno  shows,  Colin  Favor &
Colin  Dale,  but  both have just been
halved  to  two hours each.  On Friday
nights, the only allnight techno venue
is   Deep   Space,   with   Sabresonic
finishing  at  2:00  a.m.  most weeks,
both clubs doing very well even though
their  times overlap.  All this as the
Aphex  Twin (or Polygon Window, A.F.X,
etc.)   finally  storms  the  national
charts     with     "On",the     first
"intelligent"  techno artist to do so.
So what the hell is going on?
 Well,  it seems to me that there is a
definite  split  in  techno forming at
the  moment  - the hard, HARD stuff is
going  still  further underground, and
can  be  heard  at  Tribal  Energy and
Spiral  Tribe  parties  (dirt cheap, a
must!),   with   DJ's   like   Az-Tec,
Liberator   sounds,   Mr.    Oz,   etc
playing.     Then    we    have    the
"intelligent"  techno  much  loved  by
NME,  including artists such as Sabres
of  Paradise,  Reload, Future Sound of
London,  B12,Black  Dog, and of course
the  Aphex  Twin,  gaining  increasing
media     attention     and    musical
{ There   is   also   a  new  breed  of
sample-heavy techno-funk emerging from
acts  like FSOL and Reload,which could
well  attract  previous  followers  of
garage,   hip   hop  and  old  ravers.
Wonder what the Bomb Squad would think
of  FSOL?   Anyway,  enough reading of
the tea-leaves, on with the news!
 Big newcomers this autumn are without
doubt  the  Sabres  of  Paradise, with
their  own  group,  record  label  and
club,  Sabresonic.  The man behind all
this   is   none   other  than  Andrew
Weatherall,  producer of Primal Scream
along  with Alex Patterson of the Orb.
The  Sabres of Paradise debut album is
definitely  in the "intelligent" mode,
ranging  from near-ambience to dub, to
straight-up   techno.    No  nosebleed
stuff,  just  good  tunes, "Smokebelch
II" already a techno classic.
{ "Deep  Cuts",  the Sabres of Paradise
label  compilation  album carries this
track,  as  well  as  clubby techno to
songs with a real ravey vibe, not that
"intelligent",  and  definitely having
wide appeal.
 Along     with    them    came    the
re-appearance  of  the Future Sound of
London (FSOL), after silence following
their massive "Papua New Guinea" and a
deal    with    Virgin   Records   for
stlg200,000,   as  well  as  appearing
under   the   name   Stakker   in  the
meantime,  creators  of the "Humanoid"
anthem.  They came back with "Cascade"
on  October  25th,  a  31  minute tune
(thankfully  split  into  five  parts)
that  is  magical;  made  up  of weird
noises,  sparkling melodies, crackling
breakbeats   and   a  strange  mix  of
analogue,  ancient  sounds  and modern
electronica.  They have also presented
two  (at least) shows late at night on
Kiss  FM,  3  hour continuous chillout
monsters,  with no ad breaks, hundreds
of  samples,  drifting  in  and out of
tunes,  melodies,  beats and ambience,
all   with   definite   cyberpunk  and
multimedia  influences.   This shit is
extreme, on the edge of the new music.
Album out in January.
 Reload     also    experiment    with
multimedia,  their  debut double-album
"A Collection of Short Stories" coming
packed  with  exactly  that,  a little
book  of  cyber-tales that can be read
in  time  with some of the tracks.  In
the  same mode as FSOL, but with their
own  flavour,  one  half of the Reload
duo  was  the  Aphex  Twin's origional
partner,  and  indeed there are Reload
remixes  of AFX's "On" out now.  Their
album  is excellent, one i know i will
listen  to  many times, it ranges from
cyberia    to    blissful,   massively
credible techno-funk, to the eco-stomp
of "Mosh".  It is a definite milestone
in  techno,  and  the short story idea
works well, too.  It is out on Infonet
Records,   who  will  be  releasing  a
compilation  double-album  "Useability
Now"  in  mid-December, have heard the
preview  on  Colin Dale's show, and it
sounds very good.
} As  does the new GTO album, which not
only   features  their  own  brand  of
stomping techno but also the odd bliss
tune,  which no doubt will have a wide
appeal  to the old rave crowd from the
Carl Cox school of techno.
 More  new  vinyl  definitely  worth a
look   is   the  remix  album  of  the
Shamen's  "Boss Drum", featuring mixes
by    Ritchie    Hawtin,   FSOL,   The
Irresistable Force, and others.
 On  the subject of the Shamen, Mr.C's
Plink Plonk records goes from strength
to strength after its first release in
January  this  year.   The emphasis is
very   much   on  the  music,  signing
already    publicised    acts    under
pseudonyms   so  that  hype  does  not
effect sales (Rephlex records follow a
similar  policy).   The latest release
is    "Germination"   by   Underground
Science, but be quick 'cos Plink Plonk
tunes  are snatched up very quickly in
some   of   the  cooler  techno  shops
                              Trap #14
                     - London, England}}}
 Deep  space  has  two  rooms  the aim
being  to create two different musical
vibes  - one room is usually harder in
a  more  acid  trance  style while the
other   is  more  ambient  intelligent
experiment  effort.  Resident DJ's are
Colin  Dale  and Colin Favor, marc and
josh,  brenda  russell  recent  guests
have  included  Aphex  Twin, John Aqua
Viva,  Baby  Ford, Dave Angel the list
of quality names goes on and on...
 The  emphasis is definately away from
drugs   and  pretentiousness  (A  good
thing  in my opinion) and the entrance
fee  is  six pounds which is very good
for  an all nighter.  My only gripe is
the decor which is non existent.
                          Replicant 23
                     - London, England}}}
- stlg5/stlg3   concs,   at  Heaven,
  Thursdays 8-3 a.m.

 On  the  first  (free)  night of this
event  at Heaven 2000 people had to be
turned  away!   It  is the only club i
know  of  where they have a lecture at
the  start of the evening in one room.
Subjects  have included topics such as
LSD,  "scientific  proof of life after
death", chaos magick, quantum physics,
Paganism in Britain, etc, all the kind
of  stuff  you  wish  they  taught  in
school!   Terence  McKenna  should  be
speaking  here  in  the  Spring.  Also
here   are   blanket   stalls  selling
underground  magazines,  books, tapes,
jewellery,  etc.  It is billed as "the
future  perfect state", and is tied up
with  Fraser Clark and the rest of the
evolution     posse,    creators    of
Encyclopedia    Psychedelica   amongst
other  things, it's a whole culture in
a club.  Music is varied, tribal house
to  acid techno in the main hall, with
a  good  "ambient cauldron" too (well,
Mixmaster  Morris  looked  like he was
enjoying  it!).  It's...  different!!!
Check  it out, miles of smiles, if you
are  losing your ego you won't find it
                              Trap #14
                     - London, England}}}
 Definately  the  best venue in London
with  a  wicked  PA  this club has got
much  better recently.  There seems to
have been a change in door policy, the
pretentious  types  being  turned away
and the emphasis is on cool people who
like   to  really  party.   Sad  vicks
sniffers   and  split  skirters  don't
bother!   They  also  invested some of
our  fifteen pounds in some new decor,
which  is  about  time  i'd  say!  The
music  policy  is  deeply  progressive
chunky  funky  techno house that bumps
and grinds and is really cool to dance
and  trance  to  - Keep it up MINISTRY
                          Replicant 23
                     - London, England}}}
- every  friday  somewhere  nr  london

 Walkin   into   Sabresonic   is  like
walking  into  a blackhole (maybe) the
venue   is   is   an   average   sized
cellar-like  affair, the sort of seedy
dive you know you're gonna love ;-)
 Sabresonic  is  Andy Wetheralls club,
but  for  the first couple of hours we
are warmed up by an accomplished guest
Dj    playing   deep   deep   house...
meanwhile the club fills quickly until
it's  rammed  to capacity with punters
who  have  only  one thing in common -
they  r  there  to  dance  and keep on
{ When  Lord  Sabre wields those wheels
of steel you know abput it!  the sound
is  loud  the trippy visuals effective
and the musik Funkin blindin
 "more  mood swings than Liz taylor on
detox",  " the only rule is that there
are no rules"
{ This  is  not a club that is brimming
with  peace  love and harnony, but its
not  for the miserable either...  Hard
music  for  hard  times and a bit of a
pick  up joint maybe but the Sabrettes
with their sleazy grins appreciate the
good  things  in  life;  Sex drugs and
Tribal  acid  techno  house - then its
2:30  and  time  to move on, the night
has   hardly   begun  but  we've  done
Sabresonic   -   from  here  we  shall
scatter  throug-  hout  london  like a
virus  spiralling  out of control on a
trance mission to spread the Knowledge
(but KNOWLEDGE is another story).
                          Replicant 23
                     - London, England}}}
 Three  tracks in all.  Planet Jupiter
6  is solid trance.  Very pleasant but
nothing  more.  Tropical Aftermath has
a fast-paced discoey beginning.
 Then--2  or  so minutes in--WHAMMO--a
beautiful  ambient  break.   The  beat
picks  up  again but the disco is gone
and you are in trance dance heaven.
 Then   the  disco  returns,  but  the
trance stays.  Ambient exit follows.
 Track 3, Opium Bliss is strong tribal
trance.   So, outta five stars, I give
it  ***  and 3/4.  (I'm a geek for the
3/4,  I know, but it doesn't quite get
a   four.   If  that  disco  had  been
dropped, that's another story)
                          dj Anabiosis
                       - St Louis, USA}}}
 Many of us know and love the original
Tribal  Tone.   But how overplayed did
it  get?  And it's already had remixes
prior  to this(which I haven't heard).
But  wait a f---in' minute!!!  This is
HOT!  Is this the same song?  Did they
put the wrong stamp on the vinyl?  One
mix   is   a   gorgeous  wind-down-to-
sweaty- warm-and-relaxed tribal trance
monster.   The  other  two are energy-
packed  aural  mountains.   They sound
like  they  were  recorded in a HUUUGE
 And hey.  Don't be offended.  It's ok
to  get  down  in  the  house  of your
Supreme   Being/s(or   whatever   that
temple is for).
***** outta *****
                          dj Anabiosis
                       - St Louis, USA}}}
 3  trax.   Time  Is Suspended (that's
IT!  No more school for you).  OK just
Time  Is  Suspended--no  remix  title.
Somewhere   in   the   150s,  this  is
pounding  acidish  trance  with cybals
everywhere   like   bubbles   in   the
whitewater  rapids  of  a  deep, small
river.   And  damn--the  sexy fairy of
that  river occasionally surfaces with
heavy  breathing  and a whispered word
(I dunno what it is, tho), weaving her
magic  and drawing you into the water.
Sorry   heterosexual  women.   It's  a
female  voice.  A cool track no matter
what sex the voice, tho.
 Next    track--Shapechanger:     Less
absorbing  than  the  previous  track.
More  of  a mover.  Cool ambient break
changes  the  mood  and  the  stomping
beats turn into floating beats.
 The  last  track is Nimrod.  Look out
cuz it's got an ACID AMBIENT INTRO!!!
 Trancey  acid  or acidy trance.  Give
it  the  label you want.  Oh yeah, and
it's  got changing tempos.
**** outta *****
                          dj Anabiosis
                       - St Louis, USA}}}
 Up  first(well,  at least this is the
side  I  played  first)  is  Arrow  of
Death--'ARDCORE?    YES?!    'ARDCORE!
YEAH!  Ok, so this song is boring when
taken  in its entirity, but in a small
HEADS   APART.   And  I'm  liking  the
sample,  too.   "The  Black  Arrow  of
Death"   <--   in   a  sinister  voice
"Yeeeeeaaaahhh!!!" <-- sounds like the
ye-hah  of  a cowboy except the cowboy
in  question  just shit bricks!  OK so
it's stale when ya read it.  Just hear
it for yourself--then tell me it's not
{ Final   Countdown--minimalist  run-o-
the-mill hardcore.
 Avasi-dodo--Long,      drawn      out
schoolbell,   beats,   static,  beats,
sample.   "What  the fuck is that?" "I
dunno."  Dull  hardcore,  I  say.   My
roomie  tho, loves this track, and has
images  of  a  dj  playing  it without
listening  first and freaking out when
the  static  pops up and all the other
noises vanish.
{ Mietje--3   versions  to  chose  from
Remember  how Arrow of Death left them
skulls'  innards?   Well, you can pity
whoever  has  to  clean  up after this
song's thru...  Whereas Arrow of Death
was  good  in small doses, this aughta
be   taken   full-strength.   Childish
lyrics  which  might  offend some, but
hey, the rave version doesn't have 'em
(unless  of  course  Mietje is a reall
bad  word in Holland--but i dunno what
it means).
 ****1/2 outta *****
{                          dj Anabiosis
                       - St Louis, USA}}}
 Just   a   quick   one  on  the  best
compilation of the year....
 Trance Europe Express.

 It's  a 2 CD set including a 192-page
book featuring interviews with all the
artists  featured  on  the  record and
some  record  companies  like Guerilla
and Eye-Q.
{ Artists    include    for    example:
Orbital, System 7, Spooky & Billie Ray
Martin,  Black  Dog,  Orb, CJ Bolland,
Moby,  Drum  Club, Sabres of Paradise,
Barbarella(S.Vath) just to name a few.
The  Cd's  contain 24 tunes and nearly
all   of  them  are  faultless.   This
package  is  easily the best value for
money  as  you  get the book and the 2
Cd's at the price of one CD!
 The   book   is   really  good.   The
interviews  with  Moby, Sven Vath, Orb
and all the others are just great info
for all us dance addicts out there.
 Our(Jam&Spoon/M.D.M.A)  faves on this
disk are the tunes:

- Spooky & Billie Ray Martin
(unbelieavable tune!)

- Orbital (just plain Orbital)

Celestial  Symphony
- Scubadevils (one of the hottest tune
in the country right now)

Majestic (Millwall mix)
- Orb (kings of ambient)

- Moby (beautifully mellow)

- Trance Induction and nearly
everything else on this CDs :)
Our rating:  10/10
 So   if   you  don't  own  this  best
compilation   of  the  year  then  you
better  go  and  get  yourself a copy.
You won't regret it!
                  Jam & Spoon/M.D.M.A.
                 (aka Sound Evolution)
                             - Iceland}}}
 The medical research for this article
is  taken  in the main from one of the
same  title  appearing in {Encyclopedia
Psychedelica by Dr.  George Greer}, and
also    from   many   other   sources,
including  the practical experience of
myself  and  others  i have talked to.
{{**  It  is  intended to help those who
will  take  the  drug to do so safely,
not  to  encourage  or  condone casual
use!  **}}


MDMA,  or  "E" is a psychoactive (mind
affecting) substance, usually found in
the  form  of  a  white  pill, with or
without a small logo embossed upon it,
but  can also be found in liquid form,
and  "tab"  form  (a  small  square of
paper  soaked  in  liquid  E).  It has
been   shown   to   alleviate  certain
psychosomatic  symptoms,  and has also
been   demonstrated  to  help  in  the
treatment   of  some  mental  illness,
epilepsy,  depression, etc.- under the
guidance  and  supervision  of  expert
therapists.   However, as all research
(official  and  otherwise)  is  banned
throughout  most of the Western world,
no  research on long-term use has been
completed,  although  research  is now
being restarted in the USA, as well as
LSD research in Switzerland.
 As far as physical side effects go,no
serious  ones have been proved (from a
single  dose), any reported minor ones
(e.g.   wide pupils) going in a couple
of  days.   However, some research has
shown  that  upping  the dose does not
greatly  increase the experience (i.e,
take  two  and  you  won't necessarily
feel  twice  as good, after about four
it  doesn't  make much difference, you
are   just   incresing  the  risks  of
side-effects).  It should not be taken
by    people    with   the   following
conditions; high blood pressure, heart
disease, bouts of heart or circulation
trouble  (e.g.   heart fibrillation or
"flutters"),  hyperthyroid conditions,
sugar       diabetis       (mellitus),
hyperglycaemia,  glaucoma,  diminished
liver  functioning, actual or possible
pregnancy,  or  during breast feeding.
Also,  it  should  not  be  taken with
anti-hystamine or bronchial treatments
for  hay  fever  or  asthma (including
cold cures), diet pills, caffeine, and
above  all  Beta-blockers.   It  would
also  be wise to avoid use at the same
time  as  anti-depressants, as well as
other psychoactive drugs.
 Psychologically, if you have suffered
from  any mental problems in the past,
including  panic attacks, avoid E.  If
not,  reoccurence  of the symptoms can
occur  (called an "E panic").  ** Most
importantly,  be  mentally  ready  for
anything,  turn  off  your  mind,  and
don't  try  to  fight  it  because you
can't!  **
{ For  this  reason,  NEVER  EVER spike
someones  drink  with  E (or any other
mind  altering drug - people have been
admitted     to     hospital     after
hallucinating   vividly   from   being
spiked  with marijuana), as if you are
not  ready  for  it,  it  can induce a
panic  with can lead to heart failure,
even if the person has taken it in the
past, with no ill effects.
} Possible     side-effects     include
tightening  of muscles (especially the
jaw muscles), exhaustion following the
experience  for one or two days after,
the    urge   to   vomit,   shivering,
sweating,  speech impediments, rolling
eyes,  widening of the pupils, walking
difficulties,     nervous    blinking,
headache,  fainting,  distorted vision
and  geometric  visual hallucinations.
Blood  sugar  levels,  pulse  rate and
blood  pressure  may  rise or fall and
the ability to withstand pain are also
reported (a friend of mine stubbed out
a fag on his finger and didn't realise
until  the  day  after).  Emotionally,
the  main side effects can be anxiety,
depression,  lack  of concentration or
constructive    thoughts   altogether,
which  can all occur during or after a

   That's  how  people  die  from  it,
   usually  from either dehydration or
   heart failure.

2: Take it with people  you can trust,
   your best friends.

3: Drink  water to  stop  dehydrating,
   and  if at a rave take a break from
   the dancing every hour or so for 10
   minutes,  or  you  risk  total body
   fatigue or heart failure.

4: Drink  a pint  of milk or  eat some
   dairy  products the day after, as E
   takes  calcium  from  the body, and
   prolonged  use (every weekend for a
   year or two) has  been  reported to
   induce brittle bone disease.  Also,
   don't    arrange   to   have   your
   grandmother  round  for  tea as you
   may  well not feel in the mood.  If
   possible,  stay with the people you
   took  it  with  the  day  after, to
   "come  down"  nicely and talk about

   Whether right or wrong, this is the
   law, and YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

2: E  is  more  dodgy  now  than  ever
   before, it is hardly ever pure MDMA
   these  days, and is often pure MDA,
   which  is more harmful to the body.
   Some     E's    (such    as    some
   "Lovehearts")    are    cut    with
   Ketamine,  which  can  be  found in
   pure  form  as  "Disco  Biscuits" -
   this  stuff is generally thought of
   as nasty; effects can include total
   paralysation at high doses, as well
   as  paranoia,  rolling of the eyes,
   inability  to speak or do much else
   except  sit  there  off  your face,
   really  - not very nice.  Some E's,
   often  having  the  word "brown" in
   their  name,  are  cut  with heroin
   ("brown"   being   slang   for  H),
   sometimes  referred  to  as  "smack
   E's".      They     are    becoming
   increasingly   common  in  the  UK.
   Some  are  also cut with Speed, LSD
   or Cocaine.
 So basically, if you are going to try
E,  buy  it  off someone you know or a
type  that  has  been recommended by a
friend  -  but beware, E's of the same
name  can  often change in ingredients
from  batch  to batch, the first often
being   good   quality   to   gain   a
reputation,   the  subsequent  batches
being crap.
 In summary, look after yourself, 'cos
the  dealer  certainly  won't!   Don't
drink  alcohol  on  it, try to drink a
pint of water an hour if at a rave and
dancing,  and  take  a break every now
and   then,  and  you  should  be  OK.
Hundreds of thousands of people in the
UK  alone  have  had blinding times on
the  drug,  and their have also been a
handful   of   reports   of  E-related
deaths,   but   if  you  follow  these
instructions   the   possible  harmful
effects  should  be minimised - but be
prepared for suprises, 'cos every E is
different  and  you  never really know
what  is in that pill.  It may even be
stlg15 worth of aspirin!
 If  you  want  to  read  up on E some
more,  "E  For  Ecstacy"  by  Nicholas
Saunders is widely available in the UK
and       is       impartial       and
unsensationalised.    It  also  has  a
lovely glittery cover, and costs about
eight  pounds,  so  you and some mates
could club together and buy it.
                              TRAP #14
                     - London, England}}}