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                      Yo all cool dudez out there.
                 The Joker of Megapowers brings to you...

                            Music Pack # 3
                           Here's the menu:

               F1 = ???         by Mushies/Demons
               F2 = Silli Mania by Trickster/Extend
               F3 = Enemy       by Grizzly/Extend
               F4 = Jarre       by JC-Zoon/Static Bytes
               F5 = Electro Future by Tronic/Cave
               F6 = Technostyle II by Xenox/Triad
               F7 = Restricted     by Mr.Man/Absence
               F8 = Emphysia       by Daisy/Ragon
               F9 = Legend Of Faergail intro tune
               F10= Futility II    by Topaz/Blade
         Shift+F1 = Polka Kong II  by The Special Brothers

            Contact me for swapping or joining at this address:

 Help=This Menu       The Joker/Megapowers   Anyone out there who wanna
  DEL=Greetings       Stefan Sjoblom         be on these music packs can
                      Hammarkulletorget 11   send me a disk with the module.
                      424 37 Angered         Include your address and you
                      Sweden                 will return your disk.
  Release date:910228