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   well..      i guess you've read the introduction already, so let's do like everybody else does these days:        
start the demo with a one-pixeled sinescroll running real-time on a full pal video-screen in a doublefont mode..     
 now that you know who's responsible for this intro, then we can really start off this intro!!                                                   
 let's get buuuusy!!                                                  
  yeah!!    this is a quite nice scroller offcourse coded by   zephyr %%~  using dim's amazing megafont!                   
  okay, why don't we get reeeaal high now!!                                                          
 ‚ heyyy..   what do you think about this weird scroll?!?   quite nice, eh?         okay, it's zephyr writing..    
we really need more contacts, so get in touch with us soon, okay?!?          let me give you the address to write to..           
   here are the messages i promised..          
 à the end is near, so it's goodbye for now..  see you sometime, somewhere, somehow, soon!!          wrap time!!   

    finally..  mechanix is back again with    
       a small piece of coding called:        
             .. blittery for you ..           
    we need more contacts and possibly more   
    members, so stay tuned for address, some  
    messages, credits and offcourse..         
            some blitter action!!             
        this page will shift shortly..        
             credits for this intro:          
        all coding and design - zephyr        
              main graphics - dim             
        additional graphics - stringfellow    
          additional graphics - zephyr        
   music - taken from 'awesome' by psygnosis  
        this page will shift shortly..        
   if you wanna get in touch with mechanix,   
    you can write to following address:       
                 boerupvej 271                
               8310 tranbjerg j.              
    we need some contacts and a musician,     
   so mail something soon, and we will get    
   back to you..  we'll answer all letters!   
         this page will shift shortly..       
       some short messages from zephyr:       
  starfox - wrestling sucks!! and u know it!  
  ibm/crystal - help me spread this!!         
  gizmo/dazzle - good luck with the new group 
  deature/genocide - look!! no bobscroll..    
  shredder/pussy - let's work something out!  
  saddam hussein and hulk hogan - fuck off!!  
       norman schwarzkopf for president!!     
          this page will shift shortly..