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 the white street   brings to the beach by the stairs where  a smile shows you    another way you   

...have never seen  through the houses  which stand on the    sand not so far   from my friend the  

...sun:he makes the  streets white and  the girls smile but  he can't light the  happiness because  

...his arm is too   short. but who need  the sun anyway ?     in the distance   between you and the 

place where a laugh calls you  pylons    stare the sky in    order to find who    took the violin.  



               - Aerial -               
   Released at the Gasp Party in 1995   
     Code:                Backlash      
     Gfx Msx and font:    Krabob        
     Ray:                 Firehawk      
     Maths algorythms:    Redshift      
            video pictures              
     and 3DStudio conversion routine    
               by Tex                   
            featuring too               
          as the car pilot              
all stunts realised by Backlash himself 
 demo designed using the Krabob psystem 
            team martyr                 
NDLRTex:please vote for us or i will be 
back home linked to the exauhst pipe of 
the team R5 and then i'll be fucked by  
Backlash dog with razor edge fixed on   
his dick.                               
  now coming up some personal messages  
 from Backlash:                         
backlash freely recycle old fast memory 
so instead of throw it into trashcan    
send it                                 
 from Krabob:  chichke jparle englais   
   There are just a few people in this  
gasp but there is a good cool ambience. 
It seems that miles away in the north   
there is another party which turns      
pro-PC in order to get the money and    
forgets amiga computers in THIS moment  
  Maybe some people will tell you:      
...GASP sucks because there is nobody.  
But it is WRONG:it looks like holidays! 
you can go swimming in the sea in here! 
Unpresent persons may have not used     
their brains .                          
Hi to my brother REDSHIFT in the army   
on te ramene des souvenirs pour ty      
croire... Cest virtuel...               
from Tex:                               
Tex freely recycle old postal stamp of  
1852 with beautiful japanies blue       
pictures on and if your are tall        
beautiful and blond it works too        
female sex required                     
now some greetings...                   
    Dreamdealers           g.o.         
    Eremation noi ta mere? g.o.         
    And all presents at the GASP...     
now individual demomakers greeting...   
   bo des champs                        
 and all others i forgot....            
 Technical infos:                       
   - Violon Part:                       
  Le violon a ete modelise avec 3DS v3. 
Il est constitue de 172 faces mappees.  
NOTE: La plupart des textures du laby   
      wolf sont des digits. Et alors?   
      C est bien moi qui a pris la pate 
      a modeler chez le marchant en     
      ayant un air con et qui a malaxe  
   la pate pour obtenir un fond psyche  
   dans la demo.Donc j ai droit.        
   Par contre les graphs  vrai n'ont    
   pas de modele.                       
  On est con on oubli les adresses:     
         Write MANKIND Team !           
          -Johann NADALUTTI-            
          28 rue Eugene Sue             
          32000 Auch France             
          -Victorien FERRY-             
          24 av. des pyrenees           
          32000 Auch France             
           -Nicolas FERRY-              
          27 av. des Pyrenees           
          32000 Auch France             
          -Jerome SENTEX-               
          le Cross                      
          32810 Castin France