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hough pals!             >golmo'n'tom<       of       >manitou<       brings ya another indiantro!          eh, thiz is our contribution to coon-o's pack !            credits go to...     audios by tom - visuals and sum bytes by golmo - code? by p.r.o                   send your shit to...        coon-o/manitou       siedlungsstr.3        4650 lambach         for joining or lame swapping write to...         golmo/manitou        georg leitner       Prof.Denglstr.3        6600 reutte         and try the next addy to swap beer, pornos, condoms, and if ya want sum disx...           Blind Guard/manitou     dominik ferstl       sintenbichl 6         6600 reutte            to support pro with sum new ideas write to...         p.r.o/manitou       michael praschl      schinitzhof 14       8605 kapfenberg        all in austria - of course !                before we enter the greets, sum special hellos from golmo to...                 baal/mtu - he du alter prodrecker... songs of the whale klingen jo supaaa!  wann krieg i wieder mai kabeael ?    ...   rip/mtu - keep on coding, old boy!    ...   ice cube/mtu - huhu. 'hope to see sum gfx from you soon   ...   nuke/mtu - a1200xt intro?   ...   p.r.o/mtu - please call me if ya got your a4000!   ...   coon-o/mtu - i hope ya like this little indiantro.  nice photo, eh?   ...   aztec/mtu - what's on with your finals?   ...   zinkfloid/nrg - keep on working on suicid 6,7,8,...   ...   coma/damian - please send your multi-player   ...   ...         and now ... golmo says     * ** *** **** good bye **** *** ** *              Yo Scalps, thiz iz TOM of MANITOU.     what 'bout thatcool chainsaw, eh?     Finally, thiz iz our nice intro 4 COON-o's Pack!!      Finally means, that I always 4got 2 give my sounds 2 big chief Golmo.      Only one more day and he would have mowed my scalp off with something like COON-O's chainsaw (Ooops)   ...   Anyway, if ya are not 2 lame by just rippin' out my sounds and being happy 'bout my samplez (lechz) then consider contacting me 4 hot DANCE-TRANCE-TECHNO-HOUSE-sample-swapping:      Tom Gugger        Innergschwend 10        6675 Tannheim       AUSTRIA (don´t 4get 2 enclose a sample-disk if possible!)      or call     +(0)5675/6364     Be cool and be fast!!     Look 4ward 2 our new productions:   CHEROKEE II, our new music-disk, a coop with IBB featuring cool and fresh musax of several stylez, but also our diskmag  THE ALMIGHTY!!          My greets go out 2 (in non-alphabetic-order):    DAMIEN, ABYSS, IBB, ZENITH, ENERGY, END OF CENTURY, PARADISE, SAXON ..... Sum messages:      GOLMO: Looking 4ward 2 another intro!!    N-JOY/IBB: Keep cool, our coop'll be great, hope 2 hear from ya soon!!     DR.G./IBB: Sorry, You'll get my module as soon MOSQUITO´s AMIGA will be back from reparation (hard-disk)!     CORTEX/ENERGY: Yoho, ich warte noch auf Samples deinerseits!!!     NEURO/ABYSS: keep on sending me cool samps!!     DANGUARD/IBB: What's up? Give me a message if you're still alive!! Keep on composing !!     COON-O/MTU: Hope ya like our intro!     AZTEC/MTU: Gibt's dich noch?!    HOLLE: See ya in summer, it'll B a cool session !!!   Don't die of poisonous Fish-Disx (hehe lach lach), greets 2 your G'sell...         Thanx 2 my brother Manne 4 lending me his URIG STIHL-Chainsaw... (Soon I'll kick his ass with another ass-kicking Volxmusax-Dance--Tune!!) Yo, that's all folx, take care of your scalps!      TOM of MANITOU signing off