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Majic 12 is proud to present you a musicdisk called "Go For The Record II"... This production was supposed to be a Quartz production, but after the whole danish division of Quartz have joined Majic 12, it became a Majic 12 production.  The Credits: All music by Chorus and Sid     Coding by Futuremind/Lemon.     All Gfx by Eracore....  All the modules are made by Chorus and Sid in co-operation. except the tune called "Coffee Blues" which was made by Chorus alone... Relasedate of this musicdisk is of course The Party III...  Ok, now you should select an other scroll-text. We hope you will enjoy this musicdisk. have fun!!! - Chorus......                 EPILOG.....    Since this project started Chorus and Sid left majic12 in favour of Razor1911, but it was decided to keep this musicdisk as a Majic12 production anaway......                  
All The interesting facts about our modules commin' up:....  We will not start telling you about the size and stuff like that, because no one cares,do they??....     Ok, "Living Proof" was Composed by both of us (Like all the others except "Coffee Blues" which was made solely by Chorus).. Hmmm..... It was Sid who started working the idea of Living Proof out. And when I(Chorus) got it, he had made up to pattern 13 (I think). This module was composed in quite a short time, but turned out to be kind'a great (We think!).Well well.. then there is  "Coffee Blues".  I (Chorus) got the idea while playing guitar one day. And then I just sampled.. And after about 5 hours of work I had finished it..  Hohoooo!!!!..  "Midnight Blues" ..  Hmm..  a slow blues tune.  Guitar again!  We love guitar!!  "Flood" - Our try on making a Reggae styled pop/funk tune. Guitar riffs from Chorus' guitar. "Coffee BLues II" - why not do a no. 2?? Here it is! Again all guitar samples by Chorus.. Coffee rulez forever!!! "Red Baron" -  Funk! nothing more to say. Again some guitar styled stuff... Well, that must be it! We hope you will have a good timelistening to the modules on these two disks. bye!!! - Chorus and Sid...                     
Hi Mates!!  This is Chorus of Majic 12.  As you should know by know I'm one of the two musicians behind the musical work on these disks..  All the modules on these two disks was composed by me (Chorus) and my great friend Sid...  Many musicdisk have been released in the last months.  We have done our best to make this one a bit different .... This musicdisk contains 3 blues tunes, 1 pop/funk tune and 2 funk tunes...  Well, as most of my contacts just can't wait to see themselves written on the screen I willstart with some greetings..  Well..  before I forget it, my addy is commingup: If you are a good musician then feel free to write me on:  Chorus ofMajic 12 - Smedievej 97 - 3400 Hilleroed - denmark - phone is:  +45 42 26 21 68 ------ ..  well that was that..  And now my nice messages:  Subject & Blue Fox/Balance - Hej venner!!  Haaber i rigtigt faar set nogle slaskerfilm..  (agent 006!) Vi ses jo selvfoelgelig ved naermeste druk lejlighed...  Vi ska' da' ogsaa snart pisse paa biler igen.  regler!!Jester/Sanity - I'm glad you liked the modules I sended..  It was nice talking to you on the phone.  Don't get too inactive with your amiga..  See ya at the Party III.  Keep up the always exelent work of yours.  Hope to hear from you soon...  TDK/Melon Dezign - Hi over there!!!!  great meeting you at The Melame party.  What a giant jam we had that night!!!  Lets do it again some time..  For stupid people who think something wrong.  I can tell you that a "Jam" is when you play music together..  i this case for 5 hours!!  that must be a record!!!  Yiiiii!!!  Hope to meet you again one day..  I'll steal a phone and call you..!!  Twilight/Desire - Very great talking to you on the phone too.  We had a lot of fun this little evening...  not??  Well I like your music a lot..  Looking forward to hear more of your work.  Call you again too one day..  Send sooon!  WOTW/Essence - Hi!Nice talking to ya at the phone..  The callingcard almost ran out right after I had called you.  I hope you liked the modules I send.  I'm looking forward to "talk time issue #2"...  Well we sure have to drink a lot of german beer at The Party III Looking forward to it!!...  Bassline/Defect - Very cool talking to you...  I'm glad you liked me and condors heavy jam on the phone..  C U soon in the mailbox or the phone.Some1/Razor 1991 - Yo there!!  allways cool to get your letters...  "stoffe" ist lam!!  meet you at The Party III..  Prepare your lamar-basher i will bring some lego men and condor.  heheeee..  I'll call you very soon...  (I always say that, don't i??) well I mean it!!....  STOP CALLING ME HORUS!!!..- ha haaaaaaaaaaaa!!  Liquid/Parasite - Yahuuuu..  Believe in me is a legend.  Nice guitar samples you send..  hope you liked my modules (??) call you soon...  and now to Schmoovy-schmoov/Melon - YES!!  I got through!!  Nice talking to you!!  (and Clawz..hehe)..  Nice seeing what abeutifull guy you are (at the Melon party!!) Hope to hear from U soon - Hollywood/jetset - Hiii!!  Great that you wanted to swap.  Say hello to England for me...  Call you too another day.  Hope you like this musicdisk. Dascon/Essence - Yoo!!  You should have a letter from me now..  (And you should have one from you you see..  ) . Space-Worlds is really cool!!Well C U l8r one!!  THE PARTY III regler!!  We'll meet there! remember the beers!!  -Cutcreator/Static Bytes - Yahuuu!!  I liked the modules yousend.  Twin hearts is just soooo..  ehh..  oeeh..  FUNKY!!!  Year!  It's a really good tune..  I'll call you!!  Sig hej til gud fra mig! Bye!!..!!!..  Chromag/Dcs - Yi!  Nice swapping with you.  Coffee rulez forever!!  Looking forward to see your little sister one day..  He!  Keep on seding that fast!!  And keep up the good work of yours!!Speedy/Parasite - Din onde ondling!!  Smide vaade savietter paa en sovende mig...  haaaaevn!!!  Wolfman/Balance - Hey!!  William hvor kan du dog vaere saa grum og glemme at sende mig Upstream?.  Haaber aldrig det sker igen... C U et eller andet sted..  Absent/Impulse - You must have been killed by a monster or something....  if you have dropped the scene without returning my 3 last letters then I have a message to you:  Fuck you!!  you big lame asshole of a monsters ugly dick who make love to a bike because you can't get even the lamest girl in the world.  Puuuuuhhhh that was better..  you better find my addy and write back soon...  The picture i send of the girl..  Send it back to me!!  I thought i could trust you.  Credo/ Nuance - THANX for the GFX..  I/we loved it!!  Say hello to the army for me.. hehe...  I know my delay have been biiiiiiiig..  But you will get this musicdisk for SURE!!... Well, that should be it from me... Stay tuned for our next musicdisk. Will be out very sooooooon!!!.. (+ delays..... Bye!!!!)                    
So you wanna contact us?? Hmmmm.. If you are a musician, a game company or if you need a tune for your production it's a quite exelent idea!!!!. Well, I guess you need some address then:  Chorus of Majic 12,  Smedievej 97, 3400 Hilleroed, DENMARK... Or Sid of Majic 12, Grantofteparken 676, 2750 Ballerup, Denmark.. Ok that was it!!.. Hmm... What shall we do with the scroll now Sid???? WRAP IT I guess!!! Rabbit?? Where??? Ohhh!!!! .. the Scroll will now wrap.. (Not?)...            
Some Important info about the floppy analyser: It will only work, while the GfxAnalyser is on! If you are gonna use it, do it at your own risk, even though I never had any problems when using it or after using it. It will probraly not work on all drives, but thats because all floppyleds don't work the same way. You could eventually try to insert any disk to make it work (Nothing will be written to it). I have to do so with my DF1:..... If you can hear your drive starting and stopping all the time, I recommend you don't use it, since this cant be healthy for your drive in the long term. I have seen drives doing this, only when a disk was inserted, and if this is the case, just don't insert a disk, ok? Well thats all folks..... Futuremind/Lemon.     So you want help? OK. You can choose any menuitem by moving your mouse up and down - select it with LMB. RMB returns to the mainmenu (also from the GFX-Analyser). If you spot a key-specifikation to the right of a menuitem, then this is the keyshortcut. Please note, that the keys 1 to 6 are those at the mainkeyboard, not the keypad. You can use any floppydrive to load tunes, so if you got 2 drives or more, just insert both disks. If you don't have 2 drives, or if you for some reason decide not to use both drives, a little (ugly) bob will be showed in the corner down left, whenever you should change disks. If there is an error on the disk, you can hear the read/write heads of the drive moving around. The loader will try to re-read the bad track 5 times, and if it fails the loader will stop! If this happens, you should eject the disk and either insert another (working) copy of the disk, or you could try to insert the disk into another drive to see if thats better. If this fails, I suggest you reboot. Well... I guess thats it (and that means no more help for you). Signed Futuremind/Lemon.                            
Greetings til vores venner og dem vi kender! BVADR!!    

Music by Chorus and Sid/Razor1911. Coding by Futuremind/Lemon. Gfx by Eracore. HanniPacker by Hanni. Thank you Papillion  and Joffe/Riders of Rohan for your help and support        

TODAYS MENU:                  

Coffee Blues                F1
Living Proof                F2
Coffee Blues II             F3
Midnight Blues              F4
Flood                       F5
Red Baron                   F6

Main Scroller                A
The story of the modules     B
Chorus says.....             C
Contact Chorus at.....       D
Some Important info          E
HELP ME! I'm Stupid          F

Graphic Music Analyser     ESC
Floppy Music Analyser On    F7
Floppy Music Analyser Off   F8
Filter On                   F9
Filter Off                 F10

STOP SCROLL                  0
SPEED x1                     1
SPEED x2                     2
SPEED x4                     3
SPEED x8                     4
Clear Scroll Screen          5