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Mega Party 1990 { THE REVENGE } 27-10-90

   MAGNETIC FIELDS   @                   INVITE YOU TO       THE REVENGE      @    OUR SECOND PARTY THIS YEAR WHICH WE CALL THE REVENGE WILL BE HELD ON                27 - OCT - 1990    @          ALL OF YOU COOL CHARACTERS THAT ATTENDED OUR LAST PARTY IN FEBRUARY ARE INVITED TO ATTEND OUR NEXT PARTY . ALSO EVERYONE ELSE WHO IS ALSO COOL WHO DID NOT ATTEND OR WHO COULDNT ATTEND OUR LAST PARTY, ARE ALSO INVITED AS THIS TIME WE CAN ACCOMMODATE    FIVE HUNDRED PEOPLE @   ...................  JUST A FEW MORE PEOPLE THAN LAST TIME EH?... FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT OUR NEXT PARTY THEN WATCH YOUR SCREENS FOR OUR OFFICIAL INVITE INTRO OR CONTACT ONE OF THE FOLLOWING M.F. MEMBERS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE !!!!!!!!                 NUMBER FIVE      @                 COSY         @                 DEXTROUS       @                 BACCHUS        @                 HIT         @                 Z80         @                 SHRIMP        @                 MASTA        @                 PROTEUS        @                 FRENZY        @                 ANZ         @                 SISTERARV       @                 BIRDY        @                 SPIKE        @                 FRAP         @             AND NOW ITS TIME FOR A FEW LITTLE MESSAGES      MR.BIG OF ANARCHY ...... LONG TIME NO SPEAK - CONTACT ME SOON ( NO.5 ).  SPOOK    EX - M.F.  THE CODER OF THIS FINAL INTRO FOR US GOOD LUCK IN YOUR NEW JOB WRITING COOL-(ISH) GAMES (PONG).  THATS ABOUT IT ALL FROM US FOR NOW ....  KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED FOR OUR NEXT INTRO -------------- C U LATER ------------------------------------------------------                                 

SMOD  .... The Future Composer V1.3 Module you are about to rip is called ARP-MADNESS... Please credit Dextrous of Magnetic Fields for the music if you use it! CALL 0405 815637 (ask for Paul) if you want some more cool Future Composer Tunes for your demos... Look out for the Magnetic Fields Chip Music Festival !!! It will have the most pieces of Music on one disk ever seen on the Amiga (About 100+ Tunes!!!)   By the way, It's the NEXT "smod" you want... CU L8R - Spook/MF 1990...     (This one...)