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 Yo sucker! What do you do in this piece of shit??? Ripping??? No good idea my dear. You have 10sec to get out of this program. Now! The fuck! 

       KoPaRa/MAD ELKS brings ya
          2 Fuck The Glenz #2

        Fish&Chips #2      SONIC
        LastGeneration BbS SONIC
        Jointro      CREATOR/S!P
        Died!           ELEVATOR
        Intro             LEMON.
               info text

MAD ELKS welcome you in their pack called
     2 FucK ThE GlenZ, this time #2

           short instruction:

Now  press  HELP  to change fucking mode
between Music-Fucking or Manual-Fucking.

Press  DEL in Manual Fucking Mode if you
want 2 FucK ThE GlenZ by yourself.

Press RMB to hide/show text.

Did   you   understand   something?   We

       2 support this pack write 2

          Krzysztof Kopczyïski
             Pod Lipami 1/24
              61-628 Poznam


SCA                 FLI
Wojtek Szczësny     Paweî Flieger
Zwyciëstwa 24/40    Zwyciëstwa 22/126
61-651 Poznaï       61-650 Poznaï
POLAND              POLAND

QWERTY              ALIS
Adrian Dolny        Piotr Mucha
62-850 Lisków       Mikoîajewicza 12c/29
woj. kaliskie       63-900 Rawicz
POLAND              POLAND

         (all 4 swappin' as well)

And  now, very important message.  Forces
of  MAD  ELKS  are  looking  for  skilled
coders!!!   If  you think you can compete
with  others  pretenders,  contact  us as
fast as possible.

             Dariusz Zurkowski
              Pl. Wolnoôci 1
               63-900 Rawicz

We're also looking for quality boards
worldwide!!! Contact Kopara.

Here comes our actual memberlist, look
at some changes! Iceman joined us from
UNION and renamed to Redman.

AliS (gfx, swap)
Avenger (swap) (in Finland)
Dak (code, swap)
Gunman (raytracer)
Fli (gfx, swap)
Kopara (swap, organizing)
Quaid (swap) (in Norway)
Qwerty (swap)
Redman (swap)
SCA (swap)
Valdi (code)
Xenos (gfx)
Zielu (sysop)
Zombie (swap) (in Sweden)

Call our board:

            Silents of The Elks

+48 0-22 886 4541 (between 22.00-7.00)
(this number is actual until December).

Pay  close  attention,  that we're not a
subgroup  of  MYSTIC any more!  They say
that  they  kicked  us  out  'coz of low
productivity,  but  there  is  something
else  (BTW,  we don't care what they say
about us!).  It's all job of xTD who got
kicked  out  during  our  party - Polish
Autumn Party'93, 'coz of troubles-making
(second  big party this year, and he got
kicked  out  second  time :-)).  He gave
MST  ultimatum, and started war with us.
He is writting bullshits about us in all
possible  magazines...  However, we only
laugh  at  him, 'coz everyone knows that
it's  complete  false.   He's  known  as
fuckin' rude freak, so we should use all
dirty arguments against him as well, and
it'd  be truth.  And there are plenty of
them...   However,  we'd  probably  not,
'coz  he's  not  worth of even that!  We
piss  on him!  His music will be removed
from  this pack as soon as it's possible
(he was our musican, and we lost him, or
rather,  he lost us).  Pity there are so
dirty things  at  the  scene.   However,
everywhere  are  assholes  that can ruin
every  peace.  You'll probably hear more
about  this  topic,  'coz  it don't look
like end of story.  He loves mess...

In  Adverts n'News  directory  you  will
find   little   description   of  Polish
Autumn  Party'93  that  was 90% success!
Spread the news. Use adverts in packmags
or everywhere!

I  send  greetings to all my friends, no
time  and occasion to mention them$here.
Hopefully  next time.  I'm having little
break   with   swapping,   'coz   I  got
overswapped  ->  too  much contax and so
on.  I'll pass some of mine to my others
friends here in group or here in Poland.
So, noone will be dropped, 'coz I didn't
use to drop anybody!

All  members  of  MAD  ELKS  are sending
their  marvelous  greetings to all their
contacts and friends!

Check  out  some gfx at this disk, these
are  pieces of work from gfx-competition
at  our Polish Autumn Party'93.  Disk is
filled   up   with   them.    Who   won?
Seq/UNION   with  picture  called  Black

This  second  issue of 2fuckTHEglenz was
released  about end of November (I don't
know   if   I   compile  it  tonight  or
tomorrow, or maybe later!).

Stuff  was  supplied  by  Lord/S!P,  The
Model/SONIC - thanx pals!!!

   MAD ELKS - don't worry, just be ELK!