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                                                                   LMB freezes this scroller.            Go this <= direction for a moment!       This funny Game was originally made for a demo by MAD SORCERERS called BuGhOuSe. But this is the executable version. (A bit easier than the game in BuGhOuSe!) Enjoy playing this piece of fun. Now prepare for some technical details:       - Instructions -      use Shift and Alt keys to control the wolf.  Aim of the game is to catch the falling eggs. (surprise!!) Press Space for starting the game, use P for Pause Mode and Esc to quit to the title screen.  The game was really hard to convert to AMIGA coz of very different hardware resources. (another surprise!!)      No, it was fun!         It was coded by Eksec and MH. All graphix pixeled by MH. We use a exact Keyboard controlling routine, no Audio Interrupts, a real randomized Egg Routine and the Samples are converted from the original game (!!!). Of course no system routines are used. Now the incomplete MDS Greetings: Hellos fly out to: Marley, SPIV, Coach, Ernie and to all other Infect Members, Gamekiller, Turbo of Cruelty, Norman/BBM, Plastic/Visdom/Netzwerk, Guru 257, all Members of Unit A, Amigos and to all guyz I forgot!                     Still reading? Press Spacebar to play!!!  C U L8er, Aligator.......