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    It's  cold,  the sky is always grey,
the  life  has  no  meaning anymore, the
reality  is  gone,  people... People are
cold, no one needs to know what he'll do
tomorrow, no one needs to know who loves
him in this blind world, no one needs to
look  up,  their  eyes  are empty, their
souls  are gone nowhere, no one needs
to  know  where,
the  society of living ghosts...

The walls are painted in the
colour of blue,
the  colour  of  cold,
the  colour  of  virginity,
the  colour  of  silence.
There  are  no  emotions,
no  feelings,  no  lights...
only  the  blue  colour,
the  colour  of  psychadely...

It's a blue room.

So, my friend,
it's too late now to get back,
welcome in the blue room.

    Hi   there,  oops,  you're  freezing
another  our intro!  This time we bother
you  just  to  say - we're still waiting
for more support, we need your articles,
news,  adverts  for  our  soon coming up
'russian  b.o.x  2' - this is the reason
of  'blue  room'  intro;  also  you  can
contact  us  by  the  Internet  (e-mail)
from  now  too.

And now 'blue room' credits:
bam-bam code by shin
abnormal pixels by g.d.m. and dmd!
trance meditation by g.d.m. and xpeh
text by ninjor
project director g.d.m.

   What  we  have to say?  You see, that
we're   still  alive  and  kicking  some
results  of  our  hard and friendly work
for  your  eyes  and  ears.  We've spent
nice time creating this intro and we can
enjoy  now. We really wish you the same.
The  next pages will contain some
news,   contact   addreses   and  detail

To contact LOOKER HOUSE for
join/swap/support/friendship write to
G.d.M. (Alex Soloviev)
  soon coming p.o. box  
jUGGLER (Vlad Komkov)
Semenovsakya nab. 3/1-7,104

for any news/articles/adverts
ascii requests/staff/friendship
e-mail at
1oo% fast and friendly reply to
any amiga scener

or call our boards 
workin time: oo.oo-o6.xx (msk, gmt +3h)
NEON dREAM  +7-o95-16o8684 LKR RHQ
workin time: 23.3o-o7.xx (msk, gmt +3h)

the actual members list of lkr house
(a-z) (may 1996)
- dee'mon - dmd! - dyer - g.d.m. -
- juggler - luna soul - notorious - 
- shin - tangerine - xpeh -

    After  this  release  we're going to
complete  the  'russian b.o.x 2' - it'll
have  new design, new menu, new code and
many  sounds.   It'll  be  not  the same
thing  as  it   was  before  for   sure.

    Maybe  you're  know,  that in Russia
somebody  planing  to organize some kind
of  demo-competetion called "Enlight'96"
in  St.Petersbourgh,  the previous party
failed   by   a   reason   of   terrible
organization  and  lotsa  pc lamers.  So
we've   no   confirmed   decision  about
attendence.   We  hope  that  this  year
there'll  be real party and real sceners
there  to  compete  with.  Also we've an
idea  to  attend the 'IO3' this year, if
we'll  have  no  local  social problems,

we'll  be  the  first ever russian group
presented at europe party :).  It's kind
of  exotic, isn't?  We feel ourself like
a  pioneers  :) Anyway we're seeking for
more  talented sceners worldwide to join
us,  since  we've access to i-net, it'll
be  much  more easy for make cooperation
production with people from other europe
countries.    Especially  we  need  more
quality  coders,  code  is  our terrible
head pain :)

   Ok,  than  we've  nothing more to say
for  now,  please  support  our 'russian
b.o.x'  with your materials.  The second
issue   will  be  consisting  from  some
articles,  news,  interviewes with known
and   still  uknown  young  sceners  and
adverts,  lotsa nice music and graphics.
It'll  look like a real disk-mag.  
We're working for our
and your pleasure.

Some words to our people from our saint 
We in LKR believe that here in Russia
live many gifted people, because we
know that Russia is great country,
we believe that someday some of you'll
organize your own group and we will
compete like a friends. If you can't
organize anything than contact with
us we'll help you for sure.
LOOKER hOUSE - ze art of inspiration -

Complete credits:
all bytes - shin
all logos - dmd!
weird girl face - g.d.m.
soundtrack - g.d.m. (main theme) & xpeh
design and screenplay - g.d.m.
additional design - shin
intro text - ninjor
all other symbols - g.d.m.

Some personal greetings flying 2 (a-z):
ant/3le - did u recieve our reply-mail?
big rat/ethic - news rulez!
dragon/gel dezign - nice chips...
majkel/vnt - are u alive, dewd?
neurodancer/1oo% - waiting for yar zax!
ninjor - hold me in yar dreams, lady :)
python - pc suxx as hell :(
the ripper - hope to get you support
skizo/scm - wait for da package, pal.
zinko/kef^pb^se - kewl board and u 2 :)

the some scene greetz
3 little elks, abyss, appendix,
artwork,lemon, nah-kolor, ram jam,
scum, the black lotus
rom & raw staffs
and to all amiga sceners all over the
world - to the people that keep amiga
alive and kicking

oki, and now we've to say good bye,
hope to see you soon
in upcoming releases
a n d
russian box 2 - will be the real thing
just support us a little and we'll show
what we can do...

looker house production 1996

looker house
- the art of inspiration -

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left mouse button - previous page
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