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        4               3              2               1                          e           v          l         e       4      l                                                           of        alpha flight                             is proud to present you a      new                advanced              production                         called flaschbier. it took us a lot of time to make so we hope that it is not too bad. we are also working on our first   mega demo     we first intended Lo fill up this disk with intros from us but we thought that it is better to release them seperatly for having more disk space to save up games.              there have been many changes in our group in recent time so that may explain some of our actions. the start of this turbulences was the integration of two new guys to our group. they were called gremlin and power force cracker. they are mainly swappers so we gave them many contacts from the headquarter in kaiserslautern. we intended to spend more time on coding so it seems to be very reasonable to give contacts to our new swappers but after a while they went from us to vision factory and sunriders and we were left with about 50 percent of our contacts. if you were a contact from us who was given the address from gremlin or pfc and you would like to continue to swap with us then contact us again under the new address shown in the contact file in the menu.  but there are also positive points which are worth being mentioned. rogi joined us and he seems to be a loyal member of our group up to now so i want to tell him a very big hello at this place. another positive aspect was the entrance of elf a good coder. this lead to an increase in our coding-force so that we hope to be more productive in the future. but we are still interested in new coders and graphics artists also in musicians.  furthermore gigabyte joined us so we have two new swappers and one graphics artist. called cmr and dr.nobody  !     only to be informed : jpn stopped swapping and is now doing only coding work and some muzax.  i just forgotten to say that we joined  alpha flight                     this means that all contacts from us must greet us as level four of afl or as afl [level 4]. nothing else. now the thing you all have been waiting for        the greetings. first some information about them. because of the changes in our group it became difficult to differentiate the greetings. we lost some contacts [reason already explained] and some did not send back. some wrote us. you see it is difficult to make a fair greeting list where no one is missing their name who is in contact with us. the most important aspect to be greeted is the fact that we know that we always get a fast answer from our contacts [reliability]. we hate reminding lame contacts to write back. the special greetings are based on  the greetinglists from our swappers. so if there are any complains then write us. but now let us start with the greetings        special hellos to ....  amiga breaking group.           bamiga sector one [visitor]          crush [tigra and jorgen].        dream warriors of vortex 42.       esteban.      bjoern             of the exceptions                                     it!            lawbreakers                         new order                                  level one and the dream team.     network [lix].            the cracking scorpion         the extreme teme     the hit         the pentagon        the  piranhas                  the special brothers [electrica]          the wall           and now the     normal hellos    to : ackerlight [french lamers ??? [just a note from jpn who was disappointed about them !!!]]. amiga industries. ask. beastie boys . bs1 [denmark]. byterapers. dbs. deathstar germany. dsa .hacktrick cracking service.lord vater. nato. maltese hackers 101. megaforce [austria]. mr megaforce [canada]  positive directions. prophets ag . razor 1911 . sunriders. team x. tfc. the dominators. tinf. tst. uss . and last but not least the greetings to those groups or guys from whom we do not know if we are still in contact with because of some changes in our group or because of the fact that they do not answer anymore. so if you are listed here and you are still interested in swapping with  us then contact us again or write back.              so let's start with the 'we are not sure' greetings : acid. amiga action. beastie boys [tibor or rene]. enforcer. f4cg. imp. jetspeed. maltese hackers. new forces. north star. rdap. the gang .plasma force   ├žall of you should write back in case of being still interested in swapping with us.    that's all for the greetings. enjoy this little game and try to solve all levels in order to win 10 new 3.5 disks. i think that it is nearly impossible to make so be honest and do not cheat us. but only the first guy who will do it rewards 10 disks so hurry.              intro coding was done by               scm                                                                                              muzaxs was done by               npj                                                                   charset graphics was done by              rmc                                                                    that's all      text restarts                  

 !! yep !!              again after several months of silent coding we are back to present you the work we have done in recent time ! see you in our first megademo and our musiccollection ! if you are not abzubringen to write us then write to the following address     plk 106138 c in 6750 kaiserslautern west germany  please write no name on the envelope !!                                                 %B how do you like this lame scroll         i think its not a real sin scroll but watch the menu !! yep !! thats a real sinscroller !!! yeahh !  mms would say nop !                                                 %F this was the first try of a sinscroll !!                                                  %J and now a short memberlist but only active ones  mms the great programmer of l4 also called introprogrammer of l4. jpn  flaschbiercoder   has stopped swapping    muzak composer. elf  coder cool guy.  spezi  megatired 0 8 15 nullbock swapper and perversling . frog  our musician little coding .esi   swapper and reading machine language books. rogi swapper defect amiga user. cmr  graphics artist  swapper. dr.nobody  swapper. mcs  coder of this shit and of the menu of course    bigger small swappings.                                                    %G if you wanna send articles to the cracker journal you can send them us too .                                       %C esi would say     rabaehhh what i have done wrong                                  %K wollten nur testen ob du den scroller auch schoen liest  he he  brav so !!  text runs away now !!