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  legend the pride of holland & canada  
  presents : tower fra english release. 
         original by starchild          
           cracked by n.s.c.            
 call one of or boards around the globe 
        for the latest in crime         

 endless is the moor we are still not home no wall to feel safe behind u where the one that laughed at god's face it's now time to pay the price. tower fra english release from thalion was cracked crunched and released by legend the will of god. |

    What the fuck are you doing in my code???!!  Oh well, while you're here we may as well have a little chat..... What do you think of my replay-routine then??? FUCKING ACE! (- Reader!) Oh well...... Carry on if you must but DON'T rip ANY of MY CODE!!! OK!!???.. - (c)1990 Leggless