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Jops Guys ... Krypton force is proud to present it's new sounddisk ... called: - Music 2 Survive -   release date is: 16 Sept 1993   
All Coding was done by charlie of krypton force ... Using the incredible amos professional ! 
 Thanks to mirage for his help ... all modules (except one ...) were written and performed by jack daniel's ..
 Here are some words from our musician:  
 Hi, i'm jack daniel's. i hope you like my songs. some of them made a lot of work and most of
 the speech-samples are of my own. the piano-samples from the 'house-piano' song are sampled
 from my yamaha keyboard. now here is some information about myself:       i'm 17 years old.
 i'm a drummer in a band and i also play the guitar and keyboard. for 2 years i write modules
 on the amiga with the octamed editor. i think it's really the best of all trackers; i tried
 many of them, but they all were not as good as the octamed editor. now i want to thank charlie
 and mirage, who made this all possible and lord erik from berlin, my former partner, who always
 has good ideas :-).   
 jo man, this is charlie on the keyboard again ... hope you're still listening to the great songs ... if not, turn off now !!
 Oh man, what are we gonna do now ???  I don't know, you don't know, so let's kick some asses standing around here ...
  Oh, i forgot to mention the logo ... never mind ... but here it goes:
    the logo on top of the screen was originally painted by jack daniel's ... but it didn't appeal to me :-) 
 so i decided to repaint it. that's the way things go ... :-)    now ya freaks i won't type any silly scrolltext any longer
 so here are my last few words ...  read them or die !!   hehe, just kidding :-) 
  If you want to have the soundmodules - ripp them if you can (hehehe ...)
  or you can send me a mail ... then i will offer you the modules ...
 send your mails to: europa bbs: +49 (0)89 183706 for Charlie !
       now this time the greetings are going to: sunny, zephyrous,
 ironman, bob of the barracudas, bear, johnny (Herr Meyer !!), stefan from
 digital-line (Das war nix Schissl !!), Matthias, Bertl, tom (Mein zoom !!)
 from the band 'Wetwork' (!), chris huelsbeck (please contact me !!) and to everybody
 who writes modules on the amiga or reads this silly scroll-text now. Remember!
     Music is the only way to survive !! if you wanna contact me write a mail to:
 europa bbs, user charlie. now it's time to say good bye, see ya in the next music-disk ......
   note: the fortress bbs will be open soon (at about 01 Nov 93): +49 (0)89 811xxxx ... '030 25 Mhz - USR HST DS - 24 h online - 210 MB hd - big programmers area - X-rated area - ... - ...
      i hope you'll call our bbs ... so - be quick or be dead, man !! if you get the number, call us !!!
       text now restarts ...    3    2    1    0

/Civil War
/Goin Undercover
/Classic Piano
/Power Of The Nations
/Trance Smash Hit 93
/Party Zone Live!
-= Playing '
' =-
!You Have Found The Hidden Part !!

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