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                   .oO) KRYPTON FORCE (Oo.

                     Is Back Again With
                   A Little Intro Called:*

                     -> mOVE yA aSS! <-

               This Time A Small Coproduction
                     From Krypton Force
               With Shoot! and Strato-Impact*


               Nice Code.........: Charlie/KF*
               Background-GFX....: Charlie/KF*
               Chip-Music........: Dreamer/SHT*
               Cool Idea.........: Charlie/KF*

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               1993 Was A Great Year For Us...
   We Released All Kind Of Stuff: Tools, Demos, Intros...
   It Was A Really Cool Year... But In 1994 We Were Lazy..
      Especially Me (Charlie). We Only Released Updates
   For Our BBS-Tools... The One And Only Intro We Released
     In 1994 Was The aNSi-sLiDESHOW (At WoC)... Hmpf...
 I Started To Code Many BBStros 'n Demos...But They All Got
  Stuck Half Way... Why? I Dunno... I Was Just Too Lazy...
     All Those Fx Were Considered As "Too Lame" Etc....
     At The Beginning Of 1994 We Have Started To Code An
 Adventure Game... But Our Graphician Suddenly Had No Interest
 Anymore And Quit The Scene(!). Very Strange.... Since Then
        We Had No Contact At All ... Noone Knows What
  Happened... And Without Gfxman It's Nearly Impossible To
                 Release Some Good Intros...

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      Today I Saw SI's fRUSTRATiON.eXe & SI-WHQ.Exe ...
       You Won't Believe Me But - It Opened My Eyes !!
 I Realized That We Were Lazy, Lazy, Lazy... But Whole Scene
Was Lazy, Too... Only A Few Productions Released At Parties;
  One Party Was Cancelled - All This Ended Up In A Kind Of
   Lethargy. But I Woke Up - And Suddenly I Was Very Keen
On Coding Some New Stuff. I Searched Through My Old Sources.
   And Found One. I Took It, Converted It And Now Here Is
           This Cute Intro! So You Guys Out There:

                        - WAKE UP! -****
                     - MOVE YOUR ASS! -****
              - DON'T BURY YOUR PRODUCTIONS! -****
               - RELEASE THEM! SPREAD THEM! -****

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            Now Something Completely Different...***

                   Greetings Are Going To:

                         (No Order)

            Haujobb, Shrimps Design, Analog, Lsd,
             Infect, Lego, Essence, Phonedation,
           Osiris, Retire, Suburban Base, Rebels,
           Trsi, Prestige, Classic, Logic, Abyss,
              Interactive, Illusion, Religion,
              Fairlight, Quartex, Bad Brothers,
             Redline, Micron, Amorphia, Savage,
        Global Overdose, Motion, Strato-Impact, WPN,
                And All We have Forgotten...

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              Few Messages From Charlie To ...

   Maybe I'll Need A Micro-Tune For Our Next Production :)**

           Thanks For The Great T.F.O.T.F - Tune!**

           Thanks For Your Chiptune... Nice One.. **

               How's The Coding Going On ? :-)**
        When Will Be H.C. Online ? Soon I Hope... :-)**

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         This Is Dr.Dre/StratO-!MPACt Talkin' 2 Ya: 
     i Wanna Say A Biiig Thanx 2 Charlie & Mirage/KF For
              Beta-Testin' My Shi### Introz ;)
 -> If Yar A Coda Or Brush-Artist, Contact StratO-!MPACt <-
            .xX For Tunes Contact Me, Dr.Dre  Xx.
            .xX +49 [0] 8441/80.35.25 (Voice) Xx.
          .oO) Personal Greetinx Are Flyin' 2: (Oo.
  - Smt/HJB -+- Pink/AYS -+- Jazz/HJB -+- Ford-Prefect/SI -
    -   Bladerunner/CP -+- Scanner/Nexus -+- Creep/CP  -
      -   Mirage/KF -+- Tomy/SI -+- Da Stellar-Crew   -

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            sUm pErsonal gReez fRom dRm! fOllow:

               aErosOul^sHt! - nEurodAncer^aYs
                  sPin^sHt! - cYberpUnk^uTc
                  sEcrefIce^sHt! - iNdy^uTc
               lOgo^nIx - MexelespRexeles^nIx
            fAstfOcks^sHt! - cOunt dAn^wAswEsiCh

               aNd eVerybody wHo wAnt tO kIll
              mE nOw fOr nOt gReeting hIm... :)

                       sO: hIjA mAtes!

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     If You Wanna Contact Krypton Force For Any Reason:

                   - Call Fortress BBS - 

          Node 0: +49-89-8915316 28.8k V.Fast Power
          Node 1: +49-89-8110130 14.4k HST DS Power

                 And Leave A Mail To Sysop!

|Note: We Are Still Searching For A Guy To Paint Some Cool  |
|      Logos And To 'Ansi-Design' Our Tools. Don't Hesitate!|
|      It's Your Chance! :) Call Us! Or Write Us!           |

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    This Was Our Very First Small Intro In The Year 1995!***

           We Moved Our Ass - Now It's Your Turn!***

                      - Krypton Force -**

                    When Tools Come True!**

                       (Text Restarts)

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