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                                   NEUROTIC UTILITIES .1                                    
        ----------------------------------      -----------------------------------         
                 SnoopDos v2.0                      SnoopDos Doc.                           
                 Power Packer v4.3a (2.0)                                                   
                 Run-It                             Run It Doc.                             
                 Exotic-Ripper v2.14                Exotic-Ripper Doc.                      
                 Reducer V1.0                       Reducer Doc.                            
                 St-Player v1.31                    ST-Player Doc.                          
                 Check Drive                        Check Drive Doc.                        
                 Pro Runner v2.0                                                            
                 Single File v1.1                   Single File Doc.                        
                 Virus Checker v6.26                Virus Checker Doc.                      
        ---------------------------------       -----------------------------------         
                  FIRST WORDS!                                                              
        Yo there reader! Welcome to the         In this issue there has been no             
        third issue of the Neurotic Ute-mag     source change as our coders are now         
        series brought to you by who else       working on our soon to be released          
        but Kronical!                           music disk called -DELIRIUM-.......         
        This issue is complete with many                                                    
        articles and stories from who           If you havent sent anything to this         
        were written by Trauma/Kronical!        cool production, why not do so now!         
        We thought that the articles included   Send all articles to Psyche/Kronical!       
        would be interesting for you to read!   And please send all ads ect. on paper!      
        We plan to continue this Ute-Mag                                                    
        series until our full magazine,         Thats it for now, so until next             
        which is not named yet is finished!     time......See Ya!!!!!                       
        We have had a good response from                                                    
        some scene guys who have sent in              Written by:                           
        Articles, adverts, news and rumours                     Psyche/Kronical             
        ect.... So thanks to those guys!!                                                   
            Here are the credits for this           -----------------------------           
            Ute-Mag for this issue.....!!           -   Main Editing by:        -           
                                                    -Psyche and Trauma/KRONICAL -           
            -----------------------------           -----------------------------           
            -   Code by:                -                                                   
            -          Spirit/KRONICAL  -           -----------------------------           
            -----------------------------           -   Music by:               -           
                                                    -           Mel/Pearl       -           
            -----------------------------           -----------------------------           
            -   Graphics by:            -                                                   
            -           N-Joi/KRONICAL  -                                                   
            -   Font by:                -                                                   
            -          Psyche/KRONICAL  -                                                   

        Well as you can see this is             There you go pretty simple hey??            
        the instruction page.....!!             Well I spose this is the info               
        To tell you the truth there             screen for this issue so if I               
        aint much to tell, but as               come across anything new with this          
        most magazines have so must             menu in the future I will edit              
        we so here goes.....!!!!!               future instruction screens...!!             
                                                See ya later dudes.....!!!!!                
        Well firstly you have a                                                             
        choice of either selecting a                  Written by:                           
        utility or reading this mag.                            Psyche/KRONICAL             
        This is simply done by either                                                       
        using the mouse or the keys to                                                      
        move the selector and then you                                                      
        click on whatever option you                                                        
        wish to see or load....!!!!!                                                        

                    READ ME!                                                                
        As in the previous two issues of this   News and Rumours ect..... Then write        
        Neurotic Ute-Mag, their has been a      all information on paper and send to        
        read me article such as this one        Psyche/kronical.....!!!!!                   
        telling you what is happening in this   As you may have noticed (Pretty hard        
        magazine in each issue, so here goes    not to.) the graphic have been re-          
        for this issue!!!!!                     drawn, but by this time our other           
        Well to start off this issue has had    graphician...N-joi!!!!!                     
        no source changes due to our coders                                                 
        working on othre productions such as    We hope you like this issue of              
        music disk called -Delirium-!!!!!       Neurotic, so until next time......          
        This Ute-mag will continue until all    See Ya!!!!!                                 
        code is done for our full disk mag!!          Written by:                           
        In this issue there is wider variety                    Psyche/Kronical             
        of article but not quantity, so if                                                  
        you would like to send in some cool                                                 
        information such as: Ads, Articles,                                                 

                    MESSAGES! (1)                                                           
        This is the message page for this       great sends! Hope to here from ya           
        issue, if you havent sent any in        soon!                                       
        then send some in now!!!!!              Doc/Pearl: Wheres my send? Hope to          
                                                here from ya soon!                          
        - Psyche/KRONICAL - to.........         Posdnuos/Ram Jam: Hows it going? Cool       
        Deadlock/Kronical: Wicked music mate!   sends, Hope to here from ya soon!           
        Keep up the good work.                  Oscar/Bronx: Thanx for the cool wares!      
        Cubik/Trance Inc: Thanx for the cool    Keep it up!                                 
        sends mate! Keep it up!                 Beholder/Diffusion: Thanx for the           
        Mailman/Independant: Cool sends mate!   reply and cool send!                        
        Hope to here from ya soon!              Mel/Pearl: Thanx for sending in your        
        Cad/Kronical: Hows it going? Keep up    music and other stuff for this mag!         
        cool sends!                             Skull/Eremation: Hows it going?             
        Falcon/Paralax: Hows it going mate!     Thanx for the cool sends and the            
        Hows swapping with Coyote going?        Phone Card!                                 
        Zenit/Compact inc: Thanx for the        Cont.....CLICK BUTTON FOR NEXT PAGE!        

               NEWS and RUMOURS!                                                            
        Welcome to the third edition of the     KRONICAL: Still working on full             
        news and rumours, as always if any      disk mag! Soon to be released is a          
        of these are not true us Kronical       music disk called ..-DELIRIUM-.. with       
        members are not to blame as this is     Code:Spirit and Interrogator Gfx:           
        what is going around the scene!         Psyche, Music: Deadlock and Dynamix!        
                                                Look out for it very soon!!!!!              
        PEARL: At war with scoopex Oz!          Trauma/Kronical is back on the scene        
        Core out very, very soon!               and is likely to take over the pack         
        Mel will not join Kronical Sub-Group    series..Spherical Dreams!!!!!               
        as stated in last issue!                Kronical will not have a sub-group,         
        Two new productions coming soon!        anymore!!!!!                                
        Blake(Ex-Pearl) has re-entered the                                                  
        scene and is planing a new group!       That it for this issue, please we           
        TRANCE INC OZ: Need cool members!       need more News and Rumours, so send         
        BEAST MC: May re-join the scene!        to Psyche/Kronical Address!!!!!             
        CRASS: Are still alive!!!!!                   END OF NEWS ECT.....                  

        KICK OFF - THE BEST SOCCER GAME EVER?                                               
        One time or another, everyone with      exsisting soccer games at that              
        an Amiga computer has played Kick-      time.                                       
        Off or either heard of it. Am I         Everyone seemed to be playing this          
        correct? Well this is mostly because    game even if they didnt like soccer!        
        it was rated the game of the year       I thought it was because of the fast        
        and I cant remember which year but      smooth speed in which the game was          
        it was anyway! Being myself a fan       played that made it very enjoyable to       
        of kick-off I must say I have not       play, but everyone who played it has        
        played any soccer game that is as       there reasons!                              
        realistic as Kick-Off!                  Well now with the new Goal! soccer          
        It all started with the good old        game out which was originally meant         
        kick-off which was not as popular       to be Kick-Off III is out, it looks         
        as people think but was still           like this will be the most popular          
        pretty good! Then about a year later    soccer out for some time!!!!!               
        kick-off II was released and this             Written by:                           
        really took the piss out off all                        Psyche/Kronical             

               OZZIE PARTY REVIEW!                                                          
        Well, before you get excited! I will    this was at TDK/SALVATION HQs house,        
        just say that this was only a small     we were very suprised!                      
        Victorian get-together, organized by         There was no competitions here,        
        a small, unknown group, SALVATION.      which was cool I suppose, but an            
        It was held in a small town, called     intro was going to be released here.        
        Benella, Victoria. This small town      This did not happen unfortunately, but      
        was chosen, as SALVATION have there     I got to show off some modules which        
        root in this town. It was originally    was cool for my ego, and I met heaps        
        , just a small get together, but heaps  of guys! It got shit after a while          
        of guys went, although most of them     with alot of guys there started             
        unknown, it was still cool.             swapping P.D. list and playing games!       
             Well Pilgrim/Independant and I     At 6:00pm, the get-together was over.       
        arrived at Benella by train and found   Some fairly cool modem guys, and up         
        the party place. We were not expecting  and coming scene guys attendend, it         
        much, but were suprised to find about   was fun.                                    
        50 odd guys with about 18 Amigas. As           CLICK BUTTON FOR NEXT PAGE!!!!!      

             OZZIE PARTY REVIEW! (2)                                                        
        I really think, Australia needs                                                     
        another cool party. With all the top                                                
        groups like Pearl, Crass(Melbourn                                                   
        Guys), Southern Guild ect.                                                          
        releasing their, with a real comp.,                                                 
        and things. I am not sure where the                                                 
        party should be held, as no matter                                                  
        where, it will inconvenience some-                                                  
        Any Ideas, suggestions, contact:                                                    
        P.O. BOX 50                                                                         
        VICTORIA 3676                                                                       

              AUSTRALIAN SCENE III                                                          
        The Australian Scene is as it has       Many people here in Australia have          
        been for the last few months, which     said it was the increasing numbers          
        is fairly shit!!!!!                     of modems killing off the Australian        
        Well as stated in the previous two      scene, this may be partially the            
        issues in this article the Australian   reason why, but there are many more         
        Scene needs many more productions to    which can be improved on!!!!!               
        be released, by Aussie groups!!!!!                                                  
        Well it seems now after some time       As always I really hope the Aussie          
        that groups here in Australia are       Scene does improve, but it will only        
        working much more effectively on        be time that will tell!!!!!                 
        productions which I hope will be                                                    
        released in the near future, as it      Thats all for now, so until next            
        is quite dead here in Australia at      issue....See Ya!!!!!                        
        the moment!                                                                         
                                                      Written by:                           

                WHAT IS A LAMER?                                                            
        What is a Lamer? Good question, what    that you are crippled?                      
        the hell is a Lamer! Well from my                                                   
        Knowlege a Lamer is someone who does    To me it seems that the Amiga Scene         
        nothing else but play games, or         word Lamer really has a complete            
        someone who has no knowlege about the   different meaning to that of the            
        Amiga computer! Is this correct?        normal Dictionary! Oh well, who really      
        Who knows! But it really makes you      gives a shit! No one I spose, but it        
        think when you see guys calling each    does make you think what does Lamer         
        others Lamers what they really mean     really mean in the Amiga Scene!             
        by lamer!                                                                           
        Well Lame in the Dictionary means:            Written by:                           
        To be crippled in a limb, eg. Arm or                    Psyche/Kronical             
        Leg, or in other words to be crippled!                                              
        So what does this mean? Does this mean                                              
        that all those guys out there calling                                               
        each other Lamers, really mean to say                                               

                    MESSAGES! (2)                                                           
        Coyote/Kronical: Ill come over your     Fallen/Independant: Keep up the             
        house soon! Hows Delusion pack?         cool IBM wares coming in!                   
        N-joi/Kronical: Yo! Hows it going?      Black Widow/Independant: Send me a          
        Your graphic is getting really cool!    photograph (Nude!).....!!!!!                
        Keep it up!                             Interrogator/Kronical: Thanks for the       
                                                fast reply! (Ha,Ha,Ha).....                 
        - Coyote/KRONICAL to............-       Brainwave: How is your modem trading        
        Speedy/Parasite: Where is my send?      going?                                      
        Keep up the cool sends! Hope to here                                                
        from ya soon!                           - N-Joi/KRONICAL - to............           
        Ace/Dawks: Looking forward to your      Protocol/Southern Guild: Hows your          
        next phone call!                        modem going?                                
        Heavyweight/Toons: So when is scott     Interrogator/Kronical: Rave On(Still)       
        joining?                                Alchemist/Pearl: Thanx for your             
        Falcon/Paralax: Your last send was      reply! Cool send!                           
        really cool! Keep it up!                       CLICK FOR NEXT PAGE!!!!!             

                  BORING VECTORS                                                            
       Vectors are the craze of the 90s theres  with new routines as they did editing       
       no denying that but have we seen as      thier old vectors Im sure the scene         
       good as they get. Weve gone from the     could have new life and inspiration         
       the plane old line vector to the filled  with the fantastic effects the              
       vector to the stencil vector to the      coders could create. Variation is the       
       glenz vector to the light sourced        spice of life and Im sure if the            
       vector to the shadow vector to           coders out there had imaginations           
       rubber vectors and the list goes on      like the designers and graphicians          
       and on. Sure Im no coder but how many    the demos out there would be dynamite!      
       variations can a coder make on the                                                   
       basic vector routine. I, and Im sure             Writen by: Trauma/KRONICAL          
       most of the other people out there                                                   
       in the scene enjoy vectors quite alot                                                
       But I have to say there getting a                                                    
       little boring. If all the coders out                                                 
       there  spent as much time coming up                                                  

                  OZ SITES                                                                  
        Here is a little tourist guide for      NORTHEN TERITORY: Ayres Rock, world         
        all you mad Euros out there hoping      biggest rock (well maybe ,its fucking       
        to visit Australia in the future        *BIG*  anyway)                              
        N.S.W.: Center Point Tower,Australia    TASMANIA: The island inside the             
        tallest building and theres Not even    island, Australias wildlife capital         
        much smog to spiol the view!            with such animals as the Tasmanian          
        Sydney Harbour Bridge, This suckers     tiger and the tasmanian  devil              
        so big that when they finish painting   SOUTH OZ: Well Im not quite sure            
        one end they have start the other one   about South Australia but I Know            
        again(trully). Sydney Opera House,      thers heaps of scene members.               
        this thing sticks out like dogs balls   QUEENSLAND:No,this is not where the         
        its the big white thing opposite        Queen lives,its the home of the Great       
        the habour.                             Barrier Reef and tropical rainforests.      
        MELBOURNE: Home of Aussie Rules         WEST OZ: Golden beaches and the H.Q.        
        football, with such great teams as      of KRONICAL.                                
        Hawthorn  and Collingwood                      Writen by: Trauma/KRONICAL           

             GHOST STORIES                                                                  
       Here are a few little storys that        On 21 january, 1918 ,Three officers         
       should help you guys out there have      were standing on the bridge of the          
       some sleepless nights.                   german submarine U-65 when they spotted     
       The wartime B-29 bomber,raz n hell, in   a man standing near the bows. Where         
       in the castle air force museum in        he had come from they could not             
       California, U.S.A. did not have any      imagine for they had just surfaced. The     
       bulbs or batteries. No wonder the        three officers shouted to the man but       
       museum staff got a shock one day when    when he turned to look up at the            
       the planes landing light came on.        bridge, the oficers recived a shock,        
       This is not the only strange             glaring at them was a lieutenant            
       occurrence on this plane. Locked         who had been killed a few months            
       doors have swung open by them selves     before. the ghost then vanished as          
       and a shadowy shape has been seen in     quick as he appeared.                       
       the cock-pit. The museum staff are                                                   
       sure the plane must be haunted by its                                                
       crew!                                            Writen by: Trauma/KRONICAL          

        20 EXCUSES FOR NOT USING A CONDOM                                                   
        1. You ate it during four play.         11. The dog ate it.                         
        2. You got me so hot it melted.         12. What are they?                          
        3. I havent got AIDs stupid!            13. Dont worry, I cant cum.                 
        4. Why it would only fall off anyway.   14. Glad Wrap and a lacky band do?          
        5. I thought you where meant to         15. You can only catch aids once.           
           wear it?                             16. Mum told me never to put plastic        
        6. Its on already, dont you know        bags over my head.                          
           there transparent?                   17. I use the withdrawal method, Ill        
        7. I havent got any!                    pull it out after Im finished.              
        8. I hate the smell of burning rubber.  18. Dont worry its to late.                 
        9. They dont make them in my size.      19. Dont worry it wont bite.                
       10. Did you say stop?                    20. Theirs only really 19 Ha Ha Ha.         
                                                   Writen by: Trauma/KRONICAL               

              ADVERTISEMENTS (1)                                                            
        ---------------------------------       ---------------------------------           
        -    FoR SwApPiNg ThE LaTeSt    -       -       FoR CoOl SwApPinG!      -           
        -    Psyche/KRONICAL            -       -    Spirit/KRONICAL            -           
        -    P.O. BOX 707               -       -    P.O. BOX 914               -           
        -    MIRRABOOKA  6061           -       -    MORLEY 6062                -           
        -    PERTH W.A.                 -       -    PERTH W.A.                 -           
        -    AUSTRALIA                  -       -    AUSTRALIA                  -           
        ---------------------------------       ---------------------------------           
        -   FoR AlL TyPeS Of SwApPiNg!  -       ---------------------------------           
        -    Coyote/KRONICAL            -       -   FoR SwApPiNg ThE LaTeSt!!   -           
        -    P.O. BOX 936               -       -   BERMUDA TRIANGLE BBS        -           
        -    MORLEY 6062                -       -   619 342 3839                -           
        -    PERTH W.A.                 -       -   SyS Op: NAVADA              -           
        -    AUSTRALIA                  -       ---------------------------------           
        ---------------------------------          CLICK BUTTON FOR NEXT PAGE!!!!!          

              ADVERTISEMENTS (2)                                                            
        ---------------------------------       ---------------------------------           
        -     FoR HoT NeW SwApPiNg!     -       -    FoR CoOl SwApPiNg!!!!!     -           
        -   The Interrogator/Independant-       -    N-joi/KRONICAL             -           
        -   (JASON)                     -       -    12 CALLEY DRIVE            -           
        -   28 GREENCROFT GDNS          -       -    LEEMING 6149               -           
        -   LEEMING 6149                -       -    PERTH W.A.                 -           
        -   PERTH W.A.                  -       -    AUSTRALIA                  -           
        -   AUSTRALIA                   -       ---------------------------------           

              ADVERTISEMENTS II                                                             
        ---------------------------------       ---------------------------------           
        -        -- KRONICAL --         -       -    FoR ElItE SwApPiNg!!!!!    -           
        -       Deadlock/Kronical       -       -         Impackt/Kronical      -           
        -      FoR ElIte SwApPiNg       -       -         8 RESTWELL ROAD       -           
        -    oR MuSiC SwApPiNg TrY....  -       -         BOSSLEY PARK          -           
        -         P.O. BOX 50           -       -         N.S.W. 2176           -           
        -         WANGARATTA            -       -         AUSTRALIA             -           
        -         VICTORIA 3676         -       ---------------------------------           
        -         AUSTRALIA             -                                                   
        ---------------------------------       ---------------------------------           
                                                - CoNtAcT Me FoR FrIeNdLy SwAp! -           
                                                -          Oscar/Bronx          -           
                                                -          SYRJAKATU 5 C 10     -           
                                                -          48600 KARHULA        -           
                                                -          FINLAND              -           

              ADVERTISEMENTS II (2)                                                         
                 THE C.O.R.E. CHART             ---------------------------------           
        ---------------------------------       - FoR MuSiC SwApPiNg...WrItE To -           
        -    Send articles to:          -       -     Mel/Pearl (Tim)           -           
        -    Doc/Pearl                  -       -     20 CLAIRE ST.             -           
        -    15 KARRI DRIVE             -       -     RIDGEHAVEN 5097           -           
        -    DERNANCOURT 5075           -       -     SOUTH AUSTRALIA           -           
        -    SOUTH AUSTRALIA            -       ---------------------------------           
        -          OR                   -       ---------------------------------           
        -    Alchemist/Pearl            -       -    tO SwAp ThE LaTeSt.....    -           
        -    224 HANCOCK ROAD           -       -    POSDNUOS/RAM JAM           -           
        -    FAIRVIEW PARK 5126         -       -    Chrisriano Micoli          -           
        -    SOUTH AUSTRALIA            -       -    VIA G. D-ARAGONA 12        -           
        ---------------------------------       -    66100 - CHIETI             -           
                                                -    ITALY                      -           

              ADVERTISEMENTS II (3)                                                         
        ---------------------------------       ---------------------------------           
        -    FoR ThE CoOlEsT WaReS..    -       -  FOR SWAPPING WRITE TO......  -           
        -    INSOMNIAS BBS!             -       -     Image/Kaos                -           
        -    SLEEPWALKER                -       -     7 LANDER AVE.             -           
        -    (07) 264-6095 (Home Phone) -       -     BLACKTOWN 2148            -           
        -         OR                    -       -     N.S.W.                    -           
        -    (617) 264 6095 (BBS Number)-       ---------------------------------           
        -    AMI-EXPRESS                -                                                   
        -    Sys-Op: Razorback/Insomnia -                                                   
        -    Trauma/Kronical            -                                                   
        -    29 SWINCER WAY             -                                                   
        -    KOONDOOLA 6064             -                                                   
        -    PERTH W.A. (Australia)     -                                                   

                 HOW TO EDIT!                                                               
        So your either reading this article     Well theres not much else to say            
        for two reasons, 1) You want to         as it is really simple as you can           
        input some ads ect. into this small     see so send all info to the                 
        magazine or 2) Your just very           following address..!!                       
        Well whatever the reason this is        - Psyche/KRONICAL -                         
        the edit page.....!!!!!                   P.O. BOX 707                              
                                                  MIRRABOOKA 6061                           
        Firstly if you would like to edit         PERTH W.A.                                
        something into this magazine then         AUSTRALIA                                 
        all you have to do is send your                                                     
        ads ect. on paper to Psyche/Kronical.     Written by:                               
        My address will show up at the end                  Psyche/KRONICAL                 
        of this article.....So not to worry!                                                
        So Send, Send, Send.....!!!!!                                                       

             KRONICAL GREETINGS!                                                            
        We decided to add in a small greeting     Organic/Fairlight, Blake/?                
        page, so here it is!!!!!                  Mailman/Independant, Eclipse,             
                                                  Oscar/Bronx, Posdnuos/Ram Jam,            
        KRONICAL sends there regards to the       Zenit/Compact Inc, Effect,                
        following dudes!!!!!                      Beholder/Diffusion, Salvation,            
                                                  Skull/Eremation, Cubik/Trance Inc,        
        Speedy/Parasite, Doc/Pearl,               Ace/Dawks, Fallen/Independant,            
        Protocal/Southern Guild, Brainwave,       and all Kronical members!                 
        Falcon/Paralax, Shine/Toons,              This is not the complete list, so         
        Mel/Pearl, Alchemist/Pearl,               very sorry to who we missed!!!!!          
        Pilgrim/Independant, Boner/Equity,        If you are not included in this           
        Image/Kaos, C.D.I. (Italy),               issue you will be in the next!            
        Phate, The Black Widow/Independant,                                                 
        TRSI, Turbo/Bronx, Illusions,                                                       
        Woody, Ulysses/Insomnia,                                                            
        Razorback/Insomnia, Spectral,                                                       

                    FINAL WORDS!                                                            
        Yes, you have now finished reading      Now if you havent sent in any               
        the third issue of the Neurotic         Ads, Articles ect. and would like           
        Ute-Mag, we hope you enjoyed it!        to then send to Psyche/Kronical, my         
        The next issue should be released       address can be found in the adverts         
        during the same amount of time as       section!                                    
        the last two issue, which is about                                                  
        two weeks, so look out for it!          Thanx again for reading this third          
                                                issue, so until next time, See Ya!          
        This small Ute-Mag will be continued                                                
        to be made until our full disk mag            Written by:                           
        code is finished, which should be                       Psyche/Kronical             
        some time! So many more Neurotic                                                    
        Ute-Mag packs will be released!                                                     
        But for now we are going to continue                                                
        this Neurotic Ute-Mag series until                                                  
        all code is done for our full mag!                                                  

                GVPs A1230                                                                  
        with the release and great succses of   And the 68882 co-processor. This            
        Comodores A1200, GVP have released      68882 FPU co-processor speeds things        
        an upgrade card to silence the vioces   up even more, clocking in at a rate of      
        that said the A1200 was too limited.    1.14 MFLOPS(Million Floating Point          
        The new A1230 trapdoor expansion card   Operations Per Second).                     
        is really an accelerator, co-processer  Thats not the end of the achevments         
        and memory upgrade all in one,sound     the 1230 can hold upto an amazing           
        interesting well here some more info.   32 mb of RAM and also has an option         
        The basic card, which cost 399 pounds   to install a shadow ROM. All this           
        comes with 1mb of RAM and the 40Mhz     In an expansion card which is less          
        68030EC wich boosts the 1200s speed to  than the size of two 3.5 inch disks!        
        7.0 MIPS, thats about as 5 times as     Unfortunatly the  1230 uses the             
        a standard A1200 and about 1.5 times    same port as the GVP SCSI interface         
        faster than an A3000 !                  and RAM card but other than this the        
        The next model up which will set you    A1230 is flawless.                          
        back 599 pounds has an extra 4mb RAM    Written By: Trauma/KRONICAL                 

                  MESSAGES! (3)                                                             
        - Deadlock/KRONICAL to............-     pain in the ass!                            
        Boner: Here they come mate! Love        PP/Paralax: Maybe you are shitty            
        those little harassing girls!           with me? I didnt mean what I said           
        Ha,Ha! (Joking) (Im no kid rooter)!     that was!! Up to you I suppose!             
        Chris: Cool phone calls man! I kept     Ulysses/Insomnia: Will phone again!         
        your identity secret. He! He!           Warcry: Why are you such a cock-            
        Jukebox/Southern Guild: Cool music      head? Rumours suck!                         
        man! One of Ozs top musicians for       Spectral: Howdy Partner!                    
        sure!                                   Image/Kaos: Sorry for delay! I lost         
        Woody: Will I ever see my disks again!  your addy for a while!                      
        Pilgrim: Send that message to Alchemy!  Organic/Fairlight: You are the worlds       
        Thanx dude! Say hi to Troy!             best, mate!                                 
        Mel/Pearl: I said nothing! Twas (Nice-                                              
        wording) no me! Ill ring yet again!                                                 
        This time RELEASE wont be such a              END OF MESSAGES!!!!!                  

                                NEUROTIC MAGAZINE ISSUE .2                                  
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                 FIRST WORDS                           BORING VECTORS                       
                 CREDITS                               AUSTRALIAN SITES                     
                 INSTRUCTIONS                          GHOST STORIES                        
                 READ ME !                             AMIGA 1230 REVIEW                    
                 MESSAGES (3)                          CONDOMS-EXCUSES FOR NOT USING        
                 NEWS and RUMOURS                      ADVERTISEMENTS (2)                   
                 KICK OFF-BEST SOCCER SIM              ADVERTISEMENTS II (3)                
                 AUSSIE PARTY REVIEW (2)               HOW TO EDIT                          
                 AUSTRALIAN SCENE III                  KRONICAL GREETINGS                   
                 WHAT IS A LAMER?                      FINAL WORDS                          
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