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       IT'S HERE! what? THE SECOND INTRO OF KOT-TBM! welcome to the mon-intro!     THAT'S ME!!!  MAX, THE BYTE-MANIPULATOR. oh no !!! sorry, that's me!!!  ALL CODING DONE BY ME: MAX,TBM!!!    AND NOW WE ARE PRESENT OUR SOFTWARE HEXY:   DF0:   HI EVERY BODY, NICE TO MEET YOU!!!     and here comes: SEATO!  THE GRAFIX IS MADE BY ME!  I SAY: tbm is only here to smoke joints and drink beer!!!  MAX SAY:   NO MORE SEKA!!! DEVPAC IS IT!!! har! har!    AND THAT'S ME:  MR.LONGWORD  I'M THE SOFTWARE-DESIGNER OF THE:  knox-dos!!! i say: DEVPAC IS MADE FOR users, AND SEKA FOR LOOSERS!!!  KNOX  CONTAINS OF:   MAX-TBM     AND:  mr.longword  KNOX IS A PROGRAMMERS-TEAM. IF YOU WANT TO CONTACT US:   KNOX   PO.BOX131  9560 FELDKIRCHEN / AUSTRIA !!!    ATTENTION!!  WE ARE SEARCHING FOR A MUSIC-COMPOSER.  contact us! LET'S GO ON WITH PERSONAL GREETINGS IN NO ORDER. some hyper greets are flying to:  LUPO  r.r. of ccc  JOJO  bleris  PAUL  ranger  BARBARA  shark the master THE FERRYMAN  dimple  E.L.  matze  CLI greetings in alphabetical orders are going to: ABANDON  alcatraz  ALPHA FLIGHT apex  ARCANE  black knight  BLACK MONKS  bounty  BRAIN WAVE  brainstorm CASCADE  cave  CELTIC  crusaders  CRYPTOBURNERS  cult  D-MOB  deadzone DEATHSTAR  defjam  DRAGONS  dream vision  DUAL CREW  elite  EXODUS  fairlight FRAXION  gate  I.R.I.S  impact  IPEC  it  KEFRENS  level four  LOST BOYS magnetic fields  MICHRIST SOFTWARE  mindkillers  MIRACLE  paranoimia PHENOMENA  piranas  POWER PROJECT  powerslaves  POWERSTARS  pulsar  QUARTEX razor 1911  REBELS  red sector  SCOOPEX  silents  SPEZIAL BROTHERS sun connection  TARKUS TEAM  the goonies  TRIANGLE trilogy  TRISTAR  tsk-crew VISION  vision factory  WARFALCONS  and to all we have forgotten ! TO CONTACT  -knox- WRITE TO:  KNOX PO.BOX 131 / A-9560 FELDKIRCHEN / AUSTRIA    TO CONTACT KOT WRITE TO:  austria 152  9300 st.veit a.d. glan  ..... DATE: 20.02.1991 ..... END OF LINE