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   hello it's mellica of kefrens typing    this is my mega greetings scroll   so look here for your group....    note: this is a greetings list over our contacts      friends and people who have done some coding...       mega special greetings in random order : K the band K defcon K dennis K fairlight K finnish gold K northstar K ninja force K qrd K sll K the bolet's K horizon K jesper kyd K marlburoo man K deathstar Kthe zapp K 7up crew K jtm production K the web inc.                  normal greetings in random order : abakus D ackerlight D alpha flight D antitrax D axxess D bamiga sector one D bfbs D bitstoppers D blizzard D  c.b.c. D cascade D copper crew D defjam D dominators D dr. mabuse orgasm crackings D dream team D fantastic software D fasion D freedom force D gigaflops D hotline D hqc D ian and mic D impulse D inxs D irq D jungle command D level one D lightforce D m.u.s.i.c. D magician 42 D marshals D megaforce D metalwar D mfc D movers D mygon and professionals D oks import division D phenomena D phr-crew D plasma force D powerstation D quadlite D red sector D robots D sanx the explorer D sca D scientific cracking team D shadow software D sinners D sodan D stack D star frontiers D steel pulse D sunriders D syndicate denmark D the arcadia team D the champs D the connection D the darknes D the electronic force D the enforcers D the final suppliers D the firm D the kent team D the knight hawks D the light circle D the new masters D the prophets D the round circle D the softkiller crew D the supply team D the unknown stars D the young ones D top gun D tors D trilogy D tristar D unit a D unlabeled D varmint D vision D vision factory D vortex 42 D x-men D 1001 crew D bros D level 4 D spy and mind D risky buisness boys D the commodore guys D thrust D rats compagni D swiz cracking force D free access D northern light D tew and nato D hcs 1991 D gsg9 D saxxons crew D italian bad boys D generation x D the alliance D deadstar D the gang D amiga D rfw team D scientific brains D amiga action D 777 team D amazing amiga army D funx crackband D goffy crackings D the amiga gang D body checks D a-byte D cool D dragon lights D f 14 D german new generation D rastan of l.a. D mad D maniacs D spectre inc. D the bos team D the danish aliens D the dukes D the norwegan team D the spreadforce D the visitors D thunderbolt cracking service D fun factory D catlon crew D exzius D team x D deadline D damage inc. D axenon D the boss team D futureworld    K that was all the greetings for this time.....     K and i(mellica) am saying goodbye in this scroll so it can stop...     K K K D K K K                aaaarrrrhhh i will say i made a big greeting list this time, so maybe you will be there. it'z mellica writing, if you didn't know. this demo is called K the sword K...            ¹i will say that razmo is some lazy guy thistime, coz he have had lots of time to make just one demo. coz i was also working at the same game as razmo the whole summer holiday and started first to make demos after that, but any way he made this music in this demo, but the graphic and the coding is done by me ofcourse.           ¹it'z to bad there is almost no body who want to write, but maybe later or tomorrow. but what do i care i write in this scroll, so what the hack.          ¹ shit razmo is almost falled a sleep zzzzzzz zzzzz   boing ding hhhhheeeeeyyyyy razmo wake up, it'z your turn now... ... ...          ¹ooooohhh! i'm so depressed!   soooo depressed!   first off all some monster just woke me up and next i suddenly remember it! i have no demo on this disk! what a boomer by me!     sooooo depressed!   soooo depre.s.. .... zzzzzz zzzzzzz zzzzzz  zzzzz zz zzzz          ¹oops! ... ...  i think i just heard mellica releasing something? well no matter.    soooo depresses!   no demo?!?  nooooooooo demmmooooo! awfull! just awfull!    but i will make it up! believe me! i will... ...zzzz zzzzz z zz w-what? eh'? oh! sorry, there just suddenly was all thiz silence! .. ... .zzzz zzz zz z hmmmm! zzz zzz s-ss-ssssoooo  depressesssd. zzzz zzzzz zz z          ¹bye bye and sleep well! and may thy K be with you for future pleasure and enlightenment!  bye byezzzzzz zz zz z...        so depresses! ... ... ... signed the depressed rodent  ... ... ...           ¹  year it's mellica again.   write to pentagram for cool stuff.  his address comes here.......           ¹pentagram    rosenvaenget 16     4690 haslev    denmark.......          ¹remember that all contacts will get a greeting in our demos....     i think that is all for this time, but we will be back soon with more cool demos, so remember to write to pentagram, if you want to get a greeting from us......  goodbye and may the K be with you (he he he).... .... ....               ¹