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allright this is mellica of kefrens,  note to the greetings lovers !!! the greetings will not appear soon in this demo. get yourself some coke, make your self relax, and spend some time reading, if you wants to read the greetings !!!   this demo is called 'the power of kefrens'....    a little information about how to get out of this demo: just press the disk-button, that is all.  this demo is coded by mellica, the gfx is also made by me, but the music is made by razmo. that is all for now, i will be back later in this scroll, so i will give the keyboard to the next in line...   .. .. ..  allright this is metallion at the board ...i wanna say hello to all of the new freaks in ' kefrens ' (we've certainly had a lot of changes, this summer .... and we keep getting greater,and greater and......).  well, now we've finished our third demo-disk after a long and hardworking summer.  i hope you like those progs ? ? ? ? ?  now i wanna stop this key-smashing, cause i've got 3 demos by myself, to write scrolls . sooo, if you wan't to hear from me, then look at my demos...     next in line to write, will be ???????    razmo! ofcourse! you won't bet rid of me that easy ya know! ... first of all (before i go crazy) i will tell ya guys why there's no creation by me on this disk. first of all, i was working on a game in the hollyday period which took looong time. i had to make lots of graphix,coding and music ... the second reason is that ... that . eh'?  well, i have to admid it: lazyness!(sorry! won't happen again) ... but don't worry coz i'm working on a new big project (demo) which will be released when the next disk is on the desk.   but also remember that double late makes double good! and now ... aaaarrgh! g-g-g-go crazy! well well wellw lwelle ey' maaan! yoourr kkkkkeybooard is ssstuckkk !!!!!!! mmellicca i'm talkkingngng  to o you !!! comme and hel 'pling!' ouch! ooh! .. .. .. ..    .. . .. .damned! .. .. .. well, i am back now! sorry for thy delay but it's not every day you get a shift lock in the eye!(ouch!) bether give the beatboard to mellica coz i'm hurt,wounded,doomed,damned and lots of other nasty things so bye! i have to take care of my eye!!!       aaargh! ... ... ... hi again you know who is typing now, don't you? ... ... ... it'z mellica you fool. i want to tell you guys that lord shark is not a member of kefrens any longer. coz he had no time for making any thing on the amiga(don't know why??) but a special greet to sll our good friend. i will stop now coz i have to write more scrolls in my other demos..... bye... ... ...          hullo fellows !!!  howdy people ... here is the worldfamous icu2 of the even more famous kefrens  ... well ! the reason, that i write this, iz that mellica has begged me to make this cool demo even more exiting with my xiting stories and my wery funny jokes ...   ok ! if you are waiting for the greetings, you have a problem, cause they wouldn't appear for the first 1093 hours !!!    by the way if you are wondering, why this group is so cool, i can give you the answer. the reason is that this group consists of the following people:  icu2 (swapper and not picture artist), pentagram (also a swapper), mellica (coder as you might have guessed), razmo (coder, and the music coder of this group), metallion (coder and coder), jeep (my partner from the megamighty ex. the new aces), biceps (comming coder), and mr. fido (dog and swapper) ...   at this time we are sitting around the computer (guess what type !) and talking about what to write in this fucking scrolltext !!   soon comming von uns : outrun 3  and  pacman 39,8   note: if lamers wants to contact us, then please send 5 sony-disks (you don't have to copy on them), and please don't write who you are or your adress.  we will also make a lamer competion so if you think you are lame enough, please give us a sign !!!  the winners will recive special fuckings from us in our comming demo coded by ??? i have to leave this keybord to a cool guy !!! who's the first ???           ok ! here i am the guy you all have been waiting for pentagram ..... if you are interested in swapping very cool stuff then write to : pentagram of kefrens   -  rosenvaenget 16  -  4690 haslev  -  denmark  - ........ oh boy i am very tired the time is abut 4.30 in the morning ...... i think i will stop now because i am very tired ( z z z zzz) ....            hullo again !!!  here is icu2 again with the complete list of our swapfriends and contacts ...  this list is dated the 11/09-1988 ... we would like to send special greetings in random order to:  northstar and fairlight bs1 qrm  the web inc   the commodore guys   tsk-crew   the firm   normal greetings in alphaorder to: a-byte  ackerlight  amazing amiga army  amiga  amiga action  amiga bytes  asc boys axenon  body checks  bros  cascade  casey  catlon crew cbc (belgium and france)  cool  csa-staff  damage inc deadline  deathstar and 777 team  exizus  f-14 tomcat  finnish gold freedom force  free access  fun factory  future world  generation x german new generation  goffy crackings inc.  gsg9  hcs '1991 horizon  irongade  italian bad boys  jewels  jungle command level 1 and the dream team  level 4  los angeles  mad  maniacs mechanix  network  ninjaforce  northern lights  oks import division  phenomena  rats compagny  risky buisness boys  rfw - team saxxons crew scientific brains  shadow software  spectre inc.  sphinx spy and mind  stack  starlight  sunriders  system z swiss cracking force  tew and nato  team x  tetragon  the a - team  the alliance  the black squad  the bos team the creators   the danish aliens  the dragon lights  the dukes the gang  the new masters  the norwegan team  the round circle the spreadforce  the stoned brothers  the top boys  the visitors the zapp  the unstoppable force  thunderbold cracking crew thrust  vision factory  vortex 42  watchmen/razor  777 team and to theese we should have forgotten !!!  well some messages should go to the following of this contacts:   northstar ...  hello rex !! what do you think 'about this mega demo disc ??  the visitor of bs1 ... thanx for the mega-hot sendings !!!   keep it on !!  wizzy of the web inc. ... thanx for the cool sendings . please spread theese demos on your demodiscs !!!  risky buisness boys .. howdy !!! call me soon, cause i lost you adress !!!   enough messages ...  the scroll has reached its end now, so press the discdrive button to exit or read the scroll twice !!!         remember:   we are not the best !!! we are better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (restarting)