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      well well well !!!  kefrens and 7up-crew strikes back with another cooooool intro.... check it out, and send your judgement and your hottest stuff to :              icu2         jernbaekvej 6        3200 helsinge        denmark       or phone (+45) 211 2830   ...   before the details of this copyparty i will type the long awaited greetings ...           golden regards reaches the following ranked guys ....   northstar    trilogy    defjam and rsi    level one and the dream team    quartex    quest    tsk-crew    bamiga sector one and quoram    sunriders         the silver medals reaches     spy and mind and alphaflight   the commodore guys   stack   ipec elite   plasma force   goffy crackings inc.   deathstar   world of wonders   the silents   the web inc.   the jungle command   amiga industries   risky buisness boys   it   rats compagny   coolcat   ackerlight   accession   fredom force   horizon   gng-crew   the band   and all forgotten one ....  i am fucking sorry guys !!!  -but the bronzelist is not completed yet ...... so !!!!!!  i will now bring the keyboard to        me(ta)llica  !!!!