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           howdy ! !    this is -*metallion*- at the keys.    one more time, we reached your screen.  and one more time, with a new demodisk  (nr. 3).    the only difference, is just that we`re getting * b & b *  (bigger & better).   by the way there is one more little difference, cause we used to call us * tsp *, but now we have changed the name to *.......*  (you problably know?)  of course it`s  * kefrens * .  to be sure that the name will reach your brain , i`ll use a couple of bytes to spell it :  *  k e f r e n s  *     > kefrens <.    ok, no more shit.  now this scrolly is gonna be real serious writing (as serious as it can be ??? )   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   [ that was the serious part of the scroll ].       the music you are rockin` to, was made by the great danish st-composer * jesper kyd *   and all coding & gfx by  * metallion * except the `wizard-paint`, ripped from `starball`.        you maybe have heard some rumours about a co-operation called * kefrens & the band *. ?    that`s not true, cause some parts of  > the band <  did`nt like the idea, so the hole thing blowed to pieces.   ... and i`ve allready made our first intro, and spread it, cos` i thought that i was allright.    well, i think that there have appeared a little misunderstanding, between >the band< & >kefrens< in that case.  such a shame. ? ! ? !     anyway, i hope that we can still be friends ? ? ?        no more writing about the band, but to a rather dull thing.  that is :  kefrens owes some of you freaks, an apology, because of our canceled copy-party.  we sure got some problems about the place, where we should be.   sorry ! ,  but we certainly are working on a new one, another time and another place.   if we can work it out, we`ll get in touch again.   talking about `copy-partys`....   we are very interested in danish (or nearby) copy-party`s,  so if you have thought about making a party, then please invite us.   i`m sure that you`ll find > pentagram`s < adress,  somewhere in these demos...  [ don`t know where ? ]              now for the funny (or what ?) part of the writing.   -the greetings-       all our best wishes and lots of beers to  :      > the band <  [we have stopped, spreading our `mistake`-intro and i`m working at a new one for kefrens]    > 7-up <  [i have heard somebody whistle things, about a * kefrens & 7-up * co-operation.  is that the truth ? ? ?  sorry, but i want to be absolutely sure about this case, before i start making demos`n`intros, with those names. ]    > jesper kyd <    (thanx for the music for my 3 demos at this disk)   [your music gets better & better, all the time. keep on ! ]    > north star <  [thanx for training `katakis`.  a fuckin` great game. i don`t play much, but when i see a nice shoot`em`up , i go crazy !!!]    (by the way, have you checked your round-scroll (at your `north star demo-disk`) at a amiga-1000. ?   it makes something crazy on my a-1000, but only the first one with 1 scroll-line. anyway, some great demos !]    > plasma force <  [woow, i love your `bar brian` & `penis` -demos ]    > lightmann <  [how do you like to start at school, after a coupple of years of hollydays ? ]    > defcon <  [come on you freaks. i know that you can make some great demos. lets see something from you, very soon ! ]   > the outlaws <  [i`m sorry about my swapping. i admit that i`m no fast at new stuff, but instead i spend my sparetime, programming.]    > the enemies <   [welcome to another great & danish crew.  the star-routine (the circle) at your summer coll. is real nice]    > d.o.c. <   [you sure know how to find some cool soundtracks (refering to `demons are forever`).   best bob-routine, ever seen.]   > the new masters <  [great idea with the extra menus, at your master st.]    > wild copper <   [i wonder, how you have made the cool, vector-graphics at your megalo-disk. some of the best, that i`ve seen yet.  but stop beeing so `self-satisfied`. it spoils a good demo.]    > antitrax <   [long time since your last demo-disk, or have i just missed it ?]    > cheerokee <  [keep on packing demos. i just love demos.]    > jungle command <  [the never-getting-tired-of-music-freaks]    > trilogy <  [the only thing i know about you, is that you are a well known international crew.]    > vision <   [i hope you ain`t dead on amiga.  long time since i`ve seen some imports from you, or have i got the wrong contacts.?]    > wow <    > cascade <    > bs1-quoram <  [i wonder how you get the time to make new intros for all your software.?]    > wot <   > sll <  [the amiga music-brain. (tech-son of mozart).]    > ninja force <    > shadow software <    > wow <           i`m sorry that i haven`t got our contact-list from pentagram or icu2.   so give me a shout, if i have missed you ! !       that was all for this time.        bye from metallion.      see you at our `demo-disk 4` in a coupple of month. ! ! (i hope) ! ! ! ! ! !