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                             hello... hello...  this is another crazy demo from tsp... ... ...       before i start talking, i just wanna give you some facts...   all coding & grafix by metallion music (on st ofcourse) by j.j.k.  thanx a lot without your help i ...bla..bla...   i think that you maybe are a bit confused, by reading about all this name-changing... but i won`t start explaining this one more time for you, cause there have already been said enough about that in the other scrolls.   i just want you to remember that +*tsp*+ is now called +*kefrens*+ ...... ... remember that ! ! ! .  alright i have got nomore to tell you, so just take a look at the other scrolls now....... zee you in my next demo ! ! .                                             allrigth here i am the guy you all have been waiting for (pentagram) .. ok ! lets start .. right now mellica , biceps , lord shark and the wiz kid are drinking beers (lots of beer) and i don`t think they are able to write any scroll text ... you should have seen biceps scroll ! when we touched some keys it made guru-meditation (he he ha) .... it`s very hard to writetext because razmo and metallion are talking machine code .... gaccgfwedtqdd get lost you stupid cat. next i kill it qwr7tufxya thats it   booooom  no more jumping cats on the keyboard (he he he). do you now the diffrens betwen a lamer and lord shark ?  no diffrens (ha ha ha just joking)... members of kefrens are : mellica , metallion , razmo , icu2 , jeep , , biceps , lord shark , and me pentagram .... and bye the way remember that we have changed name from * the starlight project * to * kefrens * ....if any of you guys shall have a copy party then we will be glad to come ! ..... that`s all from pentagram!!! ... ... ... so now you gonne read a couple of words by razmo.      allright ! i`m back again! and again and unfortunately once more, just to make you get more fun out of this text. first i would like to ask all you groups out there a question. if you had members in your group who only complains about your `not finnished yet` demo ??? and they don`t make music,graphics,swapping or programming ??? and only contacts you when you have new stuff ???    would you keep them or throw them out ??? you are welcome to write your oppinion in a scroll (we would like you to make them understand that they must work a little harder to be a golden member of an active and hard working group!!! ... please please please answer!? ... i`ll stop writing now and then throw thy beatboard to mellica. here`u`go ...  year it`s mellica.  i want to tell you about razmo`s birthday today... it started 7 a clock and we started to eat some food and drink a lot. after that biceps, lord shark, the wiz kid and my brother jan wanted to buy some more beers and they said that they would be back , but they didn`t come back, instead they walked to the wiz kid`s home and saw a x-ray movie. they called us and said that they wouldn`t come back. after a little while they hang up the phone.  i became very angry, because they hang the phone off. i am a little drunk, so don`t look for wrong spelling errors.  i won`t write any more, so pentagram will take over now....       oh boy mellica just can`t spell i had to help him with evry line ...... right now mellica and metallion are saying funny words , i don`t understand a word of what they talking abut thats it i am going crazy because mellica begins to sound like a priest from iraq  (you now what i mean). now razmo is begining to look tired and it`s only 12.30 in the night....oh boy i am tired too (zzzzzzz) so i will stop now .  boooooooom is it the russian who is attacking or is it just metallion who is shiting (yeak) ...bye bye . . . in a moment the text will start over !!!!!                         oooh yeah ! !   hello there...     this is metallion of the danish gang *tsp*    if you wanna read my scrolly, you better look in the left one, cause this will be the mega-greeting-scroll....  in the right one you can read the crazy writing of my palls in +tsp+.   but first of all i wanna give  *jesper kyd*  (denmark)  a great salute for giving me this nice piece of music for my demo.  thanx a lot... ...  (i hope you like my demo too)      charidea in this scroll by  *the starfrontiers*     allright, now time for a lot of greetings in alfabetic order to  :      * 1001 crew * 7-up * accession * ackerlight * alpha flight * antitrax * bfbs * bs1 + quoram * cascade * cbc * copper crew * ddd * death star & b.f. * defcon * dexion * dns * doc * enemies * enforcers * fashion * finnish gold * gigaflops * helloween * hotline * hqc * ian`n`mic * imp * inxs * irq * jewel * jungle command * kermie * knight hawk * lawbreaker * level 1 * magician 42 * meathead * metal war * mfc * mygon & pro. * ninja force * north star * nothern m. * ogm * outlaws * phenomena * phr * plasma force * powerstation * prophets * qrd * round circle * sanx the explorer * scf * shadow software * silents * sodan * stack * starfrontiers * sunriders + oks * tat * tdr * tdt * tef * tfs * the band * the gang * the links * thrust * tnm * toc * trilogy * tsk * tus * vision factory * vortex 42 * wild copper * wot * wow * x-men * young ones *   and all i forgot (sorry!!) ........