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         warning!          warning!     note from t.s.p. to all of you !!!    t.s.p. has changed the name to kefrens....   the reason was, that a lot of changes has happened in t.s.p. [new members and so on..]       so remember this : tsp is now called kefrens....   tsp is now called kefrens....   tsp is now called kefrens....        ok, you sure have got it now ! ? ! ?    this little `name change demo` was made by  M metallion M from  K kefrens K   the little superman by  jan       and music by  © jesper kyd ©  [without you, my demos, would have been soundless, or even worse, with my own bad composings. you freaks are lucky out there, cos` i really can`t get the notes sounding allright. !!! ]    right now i`m in a real bad mood, cos i`ve been fighting with a byte warrior all day long.  it spoiled my programming all the time and i couldn`t find out where it came from.  i destroyed warriors all the time, but it did come back again.  a rather hard time.   but i ain`t easy to wipe out, so i checked all my disks (over 300 disks) and found a coupple of viruses.  sca , byte bandit and byte warrior, i got very surprised, cause its not the first time that i`ve checked them all.  those nasty things are just very hard to remowe.  ok, but i found the bastards and got this little thing finished for our demodisk iii.  sorry i ain`t in the mood now for making a long list of greetings, so look in my two other creations for that.    if you wonder why we haven`t got any demos from razmo this time, i can tell you that he have been very busy, all the summer hollidays, by making music and games.   ofcourse mellica and i have teased him a lot, by threating him, about calling this  mellica / metallion demodisk .   he didn`t like the joke.!!  do ya` understand why ? ? ?  i don`t.   anyway he have made some music for mellicas demos. he`s rather good at that, i think.  (maybe a little to poppy, but he likes that kind of music)   i absolutely don`t.  my name [metallion] will tell.   ofcourse i`m into thrash metal.   i just love bands like :   slayer   kreator   voivod   megadeth   destruction   metallica  (i`m going to copenhagen  [with mellica]  to thrash down their concert, 13. october. if some of you palls are going there too, you can contact us at pentagrams adress. that could be a lot of fun.)    well i haven`t got more to say today and me and my girl gets about 30 visitors to birthday tomorrow, so i think that i`ll leave you now.!!!!  don`t cry out in happyness, couse i`ll sure as hell, be back with more demos/intros for your amiga only.    stay cool and remember the metallica concert in copenhagen in october.! ! !                           if you are still by the screen, you sure want to read the text again, or have you just falled asleep. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?