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  hi this is mellica of kefrens/who want to say some words.   lord shark iz't in our group/any more, don't ask me why, coz/i wouldn't answer any way.  i am out of words... ... ... sll (hello old body,/i hope you like this demo.) the music is made by sll and it's the first demo it is been released on, coz it was special/made for this demo by our friend sll. the graphic is made by me and icu2/but the coding is only made by me.../... .../allright i have talked to much all ready, so K razmo K come/over here and write a long serious/text this time ... ... ... 'a long serious text this time/... ... ...' allright? i hope/coz i've got bether things to doo- bzzzz- behold the beerdelly -bzzzz - orangina dummdididum da dey! -bzzzz- hulkamania will never became gays -bzzzz- next on sky: pornomovie one. not alowed for people with good health especialy designed for erotic fools with heart problems -bzzzz- end of sky next: the arts!.. argh! damn..fuck.yo...bastards... booooooooom baaaaaang craaaaash! blink blink blink!!! guru meditation! zx spectrum watching my amiga changing!!! kill you! kill you! ratatatatatata ouch ! ! hit myself! ooohhh! i'm becomming dizzy/ ouououiouae! bump! da  da dada  da dada dada dadaaaaaaa !!!! dead!? nooooo! not that easy! bye bye! ... ... bzzzzz- hehehe!       fin!    here u go!       this is mellica again/, i will only print the greetings to our swapfriends and contacts ...  this list is dated the 11/09-1988/... we would like to send special greetings in random order to:  northstar and fairlight bs1 qrm  the web inc   the commodore guys   tsk-crew   the firm   normal greetings in alphaorder to: a-byte  ackerlight  amazing amiga army  amiga  amiga action  amiga bytes  asc boys axenon  body checks  bros  cascade  casey  catlon crew cbc (belgium and france)  cool  csa-staff  damage inc deadline  deathstar and 777 team  exizus  f-14 tomcat  finnish gold freedom force  free access  fun factory  future world  generation x german new generation  goffy crackings inc.  gsg9  hcs '1991 horizon  irongade  italian bad boys  jewels  jungle command level 1 and the dream team  level 4  los angeles  mad  maniacs mechanix  network  ninjaforce  northern lights  oks import division  phenomena  rats compagny  risky buisness boys  rfw - team saxxons crew scientific brains  shadow software  spectre inc.  sphinx spy and mind  stack  starlight  sunriders  system z swiss cracking force  tew and nato  team x  tetragon  the a - team  the alliance  the black squad  the bos team the creators   the danish aliens  the dragon lights  the dukes the gang  the new masters  the norwegan team  the round circle the spreadforce  the stoned brothers  the top boys  the visitors the zapp  the unstoppable force  thunderbold cracking crew thrust  vision factory  vortex 42  watchmen/razor  777 team and to theese we should have forgotten !!!             this scroll text will end now, so goodbye/