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                  ooops yeahh   there is a Sscroller in this demo  - - -metallion of K kefrens  preSsents latest stuff for the wondermiga     before this turns into a mega greetings demo  i wanna tell ya that  this nice picture was made bya Snew member of kefrens called  box    thanx to you pall  you sure know how toS handle the pixels     music was made by the great master of st  jesper kyd    this font was made by the whiz kid  and this was drawn by myself - - - -    all coding and design by  metallion     it was finished at the bamiga sector 1  and  warfalcons  copyparty  12 feb 89    i just wanna say hello tSo some nice guys i met at the party    hello to  liteace and others of dexion  -  the amiga freak and qrd of trilogy  -  cat of shadow software  and some other palls fromS  subway and dreamteam  -  the band  -  warfalcons   and lots a other freaks i dont remember right now  - - - - - ok no more shit now   some other members of kefrens gonna write some text now  so bye to you and hello to - - -  yeah this is mellica in another scroll  oohhhh shit i really dont know what to write   but anyway lets type some shit first of all there is lot of cool demos here so it will be a very hard competition      well what do you think about this demo cool eh    well i think so        okey lets stop this crap and giveS the keyboard to another kefrens member mmmhhhh lets see who should it be razmo eeehhhh the whiz kid yeah yeah        hi there thiz is the whiz kid, oh wait a moment  hold on..!! mmmm  i think i will write with these chars..!!     or maybe these chars, yeah i think i will use those chars ,coz i made em, i really cannot find anything to write about i have lost count of all those demos i have written in today, so i am fed up with writing scrolltexts, this means nothing more from me  bye bye     ok i am back     heres icu2 of the megamighty kefrens  this copyparty is really wery fucking great, cause i am meeting a lot of my best pals      ok    i have to admit that i made a little ?? mistake in the other demos by not metentioning vision factory and co -the beyonders- between the cool crews at this party  but i was not sure  if you had leaven this party  so i will now mention all the cool crews  witch have visited the party the 11-2-89   vision factory and the beyonders - subway and the dream team - pirahnas - trilogy - the supply team - beastie boys - the silents - bamiga sector one -ofcourse- - rebels - goonies and ofcourse us -kefrens-   i will only send my top 15 regards duke to lack of time, so here they go   subway and the dream team - rebels--old roadrunners-- northstar and fairlight - tsk and acc - cosmos - the band - the silents - bamiga sector one dk - trilogy - pirahnas - mad monks - the agents - it - the supply team-hi martin - the sunriders    ok    see ya later   by the way   write to us at   kefrens   poste restante      3450 alleroed      denmark                 see yo all in our next demos