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yeah yeah yeah yeah     thiz razmo thy techno rodent i am now going to give ya some informazion about thiz creation  ya muzt wait some time before thy pics changes to new pixies ok   there are three pix       pix was drawn by me razmo too  or in another way   all on this demo was made totaly by myself    i hope ya like it   i will be going now  letting some other dudes from kefrens type   so now it is up to you  vote it or leave it    beatboard given to metallionS    allright this is metallion  sitting at the hexacgon copyparty  typing a little crazy text for you    today is saturday and we have been working at demos all night long  so we are a bit tired now    never mind  the coding must go on  so we can get some nice demos for this party    it might be a little difficult  cause the power supply crashed for some time    such shit    i did not get my code saved    but never mind  here is some vize words from some other palls from kefrens         yeah another great demo from kefrens   this is mellica typing at the amiga board   well it has not been a long time since we brought you some new demos  but as you know we want to be very fast at this        i do not have very much to say   so a big hello to all our many contacts      bye bye        hi there this is the whiz kid  of kefrens as you already know are we  icu two, mellica, metallion, razmo, me  at the hexagon copyparty and we are having a ball     you may have heard that the power supply crashed we almost lost two of our demos then we saw some dudes who are called atomic crew  who had made a rather good demo  so we had to make a couple a new demos extra to have a better chance      but now i better stop writing and let another member write some great stuff      hello guys   here is icu two at the board   well  i think that this is one of the best kefrens demos ever  but whatever   if you wish to get in touch with us then write to         jernbaekvej six    three two zero zero  helsinge    denmark        i leave now    who is next to make this scrolly more interesting