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   mellica of kefrens present 'magicworld' coded and designed only by me( mellica ), all the gfx was also created by me and the cool music was made by   razmo   ¹    the year is 1989 and it is a great year for kefrens, coz we now have our own 'sound-tracker' called sound-mac¹hine¹. the tune you listening to was made on our sound-machine and the routine which is playing this great music is the replay routine from sound-machine.   so this is the first demo with the kefrens replay routine. the sound-machine was made by razmo of kefrens 1989 and death to the person who remove razmo's name in the program.   but remember :¹ you may use the program, but do never remove kefrens name or the programmer's name  from sound-machine. and if somebody coded a little extra in the sound-machine, then it dosn't mean that it is his program. because it will all ways be kefrens program, even if you put a new equalizer, it wouldn't be your program. so remember: sound-machine are kefrens program..... enough of that!!! lets give a few special hellos of mine:    C hey lars¹ the trumpet( how are the things going in ringsted my friend?) C hello liteace¹ of dexion(nice call before the party and cheers for our friendship. liteace what do you think about my part of kefrens mega-demo?) C hey and hey to the amiga¹ freak¹ of trilogy(greet to you amigo, what do you think of my part of the mega-demo?    don't say it's bad, coz i wouldn't belive you...) C and larst to qrd¹ of trilogy(ok guy, i can only say the same as larst time, have you made a demo yet? no or yes?) enough of that....   now the members and after that the full greeting list of kefrens..   members in kefrens :  metallion ¹   jason   ¹nightlight ¹    box    ¹the whiz kid¹  mellica  ¹   razmo   ¹    icu2   ¹  promax   ¹  detron   ¹  megabyte ¹  murphy   ¹  blazer   ¹   lazer   ¹   spyro   ¹   zycho   ¹   farao   ¹ yeah that was the 17 members anyway lets have the long awaited greetings.....     hyp !!! thiz is icu2 of kefrens writing !!! first of all i would like to tell yo freax, that we search for members with only one skill: swapping ... reason: we have only two (soon one) swapper, and it's pretty hard to keep up our good work with only one swapper, when we are as popular as we are !!! ok ! let's take the greetinglist in the normal ranked order... hi to: eclipse - cosmos - subway and the dream team - the supply team - rebels - piranhas - trilogy - prophets ag - the band - god - black monks - traitors - northstar and ??? - abyss - oracle - dexion - goonies - tsk-crew athe accumulators - the silents - danish dragons and uniq ... amarican regards to: eclipse (molaser - mystical barriers) -- eaglesoft inc. (the fugitive - killerdog) -- piranhas -- staff at onyx ..... new members and cool dudes can write to:  kefrens    poste restante    3450 alleroed    denmark !! new members shall mark the letter with  n e w  m e m b e r  ... ok ! i will leave the keyboard now. see you soon in the megademo 7, witch will be released in april  ......  jabadaba dooo  this is: the whiz kid and i do not know what to i will just type a few lines of encouragement to mellica for this great demo, well see fot yourself, its really great, and if you do noot think so then there is something wrong with you..!!    i will stop now, so somebody else can get the trouble of coming up with ideas for something to write....!!!   troubles ??  i'm here!!!  promax the cool member of kefrens.... nice demo eh ?!?  this is a fucking bad copy-party. the power went out 8 times in one hour. maybe ikari is going for the world record !!!!! anyway we have fun. i met a cool guy from cosmos, called chris, and ofcourse i met liteace from dexion, funny guy, we talked about old 64'er stuff, fld, multiplex sprites and so on.  i could continue for ages but i have to make the turbo-loader to our megademo.  special message to dexion: we hope you win the competition, haaa ha.   buy for now, i leave the keyboard to an other guy...  ....    hello shitheads, this is murphy typing this fucking horror-scroll .... right now razmo is painting some graphics for his demo (which may appear on this disk!) , i certainly hope it gets cool!!!!    we are going to realese about 5 demos at this copyparty, and please remark the quality of these demos!!!!!!   they are quite great ...... right now farao dont know if he wants to release his demo, because he dont think its great enough for the competition ...... this fucking great demo was made by mellica and is ofcourse going to join the competition ......   scroll is restarting ... ... ...