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ok! kefrens are here again with another creation done by  mellica  well first of all this demo was released  at bs1's copy-party the 12-02-1989...... it is a great copy-party......     okey i will send my special hellos to the amiga freak and qrd of trilogy and ofcause also to liteace of dexion........      well!!!!!      i think icu2 wants to write something to ya out there           yeeeesss !  he was fucking right !! this is icu2 raping the keyboard ... ok !  at this moment of the party (19.30.saturday) some of the big groups has left the party (like the band etc.) but still this is some nice guys like: the dream team, trilogy, beastie boys, the supply team (dk and frg), the silents, bamiga sector one (ofcourse !), dexion, rebels and ofcourse us (kefrens)  ok !  the only fault with thiz party, is the many fucking lamers, sitting and playing international karate plus . ok ! enough about this fine party !! let's fuck off with somegreetings !!!  we sends our mega-golden regards to :  subway and the dream team - rebels - northstar and fairlight - tsk crew and the accummulators - cosmos - the band - the silents - bamiga sector one (dk) - mad monks - x men - deathstar (germany) - the agents - beastie boys - it - trilogy - the supply team - plasma force - sunriders - the web inc. - dominators - accession - coolcat (australia) ... sorry, if you are forgotten, but we lost our greetinglist !!!  see ya in the next kefrens demo !!      hi dudes, thiz is the whiz kid typing right now.....!   i disagree with icu2 about the faults in this party, i think it's a pain in the .... to hear that loud music from the ones who hold this in any other way perfect party.!!!!    this great party has got it all, great groups, which show even greater demo's and the movies shown in the base-ment are also great (cocktail,willow,red heat and many others) so as you see the party is perfect, but what did you expect when bamiga sector one & the warfalcons throw a party.!!!!    i just wanna say hi to a couple of contacts like: agency(hello anders when will i get some disks!!!!)    and allan (the new einstein in math.) send videos soon       the words are slipping my mind, so i'll let another member from kefrens take over the burden of writing some text to keep ya all happy, waiting for our next products.!!!!           metallion was here 11.feb-89.....       ooopps  icu2, just said that i did not write enough text, so i keep hanging on a little bit more, though i dont have a fuc.... idea of what to write in this nice adcsinusbobby-pixelcolorpicture-starsprites demo of mellicas ??  anyway i hope you watching freaks likes our products and that you will keep on making the amiga-scene so great.. ya know, lots a demos and so on ..... bye to this demo from metallion for this time .....