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METALLION                                     PRESENTS:                                FOR  KEFRENS                                 'HEADACHE DEMO'                                    .........................................                      YEAH.. METALLION STRIKES YOU AGAIN, WITH A NEW DEMO.   THIS ONE CONTAINS NICE GFX FROM OUR (PASSIVE??) MEMBER :  'THE WHIZ KID'   (WHISKEY(D)).   THE KID WAS THE ONE WHO PIXELATED THE LOGOS   (EXCEPT THE FIRST ONE BY MYSELF).         THE COOL'N'NICE MUSIC WAS COMPOSED BY 'BLASTER' ???    HEY SORRY, 'BLAZER' !!!!!      AND OFCOURSE ALL CODING AND FONT-ROTATION WAS DONE BY ME (TALLION)      AM I THE ONE AND LONELY DEMO-CODER BACK IN KEFRENS ???????    OK...   I DIDN'T MAKE THIS DEMO JUST TO BORE YOUR ASS,   SOO.....            LET'S DANCE        NICE EFFECT.  MORE OF THAT???       NOW WE'RE GETTING SOMWHERE..........  IF YOU HAVEN'T GOT THE METALANIAC HEADACHE NOW,  I SHALL DO MY BEST TO THAT YOU WILL !!!!!!!!!!        BEFORE I FORGET, I'WE BETTER HAND OVER SOME IMPORTANT MESSES TO :                 LIGHTMANN                           (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!)   DON'T MISS OUR GREAT COPY-PARTY, TAKE A BREAK FROM THE L.A. .... GOT IT ????????    (WELL, I GUESS THAT THE PARTY IS ALL OVER, WHEN YOU READ THIS ???  AND SURE YOU MISSED IT !!)        WELL, NEXT MESSY TO :         DEXION                             WHERE ARE YOUR MEGADEMO 3. ???  I WANNA SEE IT !!!!!!!!!     DROP YOUR GAMES AND CODE SOME NICE DEMOS, JUST TO PLEASE ME...  IN FACT I WOULD LIKE TO GET MUCH MORE MEGADEMOS.   WHAT ABOUT YOU  PLASMA FORCE  ,  TRILOGY  ,  ARCANE  AND ALL YOU OTHER GREAT DANISH TEAMS.  SOME NEW RELEASES SOON ???????    WELL, THE DUDES FROM KEFRENS ARE COMING TO MY PLACE, IN A FEW DAYS AND I HOPE THAT WE WILL AGREE ABOUT A SOON COMING  KEFRENS MEGADEMO 8    - IF WE DO, ITS PROBABLY THIS ONE.        PS: THIS TEXT WAS WRITTEN LONG TIME AGO (IN BETLEHEM) !!!!!                                     ITS ABOUT TIME FOR A QUICK SALUTE-LIST  :                                              PARANOIMIA                                  ORACLE                                  BLACK MONKS                                  FAIRLIGHT                                  QUICKSILVER                                  BAMIGA SECTOR 1                                HI BS1-DENMARK, WHAT ABOUT ANOTHER PARTY IN DK ??????????                                  ANUBIS                                  TRILOGY                                AMIGA-FREAK :  DROPPED CODING OR JUST LAZY ?????????                                  RED SECTOR                                HAVE YOU EVER SEEN SUCH A NICE SCROLLER BEFORE ???????    I LOVE YOUR MEGADEMO TOO !!!!!!!!!!                                  VISION FACTORY                                  ALPHA FLIGHT                                  QUARTEX                                  DREAM TEAM                                  PIRANHAS                                I WONDER IF YOU HAVE SEEN TO MUCH CLEESE MOVIES !!!                                  SPREADPOINT                                CRYPTOBURNERS                                  DEXION                                  DOC (UNKNOWN)                                  MIRACLE                                  EXCEL UK                                  PHENOMENA                                  SILENTS                                  SUPREME                                                         OKEYDOKEY, I KNOW THAT I MISSED SOME OF YOU SUPERB TEAMS OUT THERE.  SORRY !!!!!!!!!      m6HI MELLICA AND EXUMER k3!!!!!!     WHY THE F... DIDN'T YOU MEET UP AT THE CONCERT WITH k8NUCLEAR ASSULT / DARK ANGEL / ACID REIGN  AND  SLICED PIMPLES                           I TELL YOU, THAT 'SLICED PIMPLES' (FROM DENMARK) WERE JUST FUCKING CRAZY GREAT !!!!!!! (??)     THE BEST DANISH THRASH THAT I HAVE EVER HEARD !!!!!!!!  WELL I GUESS THAT YOU USED YOUR MONEY FOR THE SODOM CONCERT INSTEAD.......   AM I RIGHT ??????                                         YO BRO...  NOW ALL SCROLLING IS GOING ON RIGHT HERE !!!!!!     DO YOU LIKE MY NICE SINUS ?????? n0l0       URGHHH ?!?!?! WHAT A SINUS ?!?!? ARGGHHH !?!?!?! SHIT !?!?           SORRY GUYS..  FOR A MOMENT I THOUGHT THAT MY HP-15'ER WAS BROKEN DOWN.                    NOW I FOR SURE SEE   THAT IT IS         IF YOU DONT LIKE THIS MOVING MADNESS, THEN JUST SAY IT...I WONT HEAR YOU ANYWAY...........  OK, IN A MOMENT I WILL TRY TO MODERATE MYSELF AND MY SCROLLING...... a b BUT FIRST A FEW FUCKINGS TO :                                             IF YOU CAN'T READ THIS, YOU MAY BE A REAL WIMP YES I SAID :  IF YOU CAN'T READ THIS, YOU MAY BE A REAL WIMP