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neon and seen of * kefrens * is finally ready to present to you <jukebox<, the greatest hits of & sll &. use the mouse. arrows scroll the songs, the note loads them. the song you heard in the loader is called <free ride<.  at the moment we are sitting at the silents and red sector amiga conference 1990. pretty cool, by the way.. if you think that the names for the songs are strange, it is because seen and i - neon -, made them up, and not sll. and while talking about & sll &, a message for him <too bad you couldn>t come to the conference. your music are the best<. seen and i would also thank all kefrens members, for letting us join the group. and now i>ll let seen write a few words of wisdom..?? seen where are you...??  we are waiting for you..?? ..i>m here back to burn.. hey!  ..sll did it well...woaw.. hey you dj disco leif.. hope you like this cool jukebox.... and hello to da german group treacl.. i hope you like my monster for your demo..    hey sandman, how goes.. it>s been a long time since we last talked....     hey icy of cinefex design..hope you like it.... hey tron of scoopex dk .. i>ll guess that slayer was a big surprise for you.... hey xience of goonies.. yes here it is after a long time of waiting!!!! i hope you like it...  well at least i like these cool tunes and i dont give a shit what other people think about this nice jukebox.. well i>m out of words.. so if you want to have a chat then call me on this number  536 221 03.... lamers are of>coz welcome if they>ll pay my phonebill otherwise don>t call.. seen off.. i love daisy.... de la soul forever.....fuck heavy metal..         and here is maestro taking over. enough crap and childtalk for this time, now, some real business talk kidz. here at tsl and rsi copyparty we are borred to death, because, we dont get any fucking games at all. shit. maestro signing off!        this is deflex on the keys .. well this party is quite cool , but no new fucking releases .. well there is a lot of lamers standing behind me .. so im gonna kill >em.. i>m off!!!!            yeah, this is rwo of kefrens typing ..... hi> & sll * , i have got some new cool music programs for you . i really wish you were here ...... hi kelic , good luck with your new job . i hope you will make some good money . see ya all in our megademo ix . rwo signing off ...........          yo jagger is on ... first of all i want to send some party greets to ... ecs of crusaders it was nice to meet you ... gonzo and freagle of flash productions ... well i am off ......                  members of kefrens are ...  deflex - detron - gizwiz - icronite - jagger - maestro - metallion - milkshake - neon - nightlight - promax - razmo - rwo - seen - sll - toxic ... and no more!!!!                  if you are cool enough to contact kefrens, then write to.  kefrens - poste restante - 3450 aller/d - denmark, or to kefrens - box 102 - 7800 skive - denmark...       let>s crunch this sucker.!  bye..!!                *  kefrens  *  kefrens  *  kefrens  *  kefrens