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                ke.. kef..   kefrens   jabba dabba doo !   you are now watching one of kefrens demos from the great hexagon copy-party.   this little piece of coding was done by metallion.. .. .. ..   music composed by  raaazmo  and  gfx by  mellicaaa , whiz kid  and  razmoo. . .  thanx a lot ! ! !  shit i think that i`ve got a litttle problem with the keys ? ? ?   why didn`t we see some more amiga-freaks at this party ???  i`m so fuc... tired of listening to all this crazy 64`er music.  there sure is a lot of that and it sounds like one big hel.. i really don`t know what to write in this scrolly and most af the other members have falled asleep, so this might be a rather boring text ? ? ?  no no no no! we haven`t falled asleep... yet!... zzzzzz .... by the way, if you do not know, this is razmo sleeping on the beatboard... well, what can i sleep?   oh yes! i tell you! those two fools `mellica and icu2` have fallen asleep on my sleeping back!!! ..z.z.zzzzzzzzz. . .... bye bye and sleep well!!!!!!           all right , now metallion are back with a very very little message for you... ...  hope you like the demo ...  and now a big goodnight to all our friends and contacts   B C D  B C D  B C D  B C D  B C D  B C D