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  * demo-disk 3 *        coded by :       the mega mighty        22/9-1988           ¢kefre³ns² are back.  we proudly presents :  * demo-disk 3 *,  released : 22/9-1988.   enjoy the show and stay cool ! ! !  ³  hello this iz mellica typing a little text for my fans (just joking he he he)....   ² remember to write to¹ :  pentagram   rosenvaenget 16   4690 haslev   denmark        ¢at last greetings³ to all our contacts and friends......     ³     hi there this is the whiz kid, i just popped in to slag of a dude who calls himself dr.bit    go kill yourself.!!      this is the master who have made the super dan bob in metallion`s demo.....    greetings to death metal freaks ... thrash or be thrashed.......         

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 intro by metallion