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kef-7up.txt  hello this is mellica of kefrens, i would like to ask: who removed the text file from this intro? ... if you don't know what the files name is then look here kef-7up.txt ¼¼¼  ok now look at this scroll¹you can see who this scroll works .... and also²like this (he he he) ... you can also³· scroll fast ...  ...  ...  
  and slow again. this intro is coded by K mellica K ¢ of K kefrens K 
 ... the music is written by  K razmo K  ¢of kefrens ... the graphic is also made by me K mellica K ¼¼¼ and now greetings to all our contacts ...   remember to write to pentagram of kefrens for fast stuff.   write to  pentagram  ¼¼¼ rosenvaenget¼¼¼ 16 ¼¼¼   4690 haslev ¼¼¼    denmark  ¼¼¼   that is all goodbye... and may the K be with you ... ... ...