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 ¹hello all of you out²there³this is blazer 1 writting to inform you that kefrens and 7up crew now are associated.yes that means that there are no connection between trilogy and 7up crew anymore  KKKKKKKKKK ½¢¼³ waaauuu great isn't.this great intro was made by mellica of    kefrens   ½¢½³..this time there will only be a single special greeting.and that one will fly to     quest    ¼¢   for the great phoneconversations  .by the way,is there anyone out there that are in possession of some really cool mixes??? contact me(us).adress is comming............yeeaahh it's ·seven up crew  postbox 64  8600 silkeborg  denmark..¾ missed it?..ok,it's: 7up crew,p.o box 64,   8600 silkeborg   of course in the land of the vikings(denmark)..welll i think i'll end this scroll now.'cause this intro are going to be used a lot in the nearest future in kefrens and 7up crew cracks and imports....see ya next time..