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                         welcome to your first experience of the cosmiticial orgasm in democodin' !!!  we (in kefrens) are proud to present ya ... bouncing bones ... coding, painting and music was done by razmo of the megamighty kefrens. theese words of wisdom was typed by icu2 of the same group (kefrens) ... first of all, i wanna welcome our newest members to this gang .. we says hi to all members of: atomic team and all members of: defcon 5 .... if you wanna contact the untouchable (well almost !!) kefrens, ya should write to:   k e f r e n s       p o s t e  r e s t a n t e      3 4 5 0  a l l e r o e d       d e n m a r k  .... all scandinavian lamerletters will n o t be returned (discs will be taken for presents !!!)  if you not have guessed it yet (think not !)  this scrolly waz written at the great copyparty held by bamiga sector one and the warfalcons (good luck guys !!) in denmark .. we sends our best regards to theese crews for a nice time !!  our special goldies will reach the following crews in ranked order ofcourse !!!   subway and the dream team   rebels   northstar and fairlight   tsk-crew and the accummulators   cosmos   the silents   bs1 (dk)   the band   mad monks   x-men   deathstar (germany)   the agents   it   trilogy   the supply team   plasma force   sunriders   the web inc.   triangle   the dominators   accession   coolcat (australia)   alcatraz (new !)   zub zero (new !)   top swap   the link   the gang   .... i'm sorry, if yo not waz mentioned but i lost my greetinglist at home ... to those fellows i can only say one thing:  sorry !!!  ok !  i will now leave this keyboard to another member of kefrens ...   see ya !!!           hi there thiz is the whiz kid  typing a few lines for your entertainment, so what can i write, let's see...... how about some slagging off to a dude who promised a demodisc for a long time ago, but we have still not seen anything from him (he knows it when he sees this text.!!!)       i'm fresh out off words, so i'll turn the board over to someone else.......               ok! now it's my turn to type a few words, my name is mellica.......       ok! a big hello to qrd and the amiga freak of trilogy ------   also a big hello to liteace(cool freak) ofdexion.....     and now get ready for action, razmo the mega cool guy wants to write a lot of shit to you......           ello ere vrybody! hope yar having a cool time here at bamiga-sector 1 and warfalcons copyparty!!! i hope you like my little demo here, i'm sorry about the lack of graphix but as you all know(i think) i had to spend a lot of time working on my new product named: sound-machine!!! ... if ya havent gotten it already im sure you will get it very soon! i have worked on it for a very long time and it wasn't very much fun correcting those dirty bugs! anyway, use it! it's quite usefull! ... ... ... i would now like to send some music greetings to some cool composers. i'm sorry if you are not mentioned but not everybody has got 1 mega byte!(if you know what i mean?) ... music greetings to:(no special order! all make good music his own way!)      sll(nice work! keep it up!)   biboy(cool! keep it up too! and thanks for the greet!) ... ... ... jesper kyd(cool too! keep up!) ... ... ... i've got nothing more to say! bye!... ....  .   .  ... ... . .