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     kefrens are back with another demo                  done by    mellica      in 1989.......  and the music done by     razmo         the place is bamiga sector 1's copyparty, yeah a big special hello to them....               if you don't know who is typing then look here --- mellica --- ok! i will first of all say hello to all the new kefrens members....            atomic team and defcon are dead coz they joined us...   message to the amiga freak of trilogy ( hello old freak, i hope you like our mega demo?)       qrd of trilogy (well are you working on some new demo? hope you are..)....    and now               the member list of kefrens and after that the greetings.....      members:             promax (coder), razmo (coder, music and gfx), mellica (coder and gfx), metallion (coder), axe (coder), megabyte (coder), murphy (coder), jason (coder), nightlight (music), blazer (music), lazer (gfx and music), the whiz kid (gfx), spyro (gfx), box (gfx), zycho (gfx and music), magician x (swapping), icu2 (swapping and gfx), noname (swapping) and pentagram (swapping).... now you have seen the names and if any one else says that they are a kefrens member, then they are lying....      and now              ® bbbooooommmmm crazzzzz   sorry about the keyboard, but icu2 did't get it.....         ok !   here is icu2 !!! i think, that thiz party is a fucking great party !! first of all, i would like to send my best regards to my mates in subway and the dream team (thanx for showing up, and thanx for the stickers !!!)   ok !  let's party !!!!                we in kefrens sends our very special golden regards to: subway and the dream team (my fucking best pals) - rebels - northstar and fairlight - tsk crew and the accummulators - cosmos - the silents - bamiga sector one (denmark) - mad monks - x men - deathstar (germany) - the agents - it - trilogy - the band (hi stefan !!) - the supply team - plasma force - sunriders - the web inc. - the dominators - triangle - phallanx - tat - the gang - accession - 4th dimension - coolcat (australia) ....                 (ups !!) ok !  i will leave now, cause i have to talk with all the other cool guys at the party (ofcourse including the other members of kefrens !!)  ....  se ya, and if ya wanna swap, than write to:        kefrens   poste restante   3450 alleroed   denmark ....  ok, i will now leave the board !!! anyone interested in typin' ???