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       \\\  is proud to present  \\\      
        ]]]  3 new productions  [[[       

  Inspiration is gone 4,571   ]   Intro   
  Graphics is none            ]   Intro   
  Inspiration has come        ]   Dentro  
      Packed by \Hawkeye\ early June      

 .......A new week, a new release.......Not quite true, but who cares anyway ??? This time we release 3 small productions which is made by the following persons...Vention, Laxity, Zeus, Blizzart, R.W.O and Airwalk. Hope you like them (the productions, not the persons, GAY!) CREDITS......Code by Vention, Gfx by R.W.O, Music by Jason... At this very moment I (Hawkeye) is sitting in some sort of a "kindergarten", on a small meeting held by Parasite, Static Bytes, Anarchy, Melon Dezign and Kefrens. It"s very quiet now, you can only hear the birds singing, but thats only because nearly everybody is sleeping after a hard night. Ok, lets put up some swapping-addresses :         Krueger of Kefrens         Carsten Larsen         Skraent en 2, Mo        4700 Naestved       -       Raxor of Kefrens         Brian Hansen        Praestoelandevej 33        4700 Naestved          -       Hawkeye of Kefrens        Jacob Blichfeldt         Langelandsvej 1A          7400 Herning        and thats it....Of course all addresses are in Denmark.     FUTURE-PRODUCTIONS (as always a usual topic in a Kefrens-scroll) Next to be released is Guardian Dragon II which will be out at the Hurricane-Demoparty. It"ll ofcourse be a trackmo on either 1 or 2 disks. Next prod. is Masterpieces, a slideshow with the best old and lots of new pictures from R.W.O.....Zeus will also release a  trackmo in the "near" future (4-6 month).......Kefrens members are:  R.W.O, Laxity, S.L.L, Mellica, Kelic, Razmo, Krueger, Raxor, Vention, Hawkeye, Blizzart, Zeus and Airwalk.....Greetings coming up: First i would like to send a megathanks to ]Cutcreator[ of Static Bytes for painting a shirt logo for our shirts...Next a BIG greet to the coder behind ^Disksalv^, without it, this menu couldnt be finished today !!! And now for some "real" greetings...... Static Bytes *** Melon Dezign *** Scoopex *** Crusaders *** Hardline *** Vanish *** Delight *** Cryptoburners *** Majic 12 *** S!P of TRSI *** Razor 1911 *** Dual Crew Silents *** Phenomena *** Triangle *** Capital *** Balance *** Parasite *** Palace *** IT *** Pure Metal Coders *** The Special Brothers *** Alcatraz *** Paragon *** Spaceballs *** Andromeda *** LSD *** Italian Bad Boys *** Amaze *** Offworld *** Addonic *** Vectra *** Zenith *** Disknet *** Magnetic Fields *** Reflect *** Ozone *** Axis *** Desire *** Graze....If we missed you send us a "letter-bomb"..... Anyway as i have to eat soon i"ll stop here so....see you on Samsoe (all Kef-members will be there).               text restarts