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YAAAAAA     Another KEFRENS production. It's great to be back again after a few months of silence...  We look forward to see all our friends at the next party held by Hurrican at Samsoe in Denmark this summer, where we'll probably release Guardian Dragon II !!!  And now an important messy to all modemtraders around the globe... We will open the Pyramid Inn very soon which is next month.  (The calling-number will be spread at the party...)  Some hellos to Marshal, Pinhead, Warhead, Mir Dair, Hyde and Steffen from KRUEGER AnD RAXOR.       Well, whatta you know. At last it's my (Vention's) turn to write some text...  After 6 days of exams reading and intro-programing this finally reaches you.  I will now tell you the story of this intro..... last thursday (27-06-92) Hawkeye called me and asked about our last "inspiration is gone"-Intro. He told me that Zeus would have an intro ready about the same time as The Inspiration is gone-intro. Therefor we decided to compile a little pack with our own productions...  But to release a pack with only 2 intros were a little stupid (I think!!!), and therefor I decided to code a new intro...  This became a little problem, when besides coding a bit of Guardian II, I had to read some exams stuff too.  But with some help from The Guardian (NOT A KEFFER!) for design and ideas, we managed to finish it in time for the pack to be released.  I will end this text now, because I have to code a menu for the pack, too! (Life's hard.... Then you die !!!)    Now comes some real bullshit. You have to be a loonie to understand it...........  Denne ufattelig spaendende scroller er selvfoelgelig skrevet af ingen ringere end: tatatata. Vention/KEFRENS.             Brian kigger paa en monitor og spoerger sig selv. Hvad er meningen med freud?  Og Jens vejmand er ansat paa bistandskontoret.  Men hvorfor er Jesus saa kristen? Skal han saa ikke betale folkekirkeskat (de soelle 1.2%)?  Kan en praest betegnes religioes,naar han gifter sig med en satanist? Er der virkelig flere nej stemmere i Danmark end ja stemmere, naar sofavaelgerne taelles med?            Text restarts in 15000 frames?