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K E F R E N S  IN 1992 PRESENT--      A NEW PRODUCTION...     --                              --   AND AGAIN WE TRY TO SAY:   --       GUESS THE TITLE...     --                              --      YES.  YOURE RIGHT.      --             ITS:             --                              --  INSPIRATION IS GONE 4.571!  --                              --  THE CREDITS ARE AS FOLLOWS: --                              --CODING:                       --                      VENTION.--                         &    --                       LAXITY.--GRAPHICS:                     --             R.W.O & BLIZZART.--                              --     MUSIC BY POWERLAXEN.     --                              --                              --  DONT TRY TO RIP OUR MUSIC,  --                              --   SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU CANT!   --                              ---------------------------------ÿ       QUITE SAD INFACT. KEFRENS IS NO LONGER A PART OF THE EUROCHART-CREW. TOO BAD! WE JUST FELT THAT IT WOULDNT IMPROVE OUR SKILLS...  WE JUST WANT TO DEDICATE THIS  INTRO TO:  AIRWALK..  WELCOME TO OUR "CRAZY" CREW. IF YOU HAVE GOT MONKEY ISLAND IITHEN PLEASE SEND IT TO:         THOMAS 0STFELDT.   ODENSEVEJ 134. 4700 NAESTVED.             DENMARK. ALL LETTERS WILL BE ANSWERED.ÿ FOR JOINING WRITE TO:         MELLICA/KEFRENS         TOFTEAGERVEJ 8.           4690 HASLEV.             DENMARK.        (DANES ONLY!!!!!!)        FOR SWAPPING CONTACT:HAWKEYE/KEFRENS. LANGELANDSVEJ 1A       7400 HERNING. DENMARK.                ORRAXOR/KEFRENS.PRAESTOELANDEVEJ 33      4700 NAESTVED. DENMARK.                ORKRUEGER/KEFRENS. SKRAENTEN 2.MO     4700 NAESTVED. DENMARK.           WATCH OUT FOR.        GUARDIAN DRAGON II!!