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CIAB Interrupt is in use.
    Run intro anyway?
Kill that disturbing
  CIAB Interrupt?

         t H E   J o R M a S !          
      This time we're a bit late..      
   But here it is... TransuBambi 44!!   
      JoRMaS meetings were held at      
    Piirakka P||si|ismunalla's place    
              near neighbours.          
 These psychotic shots were taken there 
       in altered state of mind.        
    The atmosphere was kicking while    
   Raatomestari was in nakkisota with   
  T}}hi. Unfortunately some civilians   
  were injured and taken to the local   
 blue room which wasn't blue but room.  
         Everybody were pregnant.       
    Little fluffy toys flew over the    
 partyskies. Psst. You wanna know what? 
  They were purple and red and yellow.  
    When the sound carried us deeper    
 we felt like flowers were falling from 
   the skies and they went on eating    
    T}}hi ran out of penis silliini.    
 That was surprising because the Pipos  
   said she gets very often nowadays.   
          Contact the Jormas.           
      Remember to add the address or    
               to dial a number.        
 - Suudellaanko?                        
 - K|yn ensin raveissa.                 
 - Palautetaan samalla kirjastoon       
   kuukautiset jotka ovat jo my}h|ss|.  
 - Isi, |l| juo t|n||n.        _^       
   Pelataan palloa.           `#]       
 - Hiljaa homo.             ;<=>        
 - Pissaa suuhuni.            [@\       
        Terveiset menev|t ulos:         
     Kana. Kukko. Kalakukko. Kala.      
     Sotakola. Kokakola. Kokaiini.      
     Kaniini. Kantarelli. Pippeli.      
      Pelikaani. Klaani. Banaani.       
       PentinPedaali. Anti-Shop.        
         Anaali. AntinPenaali.          
         Pelargonia. Petankki.          
         Tankorapu. Purkuapu.           
          Papua Uusi-Guinea.            
     Oskari. Rikkalapio. Luopipo.       
       Pululammikko. Pula-aika.         
           Balalaika. Aika.             
          Greetings go out to:          
     Hen. Rooster. FishCock. Fish.      
      WarCola. CocaCola. Cocaine.       
      Rabbit. Baserelli. Pipgame.       
        Gamekan. Clan. Banana.          
       Pentti'sPedal. Anti-Shop.        
         Anal. Antti'sPenal.            
        Pelargonia. Petanque.           
        BarCrab. ExtractHelp.           
          Phelp New Guinea.             
    Oscar. Dustpan. CreateWoollyCap.    
        PigeonPond. Depression.         
           Balalaika. Time.             
 -------------) Persanal (------------- 
 U.R./EALL:      You fuckinger lamerer, 
 eX/Crement:     diskstealerer shitter! 
 Pee/Nice:         Nice to see you two. 
 Big-D/Ick:         Thanks for support. 
 Bi/Cheese:           We $ you so much. 
 A/Nal:              Could you give us, 
 Eric/Zone:             Org.asm I mean? 
 Trance/Vestite:          c00l (wo)mAn! 
 Mass/Turbate:           Nice releases! 
 Say/Tan:              Hot warez, dude! 
 -------------) Messages (------------- 
         For contacting JoRMaS          
         you should try these.          
           ThE JoRMaS Mail HQ           
          Tervaruukinkatu 14 A          
            41160 Tikkakoski            
            Puuppolan Vaari             
           Aittoniementie 18            
             40270 Palokka              
    No disk-back service guaranteed.    
    Do you need a DJ to your raves?     
       (ACiiD, Trance, Hardcore,        
      Hardcore, Hardcore, Gabber)       
   Or maybe a Hard Gabber band called   
              - ZYKLON-B -              
        Then you should write to:       
                DJ. HOFFi               
                 PL. 12                 
              70501 Kuopio              
 You could also call these JoRMaS BBS': 
              Deep Thought              
             Lunatic Asylum (DOWN)      
            Bermuda Triangle            
             Hard Disk Cafe             
             Cosmo BC 5000              
               Dial Hard                
 Or check out AmiNet for latest JoRMa.. 
       JoRMaS T-Shirts for sale!!       
            $ Only 45 FIM! $            
               Write to..               
         JoRMaS Fashion Designs         
 P|iv|miehentie 7     Viikkil|nraitti 7 
  40950 Muurame         40950 Muurame   
     Finland               Finland      
 ::::           .:.:.                   
 :::           .:::::.                  
 ::            :::::::                  
 :              :::::                   
 Heihei ja hyv|| p|ssi|isenodotusaikaa. 
         .:::.  :::::  .:::.            
       :::::::::::::::::::::::        : 
       :::::::::::::::::::::::       :: 
       :::::::::::::::::::::::      ::: 
        :::::::::::::::::::::      ::::