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                                                                                            tURN dA mUThApHUCkIn' vOLuME UP!!!                                                                    The Jormas are proud to present a 4 disk musicdisk called LEUCEMIA!!! What you're about to hear is about 20 tunes, mostly hardcore/Gabber but some dance tunes are also included. For maximum pleasure turn up the volume and listen to the tunes from the beGinninG to the end because the tunes may contain some surprisinG parts...                                     CodinG: Vesuri                                    Graphics: Piirakka Munalla                                    Music: ... WHAT MUSIC!? ...                                    DancinG: The Other Pipo                                    DiGitizinG: Tapani                                    RaytracinG: RaatoMestari (med Pentium)                                    Now it's time to enter the musicdisk... And remember... Right mouse button to quit Leucemia!