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CIAB Interrupt is in use.
    Run intro anyway?
Kill that disturbing
  CIAB Interrupt?
The Jormas!

          dA pHathaphuckingable         
     A little interactive multimedia    
       aural installation called:       
             HikiCarpalo 48             
           No Soul Guaranteed           
 Music by.........................Kippu 
 Code by.........................Vesuri 
 Fonts by..............Piirakka Munalla 
 Picture from..........Suomen Kuvalehti 
 Idea by..............Piirakka Munalla  
     As many of you have noticed -      
   this prroduction is one week late    
           Use the mouse                
             to control                 
           your trip and                
           RMB to change                
             Two weeks ago              
              was May Day               
           the Judgement day            
        The Jormas were present at      
      a dance event called Dancabit     
     held at Messukeskus, Jyv|skyl|.    
    The whole event sucked like hell.   
      Piirakka Munalla got busted.      
    He spent a nice evening in jail.    
    The DJ played some awfully nice     
    rap, hiphop and discopoppis CDs,    
        not to forget Megadeth.         
         It sure was the worst          
           dance event ever!            
    One and half week ago the Jormas    
      were live at Korpilahti sidi.     
  The show was an excrement success.    
  All the 3 people were raving hard!    
   Maybe it had something to do with    
   the fact that our show started at    
         4 AM FRIDAY MORNING?           
     We had wonderful equipment.        
     We used a 25 inch television       
      as a strobe and some spot         
        lights to create some           
       atmosphere. And it sure          
         was kicking! The               
        JoRMaPlayer didn't              
           even crash..                 
          Last weekend we had a         
          meeting at RuuviPipos'        
         place. Even Pillu-Pappa        
       was present! dA meeting was      
      absolutely fine. Everybody had    
     a good time. Party pictures will   
     be released later. Raato told us   
    some true stories about the killer  
   penises and Pillu-Pappa entertained  
  us with some pervertic jokes. Hihihi. 
  Harmony held their last house party   
 this spring called Solution. DJ Maniac 
 saved the night after Mark Copper had  
 tortured with some really groovy house 
  tunex! Maniac played some nice trance 
  so the event wasn't a total fuckup.   
  Yesterday we had almost the worst     
  meeting ever. Even Pillu-Pappa was    
  not present. We were all so tired     
  after the Solution that everybody     
   just sat down and took it easy..     
   Euroviisut sukks. We'd be happy      
        to represent Finland.           
        Tapani is nowadays              
            Pekka Pou.                  
               Contact Us:              
            dA Jormas Mail HQ           
           Tervaruukinkatu 14A          
             41160 Tikkakoski           
             Puuppolan Vaari            
            Aittoniementie 18           
              40270 Palokka             
      The Jormas Fashion Designs        
 P|iv|miehentie 7     Viikkil|nraitti 7 
   40950 Muurame        40950 Muurame   
      Finland              Finland      
            Call our boards:            
               Dial Hard                
              Deep Thought              
            Bermuda Triangle            
             Cosmo BC 5000              
          M| oon Tumi ja m| oon         
         ELITE! Ei oo ik|| mutta        
           p||sen mihin vaan..          
       Tahtoisin saattaa jokaisen       
        t|t| lukevan tietoon, ett|      
       min| olen ELITE ENT| SITTEN?     
      Min| teen parempaa musiikkia      
    kuin Clawz ENT| SITTEN? Julistan    
    kaikille vastaantuleville olevani   
  scenel|inen ENT| SITTEN? Olen Trsiss| 
        ja kerskus siit| kaikille       
  maailman humanoideille ENT| SITTEN?   
   ......................En oo karhu?   
 Mulla ei oo finnej|, ei pulisonkeja,ei 
  silm|laseja, en oo n}rtti. Hei enmm|  
   miss||n jyv|skyl|ss| kulje, kork.    
  hesassa jos pit|| l|hte| johonkin..   
   tulkaa t|nne.. Siis m| tarkoitain    
  sit| ett| t||n||n oli hauskaa.. Hei   
   muuten, jos toi liittyy jotenkin     
  siihe yhteen saatanan hyv||n pilaan   
    mik| mulle koululla tehtiin t|s     
      v|h|n aikaa sit, onko toi jo      
    levinny noin paljon... COSMIC-      
     BABY  VITTUUN.. Nojo.. en nyt      
     kuitenkaan kerro, toi on sen       
          verran laMEEEhh ...           
      Elitet ei k|yt| tollasta          
        sanonta.. elite sanoo           
          aina.. Roll on                
          babe.. ARRGHh.                
               Fuck off