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CIAB Interrupt is in use.
    Run intro anyway?
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  CIAB Interrupt?
dA JoRMaS!

[1] jormas [Mail: 9]                                                            

*** Connecting to port 6667 of server

*** Welcome to the Internet Relay Network jormas (from

jormas [Mail: 423] TinyIrcrc v5.02 (13.4.1996) (c) Hazor                        

TinyIrcrc v5.02 (13.4.1996) (C) Tommi Lahtonen
E-mail :, IRCNICK : Hazor
for any problems, ideas etc. contact me!

The author is not responsible for any loss or damage
arising from the use or inability to use this script
the user takes all such responsibility.

for the latest version of this script try /upgrade
or check :
for the history of changes try /history

for this page try /menu
for more help try /man

please become a registered user of TinyIrcrc (FREE!)
/register <your e-mail address>

*** Your host is, running version 2.8.21
*** This server was created Tue Jan 30 1996 at 11: 45:50 EET
*** umodes available oiws, channel modes available biklmnopstv
*** There are 5768 users and 7418 invisible on 143 servers
*** There are 197 operators online
*** 4189 channels have been formed
*** This server has 44 clients and 4 servers connected

Jormas #JoRMaS [Mail: 9] TinyIrcrc v5.02 (13.4.1996) (c) Hazor                  

*** JoRMaS ( has joined channel #JoRMaS
*** Topic for #JoRMaS: dA JoRMaS WWW Homepage:
*** Users on #jormas: JoRMaS @Vesuri @Toohi @Grrooovy

JoRMaS #JoRMaS (+nt) [Mail: 9] TinyIrcrc v5.02 (13.4.1996) (c) Hazor            

*** #jormas You're not channel operator

*** #jormas You're not channel operator

*** Signon by Hazor + [] detected

*** Signon by Grrooovy + [] detected

@JoRMaS #JoRMaS (+nt) [Mail: 9] TinyIrcrc v5.02 (13.4.1996) (c) Hazor           

*** Mode change "+o JoRMaS" on channel #jormas by Grrooovy

/window new

JoRMaS [Mail: 9] ~~~~TinyIrcrc v5.02 (13.4.1996) (c) Hazor                      


@JoRMaS #JoRMaS (+nt)                                                           


/j AmigaScne

JoRMaS #AmigaScne [Mail: 9] ~~~~TinyIrcrc v5.02 (13.4.1996) (c) Hazor           

*** JoRMaS ( has joined channel #AmigaScne
*** Topic for #AmigaScne: ASSEMBLY '96 - 16th to 18th of August (check:
*** Users on #Amigascne: JoRMaS _neon_ SpeeDevil swoop_ @Moku H0rnY Thd
+@[Azazel] Sumaleth @PapaII @Kuu Metsuri Beloved Tweeter_ Pr0t0nOff HeX_
+hydra Maza dWEZ @dESTOP Duncan- Tai-Pan OON-1 @Flame TORAkkA JHL

JoRMaS #AmigaScne (+nst) [Mail: 9] ~~~~TinyIrcrc v5.02 (13.4.1996) (c) Hazor    


<PapaII> azze_tbl: arrogant musician with 2 meters of hair

<Thd> 2 meters?

<Thd> hum..

>Kuu< kaikki jormat tuli kerralla :D

<[Azazel]> way to go

<[Azazel]> atleast

>Tweeter_< hurraa jormas ..

<Thd> seen facet

<hydra> silmani vaappuvat katossa kuin olisin ottanu 1000mg DXM:aa

<PapaII> facet has never been here.

<Toohi> =)

*** _DUKE ( has joined channel #amigascne

<Duncan-> turbo, ei se ota

<Vesuri> :)

*** I-GO ( has joined channel #amigascne

<KARPOW> kaikki

*** J03 ( has joined channel #jormas

*** Mode change "+o I-GO" on channel #Amigascne by PapaII

<I-GO> (tont)

>Vesuri< jorma? :)

<Duncan-> ei se ota ellei anna..

<I-GO> brb

*** Signoff: Toohi (suihk)

<Duncan-> niin aitikin sanoi..

<HeX_> duncan: kylla exoticmenit antaa...

*** Signoff by Toohi detected [12:44]

*** I-GO is now known as I-GONE

<HeX_> :)

*** J03 [] has left channel #jormas

<HeX_> eivaa...

<Duncan-> heksi saatana! =)

*** J03 ( has joined channel #jormas

*** Signoff: HeX_ (moro...apua)

*_DUKE* moi []

<J03> ei

<Duncan-> am i here by myself?

*** Cope (lilla@ has joined channel #amigascne

*** J03 [] has left channel #jormas

<KARPOW> nope

*** H0rnY ( has joined channel

*** Metsuri ( has joined channel #jormas


<Cope> _sTR!

<Metsuri> helllo

*** Signoff: _neon_ (whee...)

<_sTR> Cope!!! :)

*** HeX ( has joined channel #jormas

<KARPOW> prkle

*** cZi [~nOnE@] has left channel #amigascne

<HeX> kato mezuriki taalla

<KARPOW> netti tahmaa... taas... vaihteeksi...

<Duncan-> karp, amuse me, please

<Metsuri> tulin just

<_sTR> kaikki tahmaa....

<KARPOW> Laggaa

*** HeX [] has left channel #jormas


<KARPOW> opintotuki? onko sellaista? :)

>Metsuri< missa kaikki jormat?

<_sTR> dunkku, you moron!!! se tulee vasta maanantaina!

<_sTR> :D

*** Metsuri [] has left channel #jormas

<Duncan-> 1750

<dESTOP> no mita karpo, ooks JUANU?

* Vesuri is away - Luen mailii - msgs will be logged.

*** Stf^Apt (At_school.@ has joined channel #amigascne

<_sTR> destoppi on ihan sika kannissa vai ?

*** turboboo ( has joined channel #jormas

*** Ukulele^ ( has joined channel #amigascne

<_DUKE> !

*** Signoff: Vesuri (palaillaanhan viela joskus? ja parjaile..)

<dESTOP> eiku toi karpo on semmone JUAPPO

<KARPOW> Deslo, joka paiva

*** turboboo [] has left channel #jormas

*** Signoff: Cope (Read error to Cope[lilla@]:
+Connection reset by peer)

*** _Duke ( has joined channel #jormas

<Duncan-> str, perkele nyt on 3. paiva... se pitas maksaa edellisena

<_Duke> terve

<Ukulele^> des

*** _DUKE [] has left channel #amigascne

*** Netsplit at 14:48:40 (

<[Azazel]> ukukukukukuk

<KARPOW> deslo on humalas

*** Vesuri ( has joined channel #JoRMaS

<Duncan-> AzzE!

<dESTOP> ukis

*** Mode change "+o Vesuri" on channel #jormas by JoRMaS

<Ukulele^> nazze...

<dESTOP> karpo mites onks housut pysyny jalassa kans?

* Vesuri is away - taalla haisee pahalle - msgs will be logged.

<KARPOW> deslo on

<dESTOP> ei o tullu rohnoteltyy kalsareissa enaa?

*** ruskis ( has joined channel #jormas

<Duncan-> onko karpolla kalsarit

*** Stelios ( has joined channel #amigascne

<ruskis> return of the ruskis.. hi vesuri! =)

*** Mode change "+o Stelios" on channel #Amigascne by PapaII

>Stf^Apt< jormas:  yehh!  jormas is kewl.....

<ruskis> join tbl

*** ruskis [] has left channel #jormas