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                     dA pure pitchin' JoRMaS
                         Elastik Pitch #63
                  [ The SKENERY'96 Invitation ]


                            tha Credits :

  Code  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  Vesuri
  Graphics .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .PiirakkaMunalla & Vesuri
  Music  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  Vesuri


                 The Assembly'96 is now history.

 Though  the  Detroit Pitch  #62  did  not  reach  the  64k
 intro compo  because  of  sum  disk  problems,  it's  time
 to kick your butt again.  After all, Pekka Pou did reach the
 fifth place  in the  4ch compo,  so it's better  take a look
 to the phuture  and  invite you to the  Skenery'96  party.

-[ RMB for next page, LMB for previous and both to quit ]-

                             [ SKENERY'96 ]

                              Organized by

                              bOMb sQUAd
                                dA JoRMaS

---------------[ WHERE AND WHEN ]---------------

The party will be held in a school called Palokan koulukeskus
     located in Palokka, Jyvaskyla Mlk, Central Finland.

                         The full address is
                    Koivutie 5, 40270 Palokka

                  Doors open: 18:00 - 27.09.'96
                  Doors close: 12:00 - 29.09.'96

------------------[ ENTRANCE ]-------------------

o The entrance fee is 100 FIM.

o All girls and foreigners are free to come in!

-------------------[ REASON ]--------------------

o There is nothing on the party scene on September so it
   is necessary to fix the situation by arranging a party
   featuring relaxed atmosphere.

--------------------[ SUCKS ]--------------------

o No 'heavy' alcohol drinking or smoking inside the party
o People who cause damage of any kind ofcourse have to
   pay for it!
o Troublemakers will be thrown out!
o Big troublemakers will be thrown to jail!
o We take no responsibility for illegal swapping or sale
   of software, hardware, video etc.
o We will not be held responsible for damaged or stolen

------------------[ FEATURES ]-------------------

o Rave organized by Niitty
o Live: dA JoRMa5, Substance / k!nky
o Good audio equipment.
o Relaxed atmosphere.
o Lincware Computers Oy give some hardware as compo
   prizes and demonstrate some of their products.
o 600 squaremeters of floorspace.
o Beach by the side of the party place.
o Things you haven't EVER seen on any partys!
o More to come!


--------[ HOW TO GET TO THE PARTY PLACE ]---------

o The place is located about 6km north of Jyvaskyla.

o If you come by car, just find the E4 road going north
   from Jyvaskyla. After a 10 minute joyride you will see a
   sign pointing right saying 'PALOKKA 1'. Turn right and
   drive 1 kilometer straight forward. Turn right and drive
   600 meters. Then turn right again, drive 200 meters and
   the school is on the right.

o If you come to Jyvaskyla by train or by bus, hop on a
   local bussy number 27 and after a 17 minute trip you
   will reach Palokka.


-------------[ GENERAL COMPO RULES ]-------------

o At least one of the authors of a competiting product has
   to be present at the party place in order to attend the
   competitions and to receive possible prizes.
o In solo competitions (music & graphics) the author has to
   be present.
o The demos/intros will have to run without ANY user
   interaction once started (although there can be a
   setup screen).
o The filenames must be standard (8+3 characters).
o All contributions must be delivered before the deadline.
   Bugfixes, problems with bad disk etc. may be solved
   after the deadline.
o All contributions must be free to spread.
o All the damages to the party place will be paid from
   the prize money, so it's best for everybody that no
   demolished toilets or painted walls appear...
o Since the organizers are a registered organization, no
   profit can be made. Extra money will be used for prizes.


-------------[ COMPETITION SCHEDULE ]-------------

1st day (FRIDAY)
  o 1800  Doors open
  o 2300 Graphics competition deadline
  o 2400 Music competition deadline
  o ????  Fastcompetitions

2nd day (SATURDAY)
  o 0100  Graphics competition starts
  o 0200 Music competition starts
  o 2000 Intro competition deadline
  o 2100  Demo competition deadline
  o 2200 Intro competition starts
  o 2400 Demo competition starts
  o ????  Fastcompetitions

3rd day (SUNDAY)
  o 0800 Prize giving ceremonies
  o 1200  Doors close - party is over

          This schedule may change anytime.


-------------[ COMPETITION MACHINES ]-------------

  Compo machines are:

o Amiga 1200, 68060/50Mhz/16Mb Fast.
    (Possibility to use 030/50Mhz/16Mb Fast if requested).
    - Demo must NOT require an assign to run.
    - Demo must run with 030/50Mhz/8Mb Fast!

o PC Pentium 75Mhz/16Mb RAM, 1Mb S3 Videocard,
    GUS with 1Mb RAM or SB Pro/SB 16.
    - 570kb of free base memory.
    - 100% VGA register level compatible graphics modes
       and SVGA modes up to 640x480 are accepted.
    - Demo has to support silent mode.
    - Demo has to exit by pressing ESC-key at any time.
    - Demo must run with 486DX2/8Mb RAM!


-----------------[ COMPETITIONS ]-----------------

o DEMO (Amiga + PC)
    - Max. length is 5Mb (5242880 bytes).
    - Demo MUST be HD-installable.
    - Demo must NOT write anything on the HD.
    - Demo will be shown max. 15 mins.

o INTRO (Amiga + PC)
    - Max. length is 64kb (65536 bytes).
    - Intro MUST be HD-installable.
    - Intro must NOT write anything on the HD.
    - Intro will be shown max. 10 mins.

    - Max. resolution 640x512 and 256 colours
       simultaneously on screen.
    - Only IFF and GIF formats are allowed.


-----------------[ COMPETITIONS ]-----------------

o MUSIC (max. 32 channels)
    - MOD, S3M, XM and MTM formats allowed.
    - Played using a PC or an Amiga.
    - Max. size is 1024k.
    - Modules will be played max. 5 mins.

o FASTDEMO (Amiga + PC)
    - Max. length is ? kb.
    - Demo MUST be HD-installable.
    - Demo must NOT write anything on the HD.
    - Demo will be shown max. 5 mins.
    - More info at the party-place

    - More info at the party-place

    - More info at the party-place


-----------------[ COMPETITIONS ]-----------------

    - As the name says, the limit is on your side!
    - Demo has to run on a computer (can be a plain
       animation file).
    - All platforms are accepted (SGI, consoles, VIC-20...)
    - Prizes for cool productions, not too much though.

    - Music compo without ANY limits!
    - Bring your own instruments, equipment...
    - Performance MUST contain at least one human
    - If possible contact the organizers before the
       party or at least at the party place.
    - Winner will get something...

    - Who knows?

----------------[ PRIZES'N'STUFF ]-----------------

NOTE: All incoming money will be used for prizes
        excluding rent and equipment!

      DEMO   INTRO    GFX     MUSIC
1st     15%      6%     3%        3%
2nd    8%      3%     2%        2%
3rd    4%      2%      1%         1%
       27%      11%     6%        6%  (50% of ticket income)

*IF* for example *300* people attend,
the prizes will be (in Finnish currency):

      DEMO   INTRO    GFX     MUSIC
1st   4500,-  1800,-   900,-   900,-
2nd  2400,-   900,-   600,-   600,-
3rd   1200,-   600,-   300,-   300,-
       8100,-  3300,-  1800,-  1800,-    (15000,-)


------------[ CONTACT THE ORGANIZERS ]------------

o Write/call to:

         Kiertotie 14
         40250 Jyvaskyla


         Eibon/Bomb Squad
         Oravanpolku 2
         40270 Palokka



                    dA JoRMaS contact information


[BOARDS]                                                     [MAIL]

LamerLand                                  dA JoRMaS Mail HQ
Hard Disk Cafe                             TervaruukinKatu 14A
Monastery of Blur                              41160 Tikkakoski
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Dial Hard
Los Endos                                                 [eiks je]


                         Otaha kontsova


              Kaakko lounas luode, oli iso olohuone.
                       poetry rules like mules

Pista yhteen Surive.

                                   Karapatirapatati, kananmuna

       Lay an egg, ota munaa, ottootatsi, tatsinottoo!

                                     Skrripti perrkule.

             Kallllima lulimapil, kato akka mulkuttaa

Olis muuten nerokasta kun ostas kauheesti paskaa niin sit
tulis paskaa tuutin taydelta.

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