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The Jormas!

$ dA JoRMaS selk|ilee luigina. $ The summer holidays are in the past now so it's time for us to get back with Bonus Stage 51. Suoroo soiroo. $ Credits: Code by Vesuri, Music by Zetor and Graphics by PAM + a DUDE at Nintendo Entertainment vaimik|lie. $ During the summer a lot of things has happened. On niinku tullunna jolkoo ja renaulttii jopa meht|ss| luigina h|vell|nn|. $ Node activated ja peniski. Jolkoti joined as a musician and Supertominator joined as a msgbasemuthaphucka. Ruleejoodunnox. $ Our plans for the Assembly'95 pissed a bit. Oli muute iha aunukselan kannahilta. We'll release a huge majori soon. It will drill your brain. $ In June we had a live kikkeli at a rave called Rave Nature 2. This time the atmosphere was kikiniiiiiin! We had nice equipment to play with, not to forget the awesome lights & effects supplied by Kurikan Discopalvelut. $ In July we were h|vell| + S|rk|nniemess|. The Friday nights were always something to look forward to - a piece of entertainment after a ruFF! week. $ August has been very pissi for all of us. Assembly'95 caused us a lot of valkovuotoja but who cared? Imukanavas sucked anyway. We met some c00l scenedUDeXpOSSeX there though. Boozemblyposeidon zekittii my}s. Lotsa kulturministrar p{ v|g till Spinefarm too. Nodejaki oli, jes. $ By the way - greetings to Exotic Men ja onnea CYPillekin syntym|p|iv|n kaapelista. $ Heheyy, last friday we were raving. Lutakon huussibileet b}rjade again - the first event was called Diva. Leuk leuk, tuli muute leukailtua kaula kipeeks. Lattiaki oli kova ja talossa oli happoo. $ Ett| t|mm}st|. Irkkiin hajoo. $ Ottakeeha kontsoo: JoRMaS! - Tervaruukinkatu 14A - 41160 Tikkakoski - Finland $ E-Mail: $ Call our boards: LamerLand, SineStudio, Cosmo BC 5000, Deep Thought, Hard Disk Cafe and Bermuda Triangle! $ Now go fuck your ass off. We're outta here. $