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FX And Lord Flight Of Jesters Present A Pack Of New Stuff Downloaded From Various Boards On The 1st February 1992!  
Contact Fx, Phreak Or Demon Of Jesters For Trading!!  We Welcome The Ever So Mighty 'Demon' To Our Forces...  Credits 
For This Little Intro Go To SIM For The Code, PHREAK For The Graphics And ACCEL For The Music...!!!!        Jesters 
Greetings Go Out To...Abject, Addonic, Admirals, Agony, Agnostic Front, Amonia, Anarchy, Anthrox, Archaos, Arise, 
Astrogate Inc, Avalon, Axis, Bass, Basterds, Beyond Force, Black Light Inc, Black Robes, Brainstorm, Bytebusters, 
Chrome, Coma, Crashead, Crusaders, Crystal, Cytax, Dark Side, Darkness, D Mob, Decept, Defcon 1, Destiny, Devils, 
Digital, Digital Artists, Dimension 4, Divine, Dual Crew, Eclipse, Electra, Elysion, End Of Century 1999, Energy, 
Exotic Men, Fantasy, Genocide, Grace, Hardline, Hell Patrol, Insanity, Intense, Inxs, Ionix, Iris, Jokers, Justice, 
Kaos, Kefrens, Live Act, Lsd, Magma Label, Majic 12, Matrix, Mean Machine, Mega Powers, Mind Killers, Omega, Panic, 
Paranoid, Phenomena, Pirates, Possessed, Quartz, Quarser, Raf, Rage, Razor 1911, Reality, Rebels, Relay, Revenge, 
Sanity, Scoopex, Scup, Shadows, Sharks, Shining 8, Silents UK, Society Brigade, Tecnik, The Crux, The Special Brothers, 
Titan Bytes Trsi, Vega, Vision, Vikings, Warp Inc.....