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<----------36 Chars width---------->
TOCATTA IN D                   ACCEL
NEW BEGINNINGS                 ACCEL
ORGANISMIC                     ACCEL
THE FINAL JAUNT                ACCEL
TO THE EXTREME                 ACCEL
ULTRA VENOM                    ACCEL


Hiya Folks Welcome To 'SONIC BOOM', The Latest Release By The Latest UK Group.....JESTERS!!!!  This Ever So Cool Music Disk Was Released At The Digital Party In October 1991!!!  Well, Credits Go To These Following People.....Coding by LORD FLIGHT, Graphics # Fonts by PHREAK, Music by ACCEL, Track Loader by SIM # Spread by FX!!!!  Well This Is Flighty On The Keyboard On The Thursday Before The Party And Things Are Really Hotting Up As The Party Draws Near!!!!  This Thing Is Finished But Our Really Cool 1 Disk Demo (Coded by SIM) Is Still Being Done As I Type This Scroller!!  Oh Yeah, If Your Still Reading This Scroller Then Why Not Come Over And Have A Chat!!!  While I'm In The Mood I Just Wanna Say Big Apologies To All My UK And European Contacts For Not Writing For A While, But I've Been Busy With The Formation Of JESTERS # Other Such Important Matters!!  A Big Juicy Hello Must Also Go To Maxtor Of Panic Who May Be At The Party With 2 Lamer Friends (You Wanker Tristan!!!)!!  Before I Let FX Have A Winge I Just Wanna Greet DR TITUS.....Welcome To JESTERS Mate, I Hope You And The Other FINNISH Members Will Enjoy Being Part Of JESTERS!!!!  Well, I'll Take A Short Rest While I Go And Dig Out My Best Cardigan So That I Can Make Smurf Of Sepultura Cringe!!!!  (Hiya Dave, MFD # The Mob!!)  So I'll See Ya In A Few Mins........(LORD FLIGHT!)            Alrighty Me Luverlys...  FX Here, Tapping Away At These Keys In A Small, Dark, Hole I Call Home....   I Can't Really Think Of Anything To Say...  Christ!!!  Scroll Writers Cramp!!!  A New Disease!!! I Know...  As With All New Groups, We Are Always Looking For New Members... So (Totally Disregarding Parasites 'Things Not To Do' Tips In The Excellent Grapevine Issue 5) If You Are Unhappy In Your Current Group And Are Looking For A Fresh, New Viewpoint On The Scene Or An Unknown Then Give Us A Bell...  All Enquiries Will Be Answered In Stricted Confidence!!!  Anyway, Thats Me Knackered After A Few Minutes Of Scroll (Was It Worth It I Ask???)... Luv You All, FX          Well Lord FLight Returns To The Keyboard In A Fit Of Anxiety Cause I'm Not Too Sure If This Music Disk Will Fit On The Disk!!!  What Can I Do!!!!  Not Much I'm Afraid Except Live In Hope That Things Will Be Ok Cause I Don't Really Want To Get Rid Of Any Of The Tunes!!!  Ain't Life A Bitch???  Certainly Is!  Well I'm Interested To See Which Other Groups Will Be Producing A Music Disk???  Problem Is, Most People These Days Rip Tunes From Demos!!!  Why??  We've All Got The Demos So We Don't Need To Have The Same Old Tunes Put On Music Disks!!!!  Thats Why I Will Be Critising Any Music Disks Released At The Digital Party With Riped Tunes!!!!  Anyway, Its Time For Me # FX To Go So If Ya Wanna Write To JESTERS Then Write To These Addresses.......FX # LORD FLIGHT, 181 STOKE POGES LANE, SLOUGH, BERKSHIRE, SL1 3LU, UK   ...OR...   DR. TITUS, TOMI TAINEN, JKRKJ. 6B22, 57170 SLN, FINLAND........ Greetings Time Me Thinks.....ABJECT, ADDONIC, ADZE, AGONY, AGNOTSTIC FRONT, AMONIA, ANARCHY, ANTHROX, ARCHAOS, ARISE, ARTEMIS, ASTROGATE INC, AVALON, AXIS, BACILLUS, BASS, BASTARDS, BEYOND FORCE, BLACK LIGHT INC, BLACK ROBES, BYTEBUSTERS, CHROME, COMA, CRASHEAD, CRUSADERS, CRYSTAL, CYTAX, DARK SIDE, DARKNESS, DAZZLE, D MOB, DECEPT, DEFCON 1, DESTINY, DEVILS, DIGITAL, DIGITAL ARTIST INC, DIMENSION 4, DIVINE, DUAL CREW, ECLIPSE, ELECTRA, ELYSION, ENERGY, EXOTIC MEN, FANTASY, GENOCIDE, GRACE, HARDLINE, HELL PATROL, INSANITY, INTENSE, INXS, IONIX, IRIS, JOKERS, JUSTICE, KAOS, LIVE ACT, LSD, MAGMALABEL, MAGNETIC FIELDS SF, MAJIC 12, MATRIX, MEAN MACHINE, MEGA POWERS, MINDKILLERS, NC, NEXT, OMEGA, PANIC, PARANOID, PHENOMENA, PIRATES, POSSESSED, QUARTZ, QUASAR, RAF, RAGE, RAZOR 1911, REALITY, REBELS, RELAY, REVENGE, SANITY, SCOOPEX, SCUP, SEPULTURA, SHADOWS, SHARKS, SHINIHG, SILENTS, SOC.BRIGADE, TECNIK, THE CRUX, THE SPECIAL BROTHERS, TITAN BYTES, TRISTAR AND RED SECTOR, VISION, VIKINGS, WARP INC, WIZZCAT, ZENITH......          Copyright 1991 Jesters  This Music Disk May Not Be Sold Without Pri-Permission From Lord Flight.....