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 Andy of Inner City here (Using Mandrakes computer) at the Magnetic Fields 
Demo party...  I wont say copy party because everyone here is sick of the 
word copy (Especially X-Copy)  This demo is coded by Fangs with music by me
 (Andy) and grafix by Eddie...     Logo ripped by Demolisher Anyway, Im fed
 up with scrolltext, X-Copy and the words    Have you got any new stuff?
So A quick hello to Kelly and Im outta here.....			
HI FANGS here with the totally awesome scroll text of the century i bring 
all euz out there that are at the magnetic fields party well it is quite 
nice lots of boose and porn demos well gotta go and hand the text over to 
conan......         well bob says fuck off i am not going to enter any 
fucking scroll text and thats final        well lets see if PENGY wants to 
say anything         well all i can say is ...... conan is a boring .... 
boring .... bastard and i dont believe that he is my cousin ....back to KEV
   .its about time this fuckin demo got stop fuckin around fangs 
and get coding      well i think thats it from me FANGS not fangs     
greets to all that are here at the party even all the lamers  like pod.....