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 You have reached the end of this
   Infect production, released

  Here is some personal messages
           from Jammie

^            Godfather
     Hello... N'Joy the army!

^          Radavi/Effect
Keep  up  do yar packs..  Soon you
      get our new packmenu.

^           Chaos/Desire
Always  funny  to get a letta from
ya!    Nice   grafix  in  all  yar
productions!   Do  NOT  destroy my

^        Beholder/Diffusion
  Stay fast from now on!!!!!!!!!

^          Zenit/Compact
Sweden  is  better  than Norway in
       all sorts of sport!!

^       Speed Demon/Decnite
Dead??  Hmm..  you changed handle
and  so  on...   (Send  a new pack
            from ya!?)

^            Dark/TRSI
  Hmm..  Are tou still alive?!?

^          Adder/X-trade
Uj..    Are  X-trade  somthing  to
realise  soon or what?  Good stuff
        on yar packs..?!..

^          The Joker/LED
Led  blir bara battre o battre men
ska  ni  slappa  natt  stort snart
        elleeee?...  hmm..

^         Ali/Interactive
       Where are you???...

^        Sugar Ray/Intense
          Same to you!!!

^         Stratego/Cadaver

^          Obelix/Platin
         Hi out there.. 

^        Rocketeer/Ram Jam
Nice  that  Chaos  AD  joined  Ram
 Jam..   I  know  the  coder very
very  well!   We  has  been in the
      same group 3 times...

^         Splatterhead/B-J
Stay  fast..   Nice  sendings from

^          Hacksaw/Chrome
Reeleezee  somthing?   Good  stuff
           from ya 2.!.

^          Mr.King/Vison
  Hope you like yar new crew!..

^       Suhu/Banal Projects
Hi   there..    Nice   stuff  from

^            Trooper/?
Germany   is   not   so   good  at
soccer???  Hmm..Witch group are ya

^       Eightball/Unlimited
        Yo.. out there..  

^           Falcon/Crash
Hipe...    thanks  for  contacting

^           Antex/Orient
  Hope you enjoy yar new house!!

^          Jinx/Unlimited
Tjao....?...       thanks      for
          contacting me!

^          Darkhawk/D-29
Funny  that you contacted me!  The
logo  you  used  in that intro was
     made by my Neighbour...

^            MDB/Savage
  Yo..Thanks for contacting me..

^          Virtue/Legacy
Same to ya my new little friend...

^       Immortal/Technology
Hello   and   hope  you  like  our

^          Caket/Damones
Thanks for contacting an I n'joyed
            the gums!!

^           Swerx/Samba
Hmm..   Never  heard  obout  Samba
    before...  Any reelease?..

^        Prospect/Chaos AD
Funny  that  Chaos  AD  joined Ram
Jam..!!..       Remember      High
        Pressure??  hehe..

^         Mr. Mygg/C-Lous
You    make    your   music   like

^           Origo/C-lous
I  hope  I  can  sleep over at yar
yar  place  after  the  Party  III
B'coz my parents dont wants to get
me  klockan halv 2...  Hoppas ditt
        trackmo blir bra!!

^         Jeckbuzz/Classic
800:-  Hope  ya will reeelease the

^         The Xman/Triflex
Hello!   thanks  4  contacting me!
Sorry I dont have an Amiga 1200...
      But maybe I baj one?..

   And some normal greetings to

^      Banal Projects (Suhu)
^    Black Jack (Splatterhead)
^     C-lous (Mr. Mygg, Origo)
^        Cadaver (Stratego)
^  Chaos AD of Ram Jam (Prospect)
^         Chrome (Hacksaw)
^        Classic (Jeckbuzz)
^       Compact inc. (Zenit)
^          Crash (Falcon)
^         D-29 (Darkhawk)
^         Damones (Casket)
^      Decnite (Speed Devil)
^          Desire (Chaos)
^       Diffusion (Beholder)
^         Effect (Radavi)
^        Interactive (Ali)
^       Intense (Sugar Ray)
^         Legacy (Virtue)
^   Limited Edition (The Joker)
^          Orient (Antex)
^         Platin (Obelix)
^       Ram Jam (Rocketeer)
^          Samba (Swerx)
^           Savage (MDB)
^          Triflex (Xman)
^           TRSI (Dark)
^    Unlimited (Eightball,Jinx)
^         Vison (Mr.King)
^         X-Trade (Adder)
And   ofcourse    my   independent
^    (Trooper,Mike B,Godfather)


Messages  from  Pace, right to the
    hearts of these people...
^           Skull/Jetset
Enjoy da new name and group!  Send
^       Christine/Transonic
Keep  up the swop charts and enjoy
          my new photos!
^           Cubik/Trance
Arghhh.   No  postcard have showed
             up yet.!

^       Colorbird/Razor 1911
  Proletar!  Gor ett nytt demo!
^          Darkside/Samba
I   prefer   brasilian   weather..
           Greet pele'!
^         John Peel/Angels
    Hope you get a packmenu..
^          Adder/X-trade
Luleå  hockey vinner i år.  Droppa
  skotern och bli snabbare!  Cu!

^      Cenobit/Pygmy Projects
  Extension = state of the art.

^       Archibald/Absolute!
Thanks  for call, but speed up the

^          James/Balance
Call  me!  Enjoy new name aswell..
   And cute issue of Upstream!

^          Wizard/Infect
         Lazyness rulzt!

^          Perlon/Extacy
I think your job is quite amazing.
     Good luck with da band.
^            Jackpot/?
Torneo  uimahalli = Worst place in

^          Mercus/Decnite
       Cool intros lately!

^           Header/Nova
  Cool new group and nice stuff!

^           Eksec/Infect
   Enjoy da megadeth! Please..

^          Goozer/Impact
Du  ar svag...  Jag skall visa dig
vad  muskler  ar,  nan dag, da jag
  tar mig till kalix ( <-suxx!)
^          Quaid/Mad Elks
Nice  to  have you back after this
^     Iakri/Dual Crew-Shining
 Thanx for always fast sendings!

And  just normal greetings to this
         bunch of people!
^          Hacksaw/Chrome
^          Comrade/Energy
^         Electro/Equinox
^         Schizo/Illusion
^          Pearl/Parasite
^          Mic/Principes
^       Fashion/Static Bytes
^          Astro/Movement
^        Painmaster/Wartec
^           Amon/Mystic
^       Lionheart/Razor 1911
^            Fuckup/Tek
^       Howie/Agnostic Front
^         Kopara/Mad Elks
^            Dark/Trsi
^           Freddy/Nova
^             Einstein
^        Zaddo/Byte Busters
^            Lex/Orient
^          Breeze/Equinox
^          Dalmak/Stellar
^          Casket/Damones
^          Damion/Platin
^          Blaze/Balance
^           Vodka/Hazard
^           Mac/Stellar
^          Poke/Accecion
^        Plugster/Defiance
^         Speedy/Parasite
^           Tango/Defekt
^           Kr'33/Lemon.
^           Exciter/Dcs
^         Too Nice/Krafted
^         Lowkick/Wizzcat
^          Radavi/Effect
^      Daddy Freddy/Delicous 
^          Trasher/Sanity
^            Agony/Trsi
^           Acbs/Ram Jam
^          Floppy/Intense
^         Shape/Stone Arts
^         Siracon/Defiance
^       Mrk/Limited Edition
^            Dazl/Iris
^           Pride/Lemon.
^          Saturn/Virtual
^       Pete/Limited Edition
^          Fizban/Compact
^          Zinko/Kefrens
^         Redman/Mad Elks
^         Oden/Razor 1911
^           Model/Sonic
^               Mps
^         Qwerty/Mad Elks
^           Antex/Orient
^         Private Dick/S!P
^           Kris/Miracle
^              Shade

    Havn't you called 'em yet ?!

^         Out Of Space SHQ
          Sysop... Borre

^          Twisted Society
           Sysop... TBB

^           The Leech DHQ
      Sysop... Bart Simpson

^          The Prison WHQ
          Sysop... Jailor

  Yiehaa and welcome to another   
  intro from da Swedish crew of   
   Lets start with the credits.   
       Code....... Exidor         
        Music...... Morrow        
         Graphics... Jammie       
    Ok, that was the credits..    
 Want to join the mighty INFECT?  
           Then write to          
            Rorumsv. 7            
         27294 Simrishamn         
      Call these boards NOW!      
         Out Of Space SHQ         
          Sysop... Borre          
          Twisted Society         
           Sysop... TBB           
           The Leech DHQ          
      Sysop... Bart Simpson       
          The Prison WHQ          
          Sysop... Jailor         
Or if you doesn't own a modem then
      try any of these addys      
         31133 Falkenberg         
         31133 Falkenberg         
           95055 Sangis           
  For sample and module swapping  
        Bryngelstorpsv. 23        
          61163 Nykoping          
Hmm. I (Exidor) would like to send
some messages to a bunch of people
in Infect                         
 JAJAJA! I'll fix the bloody menu 
 some day when the sun is shining 
and the birds are singing. [ehh?!]
 Lagminneslat ??? Jag skulle inte 
   vilja se dina STORA latar :)   
      Annars - great muzak!       
   Read the comment to Borre ;)   
 The stuff will soon arrive! [hmm 
guess you've heard that before :)]
 I have got many questions about  
 my computer, people ask me how I 
 managed to make it look so brand 
new, so here are the instructions 
1.Drill as many holes in the cover
  as possible, don't worry about  
  putting something in them, you  
  really just need a Level7 anyway
2.Remove some keys from the       
  keyboard, and put some from your
  good 'ol C128 in their place    
3.Design it with your favorite    
  color, in my case some black    
  randomly drawn stripes with a   
  black filt-pen, and a knife.    
4.Remove all screws from it, you  
  won't need them anymore, coz it 
  is just more work when you must 
  solder your newest invention on 
  the motherboard                 
5.Put a mark of your favourite    
  beer brand on it! This is really
6.Unplug the keyboard and solder a
  longer cable so you got a       
  detachable keyboard             
7.Put some unuseful buttons and   
  switches in some of the drilled 
  holes, but not all of them...   
      Now you are finished!!      
Now, Power-up and pray to god that
your computer won't work, because 
noone would relly want a computer 
      that looks like mine        
   and that completes the Exidor  
   Computer Design School, next   
   issue will be out when I can   
 afford to buy a new computer :-)