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     14.4 HST

53274 SKARA, SWE!

This is just a boring lightsourced scroll ball!!! done by Hammmer... If you can read this, you are pretty good at reading stupid scrollers....     

This is just a fucking graphics rotation... 180x180 pixels width, 4x4 pixels resolution, 4096 colors and 50 frames/second !!! Only pure 68000 power !!!                                 


             T H E   E N D

   Credits in Precalculated order...

         Coding  by Colorbird

         Music   by     Some1

         Gfx     by      Sine

      Greetings heads out to....

        Carrilion and Cyberiad
           Dual Crew Shining
            Virtual Dreams

 Here comes our complete memberlist...

 Colorbird        -   Coder,Orgasmiser
 Hammer           -   Coder,Orgasmiser
 Lawnmowerman     -              Sysop
 Lionheart        -            Swapper
 Nassjo (Ex.Oden) -        VectorMaker
 Odeon            -   Coder,Orgasmiser
 Paladin          -              Coder
 Pgl              -         Graphician
 Prime            -           Musician
 Sate             -       Ansi, Trader
 Schizo           -            Swapper 
 Sine             -        Graphix, 3D
 Some1            -           Musician

                 (All makt till Some1)

            Call our Boards

      G-Force(WHQ) +46-270-46014 
    Bunker 808(HQ) +46-270-PRIVATE!
      Pointzero(HQ) +46-16424911

         For Mailswap write to

              53274 Skara


         19440 Upplands Vasby

Yes,  its  Colorbird at the keys typing
some  bullshit  as  we  are  trying  to
finish  this  piece  of  shit  a boring
saturday   morning   on   our  Illusion

Hejsan  goes  to Pride, Kr'33, Facet in
Lemon.,  Slam  and  Storm  in  Essence,
Seck,  Dark  and  Hollywood  in Jetset,
Trasher  and  Exumer in Sanity, Butch &
D-Zire  in Silents, Lizardking and Tony
in  Alcatraz.   Rakim  in  Dreamdealers
Cone  in  TRSI,  Limbo  and  Dolphin in
Noxious,  Ikari,  Exciter and Killraven
in  DCS  D-Mage in Virtual Dreams, Hyde
in  Complex  and  all  the  rest  of me

Message  to all my contacts:  Sorry for
this  huge  delay  but I hope that this
sending  satisfies  you....   BIG SORRY

I  am  just  to bored to write personal
messages  to  all  of my friends on the
scene  so I just say "ygbuygfds" to all
of  you...   

Hammer  is  right  now  having  serious
problems   with   writing  the  fucking
trackloader  for  this  lousy  piece of
shit  trackmo !  And I am bored writing
this  silly scroll!  ChipJazz rulez !!!
Prime   is   watching   an  boring  old
Andromeda  trackmo....   And I am still

Over  with  the  keys to the "kEwL mEgA
eL!t3  tRaD3R", ehh...  sorry, musician
that is, the one and only....  -> SOME1
(pause for applaudes)....

Thank  you...But  you  didn't  have  to
write   all   that,  because  everybody
already   knew  all  that...(eh?..)...I
(some1)  am sitting here at our "m8ing"
and   I'm  Boored....I  have  no  money
left...(synd...).This tune was composed
at  this meeting...They wanted a Techno
inspirated   tune,   so   I  and  Prime
composed  this tune...(don't enjoy it!)
Anyway, Here's some personal stuff...

Chorus/Majic-12  -  hi Mikkel...This is
the  reason  for  my  delay...I hope to
meet  you  at the party 3...(why didn't
you come to the Virtual party ???  )

Factor  and  Saturn/Virtual  -  are you
guys still in Virtual ???  (hehehe)

Dolphin/Sexious  - Hi synas
den 15/9 liksom ba!

Wotw/Essence  - There was a BUG in your
demo  that you sent me...Hmmm?  what do
you think of this demo???

Lizardking/Alcatraz  -  How is it going
with  your  Cd  ???  you were lovely in
the  Gustavsvik-Badplats  !!!   (But, I
didn't   like   your   condom-taste...I
prefer Mint!)

Tony/Alcatraz - Hey!  Your bathing suit
(hmm?) were very nice...but wasn't it a
number too small ???

Mac/Stellar  -  So, you Didn't like the
sauna  in  Gustavsvik  ???well,  have a
nice life...

Butch/Silents   -   hi   there  Hugo!!!

Decker/Andromeda - Yeeeaahhh!!!  what a
delay...send SOON!!!

Strobo/Stellar   -  Your  tune  at  the
Virtual was's your nalle???

Groo/Cncd - hi There!!!  send back, And
that's an Order!!!  Read Propaganda!!!

Odeon/Illusion  -  I'm VERY disapointed
at you!!!  Why didn't you sleep with me
here at our meeting...what's wrong with
your Dot-tunnel ???

Prime/Illusion  -  ska  vi  inte ta och

last but also least (?)...

Eva   Heimdahl/MegaNinjaCoolers   -  hi
There,  I could have been unfaithful to
you   here   with  Odeon,  But  I  just
couldn't...  (hihihi) How was your trip
to  Finland  ???  thanks for the Scones
(eh..) I LOVE YOU !!!!

ok!     that's    enough    for    this
time...(that's because Prime is sitting
on top of me, and he wants to write his
kisses too...over to Primus...

Just some fast messages to some friends
of mine:

Color/Phenomena  -  I  guess  I owe you
one....  Sorry about your logos!!

Mr.Man/Andromeda  -  I  cant  critisize
your  tune!!   It's  wonderful!  Thanks
for very long letter..

Mantronix/Phenomena  - Alqvist kompis??
I'm    really    looking   forward   to
seeing/hearing  your  music  disk,  and
your tape...

Butch/Silents  - I really like your new
pics!   What  a  pitty about the Orebro

Dearon/DCS - Technodancer???  Send some

Paragon/Desire  -  Your new packmenu is
great...   I  sure  hope  that TDK will
make  some  more tunes for it...  (Nice
menuname BTW..)

D-Zire/Silents - When will Elemental be
released??  Soon I hope!!

Dolphin/Noxibous  - Kockmannen...  When
will  you release your musicdisks??  Vi
kom 3:a och du 9:a i Orebro!!

Crayon/(I)NXS - Make a demo now!

Lizardleing/Alcatraz   -  I  guess  ATZ
didn't turn out the way you excepted...
Send me some samples!!

Snuskbuske/DCS  - I've heard some nasty
romours about you...

Mr.King/Analog  -  Your new menu really

Mac/Stellar  -  Any  new  Stellar prods
coming up??

PGL/Illusion   -  Elvis!!   Du  har  en
javligt flummig stil pa dina loggor!!

Misery/NXS - Send more nopacks..

Schizo/Alcatraz  -  Have  you  met  any
"Goteborg  Raggers" resently??  Killin'
in da name of...

Nuke/Lemon.   -  Thanks  for letting me
copy  your  unreleased  modules!   When
will   Lemonade   be   released??   (If

Lionheart/Illusion   -  I  saw  on  the
EXPRESSEN  LOPSEDEL  that you had found
another 10-year-old girl...

Saracen/Banana - Another fruit???

Pete/??   - A new intro soon???  Joined
a better group??  (RUGGGBY!!)

Septic  -  You  want  techno,  you  get

Industry  - Jag hamrar, jag spikar, jag
bygger en bil..

(B)Rage   -  Hur  fan  kan  ni  vinna??

TMT - Nice prods!!  (Hi LNRT n' MP)

Last but not least:

All  the  persons  present  here at the
Illusion  meeting  i  Nykoping/Sweden!!
Message to Odeon:  Only the strong will
survive in our pingis-game....

I   have  some  kind  of  brain  fuckup
(Optimum)   right   now,   so  I  can't
remember   a   singel  fucking  contact

I'm out..  Signed PR!ME..

Here's  ODEON.....   Well actually this
little meeting was ment to be a serious
meeting...    (you  know  what  i  mean
Some1...=-) )...  Lite smek har o dar!!

I  hope  your  girlfriend isn't jellous
with me...  Yet!

And  I  can also reveal that i'm on the
scene again...  with a long vacation!!

Well now some messages:

Dan/Lemon  -  Well  dude, it's really a
long  time  since  we spoke!!  So, hows
life  oversea???  Maybe i will send you
some OBOY-chocolatemilk(Remember??)

FireFox  -  Tja  fan...   Leget??  Make
some stunning music for us??

Twins/Phenomena  -  Have  you  finished
your   music-program  yet??   It  looks
great as far as i have seen!

Ziphoid  -  Hi pal....  jag vet vad som
ar  bast  for mina barn eftersom jag ar
bade  tandlakare  och  mamma  sa darfor
anvander     jag     bara     pepsodent
ultra!!(Inte fan vet jag)

Mosh  -  So,  you are trying to educate
yourself...   How's your tracer doing??
Make a demo!!

Teeze   -  GNUFITTA(skoja  bara  kanske

Amp/Majic  12  - Hi there maze!!  How's
kalmar and all thoze girlz doing?  Hey,
remember  the  rubber dude..  I'll call
you some day!
Well   have   a   slight   look  at  my
fortcomming  intro  for  all  of you to

                 Odeon is off da keyz!

Some1  and  Prime  are  here (again)...
(era knulltrad!) *:0()

We just wanna tell you some facts about
the  tunes in this trackmo..  The first
one   is  called  "Coffein  Dream"  and
requires  about 120 kb of chipmem.  All
samples  were sampled by us, except for
two  by  Lizard-sing, and one by Chorus
of  Majic  12  (Thanks!).  It is rather
short,  2.51 minutes, but we think that
is  more  than  enough for such a short
intro  (hehehe)  as  this.  Most of the
work  was  done  by  Some1  due  to  my
(Prime)  lazyness...   (Some1  wants to
make   techno   tunes,   which  I  dont
like...)   The   second   tune   called
"Chipjazz"    and   is   one   of   our
new-style-tunes (see below)..  It takes
26kb  and  is  about  2 min long...  We
(I'm  forcing  S1) would hereby like to
anounce  that  we  wont  make  any more
tunes with "TECHNO-STUK"...  (with very
few  exceptions...) That means that our
not-very-soon-coming  musicdisk will be
kind  of  an  experiment..  Enough text
about this...  Perhaps there is someone
else who wants to write....

There's nothing Wrong with techno!!!  /

SINE here...> Please call our toll-free
0712  numbers,  071085318.  Sounds just
like  Hammers  homephone?   The easiest
way  to  explain  that have to be:  The
noise  and  the  perverted youth in the
other end is the Hammer itself.  A warm
and gentle dick to the ILS members that
didn't  show  up  at  our  private  and
intimate ILS-[m8ting].

(Off the record:
 some1:  -Ah oh...
 Odeon:  -Aah yeeeah)

Our  feelings about each other isn't as
good as it seem's.

(SINE:  -Take me colorbird...)

When you still are so stupid to to read
this  scroll  we  can tell you that you
are  not the stupidest on the scene....

     Who the fuck Lizardleing ????

Now the tired faked posse signs off!!!